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    I hope you guys enjoy this power! ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ I deserve the likes, not Leandro!
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    The new power of this week is: SUPERBOY ID: 528 Name: Superboy Status: Limited Smilies: superboy, sbback, sbcannon, sbdefeated, sbenergy, sbmad, sbout, sbpunches, sbshield, sbsword Pawns: hat#hL, hat#hc, hat#hh, hat#hd Price: 239 xats Wiki: https://xat.wiki/superboy This one was created by @Junior!
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    This has been finally changed, thanks forum admins!
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    This would be the best replacement imo.
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    Can we discuss this again? I sincerely do not think (STAR) represent "Thanks" very well. I'd suggest one of these smileys for this reaction:
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    I think we could use of new reactions. I'll use this thread to suggest 8 new reactions Reaction: AGREED Reaction: THANKS Reaction: LOVE IT Reaction: NICE POST Reaction: SAD Reaction: OMG Reaction: MAD Reaction: WAIT WHAT (confused)
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    I think the same. It would be great to change this smile to a more "friendly" or suitable for "Thanks". What do you think about this joyful frame?
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    This power looks pretty good! I feel that we could see a supergirl power soon.
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    I can't imagine the number of chatgroups created daily by the users from different communities. Maybe listing them all would be a chaos, plus, why would you be interested in knowing the newest chat groups? We already have Featured and Popular sections.
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  11. 2 points
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    Suggestions: 111101111 202020202 303030303 404040404 505050505 606060606 707070707 808080808 909090909 ID 9 digits... Please! @Admin
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    I'm not sure if someone has already suggested this before. My suggestion is PCInfo (name is not important) power or funkcion what give you information about person who is offline. We can use macro command $pcinfo=Message here. Example: This would be very important for me, because im graphich designer and i want to inform my customers when im online or where can contact me if I don't have enough time for xat.
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    I want to be made a power that you can set online as offline to appear online only on the chat where you are
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    I agree, but I think that's something we could expect anyway. And that was a fantastic idea! I always see people complaining because xat releases too many girly powers.
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    Is Supergirl trademarked by DC? Anyway, we don't always need gender equivalent powers. We didn't get Aprince or Animeboy after all.
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    I have banned @Anas 1 hour because i have a nice friend like you (i don't like this username anyway )
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    Please clear your cache and give me an update if it happens again @LaFleur. After clearing my cache, the editor loads considerably faster for me.
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    I have banned @AlexKjwh10 22 hours for changing the forum username.
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    Hello, I'm here to make a little suggestion that affects the "thanks" reaction. My suggestion is to change the smilie that represents the "thanks" reaction, the current smilie used to represent this reaction would be replaced for the (star) smilie - http://prntscr.com/jkuti1. I'm suggesting this change because I think that the (star) smilie would represent much better this reaction. I know that it wouldn't be an urgent change, but I wanted to leave the suggestion here anyway. Also, when people use this reaction in my posts, I feel like they are saying "I hate you" because of the smilie that represents it. I don't know if someone else feels the same... Thanks.
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    I have banned @maxo because I just realised 2009 is TEN YEARS AGO and I'm feeling old.
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    Excellent power as always! It reminds me of Mega Man (although I've never played it). When are you releasing your Fly power? @Junior We've been waiting years!
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    Junior good job, only question why super? Super this should be for the collection.
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    Here you are right, xD I do not like this power, but I like who made this power. I'm kidding, well done, good work Junior, as usual!
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    I love the power congratulations, next week that such a ''supergirl'' rss, congratulations, my friend.
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    Looks great, well done @Junior!! This pawn is cool (hat#hh)
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    1100001 11001100 60000006 111000111 100200300 300030003 770000077 1000000001 1000010000 1100000000 1111100000 1020304050
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    Looks very nice @Junior, as always. P.S: You better make a 'supergirl' power soon.
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    Please add this ID 80000008 @Admin
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    The only one I'd prefer is this one:, or as I said previously. I hope I can see this suggestion being implemented soon, I made this suggestion months ago and I don't see comments against this. I hope forum admins will take this suggestion into account!
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    Hi @DonQuijote, thank you very much for your suggestion; I personally think this idea is fantastic and we really need it. As @SLOom and @Luig said, it could be released as 'away2' or just added to the existing 'away', becoming an extra feature we would only have in HTML5, since it is getting some features we don't have in Flash (e.g. the powers display). I really hope this idea will be considered. It is, considering that not all the users use the forum, not all the users visit xats with FexBots, and so on. This should be a tool in xat, and not depending on other sources. Again, thank you for your post. I'm very excited to see how will users react to this idea.
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    This seems an good idea. This can be a great feature for available users too!
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    10001000 100100100 1010101010 Do not forget. @Admin
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    20190000 20192019 20199999 22222019
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  40. 1 point
    My IDs: 100021 100022 100023 100024 1000098 999000999 990099 99999 98000 980000 9800000 please add this ID : 990099 @Admin @Addict
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    Since there's a part two, I'll suggest one of the following: 40004 40400404 44044044
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  44. 1 point
    1004 (for personal use) or 1212 in case 1004 cannot be released (I hope it can) 300003 10331033 10661066
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    Hi everyone. Second phase of ID Auction for the weekend is confirmed! Please, suggest the ID you want, if you have not done it yet. Note: M IDs will not be included.
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    Congratulation to the winners.i wish to everyone merry christmas
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