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    Hello everyone, For celebrating the new year, ive decided to give the following powers to 10 lucky users on the forum. Topman Zoom Nofollow Costumes Anime Stick Nopm Bump Single Rankscroll Rules to follow : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 10 WINNERS will be chosen tomorrow Tuesday, 1st January at 10:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. Good luck, and happy new year everyone!
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    Hello everyone, In this last day of 2018, I wanted to make a quick recap of what happened this year on xat, to pay tribute to the ones who left us, to the new active members of the community and to everyone else who keeps using xat on a regular basis. First of all, many of us have been saddened by the loss of old friends this year, or in the past 2 years, more than we used to be ever before. We are not forgetting them and we will not forget them. xat is a big community and, despite all the criticisms, a thankful and a generous one. Despite all our differences, xat gathers ourselves together. I am pretty sure that whoever you were to meet in real life, you would look at them differently if you knew they were using xat. This is to say, we will always be here to support everyone in a loss or a difficult event. On a brighter note, 2018 has been a year of change within xat. The new HTLM5 browser version was released and is now in use by default on embedded chats and on the website. This is not perfect yet, we get that. However, Admins have been doing a fantastic job at keeping the old vibes that kept all of us here for years and modernizing the design. They have been able to move forward thanks to a dedicated technical (and volunteering) team that we should all thank for their hard work. In 2018, delays were also terminated. A very few and specific cases may still be delayed due to being complicated to handle or to investigate, however, most tickets get a reply within 3 days and are completely solved within 2 weeks. Truly, we are doing our best to keep it clean and we should be doing good in 2019. Side note, you may be experiencing a few unusual delays this week due to the holidays, the end year celebrations and some internal changes. Now, this gets a bit more personal. When I was added to the volunteer OST team in January 2018, there was a huge lack of trust in the volunteers. We were called corrupted, biased and often threatened privately (just for being in the group). This was most likely due (but is not excusable) to delays and to communication mistakes. I am extremely happy to see this has changed within the past 12 months. Actually, and this is worth noting down, it is very hard communicating what we do, and why we do so to you all. Most of these are meant to be private, including our internal way of working. We are often seen either as lazy folks who spend their time chilling on chats, either as hard-working nerds who spend their life answering tickets. Hopefully, we have all found an equilibrium, it's neither. 2018 has been a turnover year for the team. Many experienced volunteers left the team or stepped down from their chat positions for personal reasons, I am thinking of Brandon, Kyle, Muffins, Rida, and Vale. Meanwhile, new dedicated users joined the team. We tried our best and will continue to do so in the upcoming year. Last but not least, the contributors' team has also changed a lot. We all heard your criticisms and we tried making it more diverse, in a good way (i.e not adding people from small communities for the sake of diversity). I do believe we now have a vocal and diverse group. We don't have much to discuss, as you may see on the monthly logs, but we are open to suggestions so feel free to give us some feedback to discuss! I may have forgotten a few points I wanted to raise, but I would rather have this message honest than overly worked and edited. When replying back, please make sure you are not instigating drama. I want this post to be positive because now is the time to celebrate what we have done in 2018, to thank everyone for still being here. Happy New Year everyone!
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    Happy new year to everyone from everywhere ! I wish you guys a blessed new year and happy May all the dreams you make in these magical days be fulfilled, and the journey through them to bring joy to your hearts, and to happiness and abundance. With the hope that the new year will be better than the old 2018, I'll send you a thousand good wishes with hugs and I wish you a NEW HAPPY YEAR! " It's the turn of the years! Let us look back with forgiveness, forward with hope, down with understanding and up with gratitude! Hoping to open your gate to a New Year full of joy and fulfillment. Happy Birthday& Happy new year ! <33
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    I love you all and happy new year for all of us ❤️ I hope that your new year would be enjoyable. May the essence of this new year blend a sweetness in your life that stays forever and ever! Wishing you a very happy new year! @Fionamy twin @Camiimy honey @Eleabest sister @Neslymy kadayif @Pagemy Princessa @Sevdamy sister @Cupimmy Chef @6my best sister @Paul my Friend @Aleemy Bro @Arthur my Arthura @LaFleurmein Freund @Baumy Friend @Stifmy Friend @Crow and More
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    I thought this would, again, be a nice way to recall xat in 2018 and select some favourites. It's always interesting to hear everyone's thoughts! Feel free to share your: 1. Favourite power 2. Favourite chat you went to 3. Favourite part about xat 4. Favourite user that you met 5. Favourite forum thread 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site Note: ALL must have occurred in 2018. Here is mine: 1. Gesture power. 2. Help is like my family. 3. Probably either the HTML5 development or the new appbot platform. Definitely a lot of ideas that can be implemented. 4. This one's hard cause most people I met a long time ago but probably @denise 5. All of @Addict's Trade event threads. 6. Probably either xatproject or mundosmilies.
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    Favourite power: Muertos for my collaboration and has a bit of culture mexican. Favourite chat you went to: I think noticias ! Favourite part about xat: Canvas Favourite user that you met: @SLOom *-* ♡ Favourite forum thread: Contests. Favourite xat fan/tool site: illu it's useful, fluid, good design, good tools.
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    Happy New Year for the xat community! The ID Auction has started, you can make your best offer here: https://xat.com/Auction Enjoy and good luck!
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    Hello to anyone, I want to wish you a happy new year 2019. I have tried to connect to the computer but it is impossible for now, I am working hard to live. I miss you, but I have to focus on real life. I hope see you soon ❤️ @Camii @DjCrazy @Paul @Bau @Booh And more.... Love all ❤️
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    I've enjoyed reading, thanks to admins and volunteers, also contributors team for all the effort giving for xat and making it great. Special thanks for you @Sydno and @Echo for giving attention to xattrade and making it perfect again. Happy new year guys!
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    Hello! I remind you that Today is the last day, we will choose all the winners! Good luck at all!
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    Some Winners Are : iiAnaKeMoii (1516635051) - oOLoLoANaOo (1487034212) - mmdohdoha2019 (1529491135) - iiroronoLoveii (1489203821) - ii3nady8eerii12 (1474500739) - issLamabardi (1486702728) .... Some Proofs : https://imgur.com/a/rL7vswP العرب الفائزين : جائزة الاسئلة المركز الاول كيمو 500 اكسات - المركز الثاني 300 كتكوتة - المركز التالث روان 200 اكسات جائزة البينجو المرحلة الاولى من نصيب سارة 200 اكسات جائزة البينجو المرحلة الثانية من نصيب راندا -- 200 اكسات جوائز مسابقة الحظ كالتالي : موني 200 اكسات - سارة 200 اكسات - جوبا 200 اكسات - راما 200 اكسات - سارة مورا 200 اكسات - رنون 200 اكسات - لنوش 200 اكسات جوائز مسابقة الاغاني كالتالي : مصري - احلام - كيمو - ممدوح - كتكوتة 10 ايام - موني - اوجست - لنوش - راندا - روان ... ....... Happy New Year To ALL ..
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    1. Favourite power - Maybe WIGS because it was inspired on my favourite singer (Sia) and made by @Junior . 2. Favourite chat you went to - Hablar chat because I love spending my time and I got to know really nice people there. 3. Favourite part about xat - The powers, I think it makes it look very user-friendly and lets every user have its own style. I love combining my gifs, hats and colours so that my username looks nice. 4. Favourite user that you met - I can't choose one, I'm sorry. 5. Favourite forum thread - I cannot choose neither, but I love participating at the contests and reading all your suggestions. 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site - The wiki or the tools the Fexbot site provides.
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    Happy New Year to everyone!!!
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    Happy New Year everyone! and @Sydno and @Echo
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    Hello everyone! I've decided to give Firefx power to one lucky user on the forum. How to participate? Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. One winner will be chosen Sunday, 21th october at 6:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. You can contact me to receive the prize in xattrade! Good luck for all!!
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    some of my work with pcbacks & background for xatboxes contact add / reg name : Sweeetzsss
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    lmao y'all just wanna see me in the dirt, I put time and effort and get nothing in return, maybe it's time I start doing me. Don't ask for any favors.
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    1. Appbot. This power gives you the ability to create awesome and creative things for the users. 2. Noticias. It's a nice place to be on and talk. 3. HTML5 development. I'm amazed how far admins have reached on this. It's still lacking, yes, but they are hard-working on it. 4. @kevinlopez07 No need to explain this. 5. https://forum.xat.com/topic/8283-where-we-are-headed/ I loved how positive and visionary the admin seemed on that thread. 6. MundoSmilies. This is an awesome and complete resource.
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    1. Favourite power - Hats because users have been asking for more free hats for years! 2. Favourite chat you went to - Feedback chat because it's a new project to develop. 3. Favourite part about xat - The ticket system (expanding my knowledge about the ticket system and xat in general). 4. Favourite user that you met - I can't think of any, but it was nice getting to know the volunteers a little better, e.g. Angelo, Echo. 5. Favourite forum thread - The xat Watch April Fools topic was unique. And it's a product I'd actually buy. 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site - The one with the toon pics (https://www.xatworld.com/xatavatars/) because of its convenience.
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    1. Swordfx power 2. xat_test chat 3. The HTML5 development. It's a big thing for xat. 4. @Pia ♥ 5. I don't have a favourite thread.. most of them are full of drama. 6. My own site (Illuxat) even tho, it's not listed on there.
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    Fonsho (386614161) Happy new year @Anas ❤️
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    happy new year everyone! iXDanny98 (585651094)
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    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you Everywhere! I wish all of you a wonderful New Year 🎉 🖤
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    Clearly this is a bug as it’s supposed to work in the opposite way. Just because this is how it currently works, doesn’t mean it is correct. This be fixed so that (hat#e) is golden egg and (hat#e#colour) is the coloured egg, rather than (hat#e#colour) is golden and you have to disable allpowers to colour it, as this is clearly not how it is supposed to work.
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    hey @Bau very good all time Friends
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    Ty bro, I`m back again xd
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    Hi @Admin My Ids For The Auction Are: • 4 digits (1971) • 5 digits (51525) • 6 digits (323232) • 7 digits (1201212) • 8 digits (27272727) • 9 digits (939393939) • would appreciate a lot if you could put one of those @Admin, thank you!
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    DearGod2010 (583109023)
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    https://pastebin.com/GCWy3je5 JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    Prize received. Thank you so much for all you do for the community.
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    I hope there are surprises today like the last year...... (I want to see the big power in store, hehe ) @Admin I love you
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    How is black pawn a motivation? All users (except the ones obsessed with this pawn) know that the black pawn was made for 42. Having another pawn (beside black pawn) is already a motivation. Luig's idea seems good enough to be related to "developers" or "games making".
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    Omg how can you say this ? You must to do something new, we are tired of the same things and repetition of power (exp: kpig-piggy, koffee-coffee...) Better one good power in month than 4 copies. I like xat page but in the last time is started to be boring.
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    I'm lazy to get online........
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    Happy Birthday @Rhea. I wish you well and I hope all you birthday wishes come true sis <33
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    @Ugurr This is not broken. You need to add a hat color to have the golden egg. E.g: (hat#e#r) and it will show the golden egg. This was made this way in the code. Please tell me if it works for you. If so, this should be added on the Allpowers wiki that a hat color is required to see golden egg correctly.
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