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    Congratulations to @LaFleur and @Junior for becoming Volunteers!
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    Thank you guys! 😊
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    XMASBONUS has been renamed to NEWYEARBONUS. Smileys: newyearbonus,calendar,celebration,nyball,nyhat,nyballoons,nyclock Pawns: champagne,newyear,year2,year,fireworks2,firecrackers,firecracker,nyballoon,fw2 Enjoy.
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    Congratulations! Well earned!
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    done do you want to suggest smilies as wwell
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    Congratulations, @LaFleur ! You deserve it, man! We all know that you will do a good job.
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    Sell my iD (5M) Suggested price: 485k For offers, send private message or at LojaChat Thank you. Marek (2018)
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    Hello Everyone !! i would like to Announce that 7reqa Group Chat will celebrate the New Year 2019 For all Arabic Poeple (but all poeple can come to celebrate the new year with us) . This giveaway will include Xats And Days . Everyone will have a chance to win. Prize : 5k and 100 Days i will be the prize Holder all winners will be posted here on the forum! Good luck everyone and God Bless! Time : 19:00 Egypt Time / 18:00 Morocco Time / 20:00 Saudi Arabia / 02:00 Am USA Time Note : the Event will be on : xat.com/7reqa Date : 30/12/2018 حبيت اشاركم فرحة السنة الجديدة 2019 متل ما عودكم شات حريقه دائما وابدا الصداقة و المسابقات .. موعدنا يوم الاحد ساعة 7 بتوقيت مصر / 6 بتوقيت المغرب / 8 بتوقيت مكة المكرمة المسابقة بشات حريقة والجوائز بقيمة 5000 اكسات و 100 أيام.. ملاحظة : اي شخص يقدر يشارك بالمسابقة التاريخ : 30/12/2018 اي استفسار ادارة شات حريقة جاهزة تجاوب على كل الاسئلة في أمان الله ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Winners Are : iiAnaKeMoii (1516635051) - oOLoLoANaOo (1487034212) - mmdohdoha2019 (1529491135) - iiroronoLoveii (1489203821) - ii3nady8eerii12 (1474500739) - issLamabardi (1486702728) .... Some Proofs : https://imgur.com/a/rL7vswP العرب الفائزين : جائزة الاسئلة المركز الاول كيمو 500 اكسات - المركز الثاني 300 كتكوتة - المركز التالث روان 200 اكسات جائزة البينجو المرحلة الاولى من نصيب سارة 200 اكسات جائزة البينجو المرحلة الثانية من نصيب راندا -- 200 اكسات جوائز مسابقة الحظ كالتالي : موني 200 اكسات - سارة 200 اكسات - جوبا 200 اكسات - راما 200 اكسات - سارة مورا 200 اكسات - رنون 200 اكسات - لنوش 200 اكسات جوائز مسابقة الاغاني كالتالي : مصري - احلام - كيمو - ممدوح - كتكوتة 10 ايام - موني - اوجست - لنوش - راندا - روان ... ....... Happy New Year To ALL ..
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    Hello xat community. We'd like the community to be more involved with the xat Facebook, and, since discussed on the last thread about giving your ideas to the page, an idea about Smiley Memes was raised and was decided to give it a try on the page. We'd like you guys to post your best Smiley Memes in this post and we'll take them into consideration for the page. It's not 100% necessary to make the image, but you can suggest the smilies and the text alongside with it. When making the Image, take into consideration these points: Images must be appropriate. Image size must be 850x530. (You can also try with 500x500) Use the xat original images (e.g. pawn image, smiley image). Excited to see your suggestions! ^^
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    When volunteers answer your ticket with more questions
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    congrats guys! junii, welcome back! we need new forum mods...
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    Congratulations guys, well deserved! Glad to have you both aboard
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    @LaFleur @Junior Congratulations!
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    Marek is very nice your number I like id
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    Congratulations guys @Junior @LaFleur
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    Congratulations! @Junior and @LaFleur
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    Hello XATers - I want to make a contest from Radio iBau! We will use: Generator Congratulations on Christmas and New Year. Christmas greetings to those who celebrate on December 25th and January 7th. (Good luck in this contest to everyone). What are the prizes, we all want to know, right? Of all competitors, only 10 users will be elected, who will receive 500 xats each. Who can participate? You must have a register in xat.com «(Only Who Has the xat.com Registry It is valid to participate in this contest. Who will offer xats to winners? Fonduri (304771992) Date this contest ends. 31/12/2018 - TIMEEND If I win when I can receive a prize? Anytime, the prize never expires! How to participate, regulation (Rules). Add the login name together with the ID. Example: Fonduri (YOUR ID HERE). How can you be disqualified? If you add more than one register to the contest. If you create Drama in this contest. If you're talking nonsense. Good luck everyone! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!
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    LUNALA (1487645044)
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    . Merry Christmas to all :v RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415)
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    #BREAKINGNEWS @Zoom anda muy acerca de @Leandro seguramente ya no son más "solamente amigos" (r)
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    Congratulations to both of you! Very deserving!
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    When the new power release and you find all sold already so fast!
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    When you've been waiting for the new power too long
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    These are my suggestions: Calendar, celebration, nyball, nyhat - From Newyear. Nyballoons, nyclock - From Hogmanay. Year2 - From Lunar(I see a lot of people buying Lunar just for this smilie). Fireyear - From Fireworksfx. Thank you!
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    Congratulations @Junior @LaFleur
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    Congrats to the new volunteers
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    Congratulation both of you. If you were girls, I'll kiss you, but I'll hug you. xD
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    Congratulations, @Junior and @LaFleur 👏🎉
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    Gratz @Junior you do a lot, deserve it. @LaFleur too.
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    Congratulations LaFleur and welcome back Junior!
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    Congratulations @Junior and @LaFleur
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    Finally someone who actually DESERVES volunteer! Congrats Fleur.
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    Congrats again Junior and congrats LaFleur!
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    Congratulations guys!
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    These IDs will be narrowed down to 15-20 IDs.
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    I look a brilliant idea, so users can control their activities. But as @Pedro said, the tickets in some circumstances, ask to know the latest activities and would be a little contradictory. But it's a brilliant idea.
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    All the effects of the xmasbonus were very precise, it was very good, my congratulations!
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    The best is (I Am legend) with Will Smith!
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    I would help a lot of needy people in Africa, then I would think of myself and my family!
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    2019000 2019999 20190000 20199999 20192019 New year is coming soon!
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    Although it might not be exactly look like the example he provided, I think that it's not impossible to make some Dragon balls anime-like smilies. We have this pawn (hat#h#anime2) from Superanime power which is Son Goku inspired, and some other smilies from Anime power like astro, haira3 (Timari from Naruto), haira2 (Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z), haira4 (Shikamaru Nara from Naruto). We can for example have some ''saiyan effects and kame hame ha effects'' and call it Aurafx / Forcefx Hatgk sounds a good one pawn, the (hat#h#anime2) pawn is just missing a tail.
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    I like it, But due to copyright issues it cannot be a xat power.
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    Cupim deserves a lot of credit. He's a hard-working volunteer and smiley maker, and he runs the Ajuda and Loja official chats. He also runs xatproject.com and xatradio.com, which approves all the IPs for embedding external radios below chats. He's been doing all this for years and years, and he doesn't have a fancy short ID. I don't always agree with his opinions, but they're nonetheless interesting to hear.
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