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    ID: 525 Name: Snowflake Status: Limited Price: Unknown Smilies: Great power @Mihay! Pawns: (I did this for likes).
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    Thanks @Maverick ! :D
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    Just to make sure, @Mihay made Snowflake. Great job!
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    To celebrate Christmas and New Year, xat has decided to have an ID Auction So please list below your desired ID and if you're lucky enough, xat can make it happen! NO 4 DIGIT IDS!!!! You can now list 4 digits IDS as well.
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    Our Christmas Celebration is just 5 DAYS away!!! Here is our planned schedule: Be there or be on the NAUGHTY list!
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    @DonQuijote has been added to the group.
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    Wow so beautiful , this power is really amazing Same hats/pawn and smilies Wonderful job incredible Congrat
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    The release of the Superxmas power collection means the festive season is underway and it's less than two weeks until the Grinch makes his way down Mount Crumpit. We love Christmas on xat, and that's why we're promoting the annual Christmas chat (complete with a Christmas radio) to spread the cheer. We hope you'll join us with a mince pie and a glass of the finest mulled wine - even if it's just for background ambience. There'll also be contests on Trade and Game chats, amongst others. We can't guarantee presents for everyone (that's Santa's job!) but we hope you'll check out our selection here. So whether you're celebrating alone or with friends and family - or even if you don't celebrate Christmas at all - we hope you have a warm, safe winter and a very happy new year. Best wishes, Contributors
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    If you guys change from christmas to new year, of course.
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    Congratulation @DonQuijote!!! Deserved
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    Welcome to the team, @DonQuijote!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the team, @DonQuijote!
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    Congratulations @DonQuijote
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    More clear pictures not with a white background https://prnt.sc/lujovg https://prnt.sc/lujp71 @Mihay good job nicer than superxmas
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    3am and on a college night Unfriendly timezone for us brits Generally, thanks so much for donating and making this event happen, I'm sure it will be a great one!
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    Thank you for planning this Christmas Event and Good Luck for everybody!! So cool.. =) My special thanks to the organizers and ofc the welcome party for the new Main Owners.
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    Color botton #0033cc Interior Exterior
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    Inner Outer Button color: #FFD700 Inner Outer Button color : #FE2E2E By IrcGangster (1520490918)
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    Inner https://i.imgur.com/QcKgfTP.png Outer https://i.imgur.com/TkHfoLG.png Button color: #123b57
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    If you think you can do better then by all means. Feel free to create better smileys for this power. When you finish, send me or the admin the .fla file and then they can upload it.
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    Welcome to the team, @Luig! Congratulations!
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