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    Hello, We have had a number of reports recently in relation to fraudulent users. Remember that: (1) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your xats, days or powers. Volunteers are rewarded for their services through test powers, which are distributed by admins. Volunteers will not ask for further rewards. (2) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your password. They do not require this information for anything (nor does any user). The only times that volunteers will ask for your information is if you request a ticket opening (they would ask for your ID, username and the email address associated with your account) OR if you have a ticket open and they ask you within the ticket to answer security questions - in this case, the information should be provided within your ticket. (3) Volunteers will NEVER private message you on the chats to inform you that your account is blocked for illegal activity. Volunteers have no reason to do this - all account block matters are handled within tickets. NOTE: If someone is impersonating a volunteer (or even a wiki editor, etc.), please ignore them and report them immediately with evidence. Proper evidence may include two full chat screen grabs. The first screen grab must have the messages in their entirety. The second must have the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible. If you are concerned for your safety, please change your password immediately. Please also be vigilant of clicking suspicious links from random users and check the Volunteer wiki page before you contact a volunteer. You may share this topic/information with anyone who is worried about a fraudulent user.
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    This may be a good topic to share the security campaign posters from facebook. 1. Scam Prevention 2. Impersonating Staff 3. Account Protection - xat PAL's 4. Phishing Protection
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    I want to add that some suspicious users have been creating fake xat wiki pages, mostly a fake version of the “ xat.wiki/Volunteers “ page. Please always ensure you’re visiting the correct wiki page, not a fake one. They’ve been adding themselves to the list to make themselves look like a true volunteer. If in doubt if the page is real or not, check forum.xat.com/staff. Our forum administrators always keep this updated. Either that, or you can contact the xat help chat (xat.com/help) to see if that user is a true volunteer. Thanks.
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    Pigift has been renamed to pigfit.
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    This Could be added to the APPBOT Games Something like this.
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    Or a nice pawn with an award. Bronze, silver or gold badge on pawn. An user with a bronze badge will get good ideas to create nice games and he/she will nr awarded with silver or maybe gold badge on the pawn. In this way other users will know how games are really good ideas. Matrix pawn a good idea too.
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    Starting university next year, finally a job, and ya time to live hard. Next goal, civil engineering and systems analyst.
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    We want it to be as easy as possible to make an app. We want users to be able to run it without having to get their app approved. We want you to be able to host a bot and app on your PC for one chat - no server or $$ needed We hope it will be possible for someone with little or no programming skills to take an existing app (eg a poll or quiz) and tweak it for their group. If your game is good then others may host it for you (similar to xatradio) so that it can be used on any chat. You might change xats for that The bot hoster might charge you xats or take a cut Games will start out simple but in the future we might add ways to make much more powerful games The future is not set, we will see where it takes us. We are looking forward to seeing where this will go and where our users will take us. Get ready for blast off!
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    There's a lot of things that can't be done because of the latency. So when suggesting games, just bare in mind what you suggest and think about the latency, because of how everything is controlled by packets, it would require a lot of packets to be getting through depending on the requirements for the game, games that have a pace controlled by the player would be the ideal type of game for this, since the pace of the game would be determined on the speed of player inputs. So card games, board games, etc.. etc..
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    We are planning on creating a few games to show users what they will be able to do with the canvas, but we need your opinion. We currently have a few ideas in mind, namely - Poll - Quiz - Blackjack The last two are already work in progress, but we need your opinion on them, and we need more suggestions, we would like to know what the users want to play with. Please direct your suggestions here or to @zzMark and @Maverick. Thanks
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    xat is trialing a system to allow users to write xat apps and games. Example uses: Games Quizzes Chat rules, stats etc Mod of the month Custom Polls Maverick has his Cardmatch game running on xat_test : https://xat.com/xat_test?new Why don't you take a look?
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    Want to win more than an extra five pounds this Thanksgiving? We got you! It's nearly Thanksgiving! Time to gather with friends, feast on succulent turkey, enjoy a few contests on Trade, and voice our appreciation! With @Admin being kind enough to sponsor this event, we will be holding one of the funnest events on Trade! This giveaway will include POWERS (and some good powers too!) AND A GRAND FINALE WILL ALSO TAKE PLACE. TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT. Everyone will have a chance to win. This event's hustle is gonna be in full swing, so be prepared. Angelo and myself will be hosting @ xat.com/trade DJ MELANIE WILL ALSO BE DJ’ING Please also note that all winners will be posted here on the forum! We'll see you there! Winners - English Winner Prize AISHA ANGRY + [2] BLACKFRIDAY + [2] THANKSGIVING AKIO CHRISTMAS + 100 XATS ANASWIN 250 XATS AUSTIN ADVENTURE + BOOT + HALLOWEEN + FADE + REDCARD + TOAD + VALENTINE + [2] SIX + BIG DREAM BOOT + ANGRY + GAG + INSTRUMENTS + SINS GEORGEORWELL INSTRUMENTS IJUANR CHRISTMAS IMJAMES ANGRY + BLACKFRIDAY + [2] CHRISTMAS + GKALIENS + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON + SINS + TOAD + [2] THANKSGIVING IPIA FIREFX MARSHALL BLACKFRIDAY + CLEAR MASHA CHRISTMAS + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON + [2] THANKSGIVING + SUMMERHUG MATHEUS SINS MELANIE ANGRY + CLEAR MERCY BLACKFRIDAY PAINUZUMAK APRINCESS + BLACKFRIDAY + INSTRUMENTS PHIN ANGEL POKE BLACKFRIDAY + FAIRY + [2]KDEMON + SINS + FADE + SIX + TOAD + VALENTINE + [2] THANKSGIVING + BLASTDE SETH EASTERLOVE + GLOB + EASTERLAND STIFLER BLACKFRIDAY + INSTRUMENTS + KDEMON UNIKODESIGNS [2] THANKSGIVING UNITY BLACKFRIDAY WWWPEKEWWW ANGRY + CLEAR Winners - Portuguese Winner Prize ALiceAyumi (1520847630) 1150 xats + SWORDFX Ar91 (9100000) 2150 xats + SWORDFX Brooooow69 (122411659) SWORDFX DearGod2010 (583109023) 3000 xats Dygo (84989153) SWORDFX + 500 xats ELLysmga55 (237056506) SWORDFX Edu69 (1111169) 3000 xats GataRaqueLLLL (417466232) 1150 xats Kareh1998 (1529781197) 3000 xats Luah (115762560) [2] SWORDFX Luig (10000270) SWORDFX Odin (206159116) SWORDFX Painuzumak (582764077) 200 xats + [3] SWORDFX Pudinzinho69 (809761400) SWORDFX ScantLingg (200362308) 3000 xats TroyanaBruxa (1526636078) 3000 xats Yeah (10000090) 200 xats andersonsanto (910658980) 1150 xats iBwen (1510513869) 3000 xats iDeehs2 (982438617) SWORDFX xRapha (1234437391) SWORDFX zduuuuuuuhx (1533402835) 3300 xats + [2] SWORDFX zzzSAPONzzz (1533632339) SWORDFX Winners - Spanish Winner Prize A364651536 (364651536) 250 xats ALEX0418ALEX (1518620827) 500 xats Amerikaaaa (51717079) 250 xats BeLLitha69 (1044659180) 800 xats BesosDePapeL (1528892021) 500 xats CarpediemZoe (1528488098) 500 xats CompLicacy (1533872981) 750 xats Dan1eL (305067083) 600 xats Dec0de (315955189) 3900 xats Dream (1010206) 1700 xats Enriquexbb (1532990809) 300 xats GaboSanchez (1455660628) 300 xats Gasparin (1427540103) 300 xats JH0N (15551) 300 xats Lopezkevin07 (1534069013) 850 xats Luah (115762560) 300 xats MagicDesing (1477784162) 1450 xats Marya (11011) 500 xats Nacho (1523424427) 600 xats NayshaTuamore22 (1527614183) 250 xats Painuzumak (582764077) 1800 xats PriSciLaGeraLdine (860761409) 250 xats ReaLg4LifeexD (399787322) 250 xats SoyDaniChe (190649352) 250 xats Stif (344107857) 800 xats TeresaFLores (237942668) 1750 xats TrixMiLena (820322017) 500 xats WALKALONE21 (1529210271) 300 xats aLejandrax3 (218131301) 1000 xats andreaC2018 (1532572255) 1250 xats cristancgiraLdo (547328390) 300 xats david15161718 (442548957) 250 xats dinamite99 (46544326) 500 xats eLreydeLreino (1509522881) 250 xats girLLovee12 (1529764372) 500 xats iJuanR (410077992) 3350 xats iMasterMindi (732212231) 300 xats iPia (592658849) 800 xats iThunder (1176760319) 500 xats iWitness29 (1529667724) 1100 xats iamNotALex (1533223668) 500 xats iiJu4nnnnn (1523516072) 250 xats iiNaadyaaa (1533541334) 500 xats iiiR0J0iii (1527980216) 500 xats iiiiGaboiii (1529399784) 250 xats iiiiiiGame (1508888308) 800 xats it4La (1517036906) 300 xats joeLsteves (1507616441) 500 xats patroo (10000016) 1350 xats xPeruanita (1529691967) 500 xats xxxmiamorxxx (243417815) 300 xats Winners - Arabic Winner Prize ALoL94 (1055874259) 600 xats + MONEY + VALFX AShtatoooo (1528887425) MUSIC + STYLIST + TOPSPIN AhMeDMeNnA0 (1138325750) 750 xats + GLITTERFX + KFOX + ZOOM BLackEuphoria (224888874) 200 xats + 10 days CaLLMe3amer (1528990714) 200 xats + 10 days Danito (306062639) 200 xats 10 days EsRaA015iii (1516301025) 200 xats + 10 days GoogLeLord (1529398979) 200 xats + 20 days + STYLIST + TYPING HiisMajesty (1516318131) CODEBAN LLLGoLdStarLLL (1236761323) 300 xats + MONEY + OUTFIT La7NnNN1234 (1533899093) 300 xats LaiLaLeLo2 (1534046503) 1600 xats + ANIME + MUSIC Lamya20019 (1529652735) KPENG + REGHIDE LiLiMatrexLiLi (1171430082) 200 xats + 10 days Liana (146639199) 200 xats + 10 days Liiiiiiiiie (141999351) 200 xats + 10 days NodiMessam (1533806978) 150 xats + BAGHEAD + MIRROR + PCBR OoOGuestOoO (1533325145) 200 xats + 10 days OoooshamsooooO (1529518239) 150 xats Ramiz (1002008) 150 xats + LADYBUG + AWAY + MUTE Rosequeen23 (1526783038) 450 xats + 10 days SSaaRRaaaaa (1519288569) 200 xats + 10 days WhiteTheCat (1477594895) 200 xats + 10 days XoOoXHaythamXoOoX (1525535172) MEOW a7zaneL3mr (1525869795) 350 xats + 10 days + FLAG + SHOW + SHUFFLE anakaramiLaa (1528210977) 450 xats eLjokar2019 (1529560199) 500 xats + 10 days + STYLIST + REGHIDE iDjRockSaw (227597031) 900 xats + GLITTERFX + HAIRF + ZAP + NOFOLLOW + STYLIST iLord (125267706) 350 xats + 10 days iMoHd (63334225) 250 xats + 7 days iR0GhALsSi (109105799) 900 xats + GLITTERFX iZahratiii (1533718899) 200 xats + 10 days ii3nady8eerii12 (1474500739) 550 xats + HANDS iiAnaKeMoii (1516635051) 1350 xats + TOPSPIN + STYLIST iiiikaLamoiiii (249589488) 150 XATS iixmaayxiii (556658680) 150 XATS + GLITTERFX issLamabardi (1486702728) 600 xats + STYLIST + STICKY + TOPSPIN ixiAnoshaaixi (1533997899) 650 xats + 10 days + KFOX + STYLIST + TOPSPIN medo1410000 (1504661595) 250 xats + MUSIC + STYLIST + TYPING meroodyana (1522119685) 900 xats + NUCLEAR + PINK + SNOWY mmdohdoha2019 (1529491135) 450 xats + GLITTERFX + STATUSGLOW o0HaMaDa0o (235002727) 750 xats + LOVE + NIGHTMARE + TYPING + SUPERKICK + REGHIDE oOLoLoANaOo (1487034212) 150 xats + MOM oOoCuteoOo (1385100030) 150 xats + NOPC + NOPM + RADIO trika0no0way (370152094) BLUEMAN zozoLoza22 (1504842758) 200 xats + 10 days
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    APPBOT power lets you make and run apps and multiplayer games to run on xat. You need the APPBOT power to make and run a game. You don't need it to play a game. This is a forum mainly for app developers but players are welcome to suggest apps and improvements and to help test apps.
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    To be clear. Maverick has cyan pawn because he has made best game so far. If you make a better game you could have it instead. This may not last forever. It's an incentive to encourage users to look at writing games and apps.
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    personaly i want a games that develop focus like puzzle, sudokou, tic tac toe ... not a games such as " race " or i don't know i think this kind of games is only for wasting time nothing else
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    I saw your suggestion, I’m still working on some games that users sent out. I am not ignoring you. Sorry for that. @Anas
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    You can report that in 'Bug Tracker' from here
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    I wanted to do this before the end of the year. I'd like to thank everyone who actually stayed by my side during the death of someone i loved the most. Even though i still have haters, i'm trying to remain strong. I've also decided to leave xat sometime in 2019 due to me not being as interested anymore and me having a life.
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    This one would be a nice one so famous Game
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    Always a pleasure to DJ for the events on trade! I can't wait ♡
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    I think some of what has been put forth has potential to be a good idea for xat but this really comes off as unorganized - most likely intentionally just to put the idea in effect and get it rolling. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing either because since the site has a smaller user base at the moment you have the freedom to roll out any ideas regardless of how they will be received and you can of course work on it from there. From an outside perspective that is nice to witness. From an outside perspective, the idea that you will give a cyan pawn to someone who makes the best game and then perhaps remove it from that person and possibly discredit him/her when something better comes along does not come off in the right way. There's really just too much to think about with an idea as vague as this so I really hope this is not the final decision and definition of the celebrity pawn. Is the admin going to be just be picking whatever game he likes? The game that the community likes the most? The least buggiest / the most efficiently written one? These type of programs always have room for improvement and ideally that does not come from one person. It's nice to see the celebrity status / cyan pawn given out for something other than being a celebrity because it shows that whatever ideas are floating around actually have potential to be realistic about intended outcomes. I think so far in this thread the community is really overreaching with the idea that the celebrity pawn actually had a meaningful tradition. I think the administrator should really look at adding a developer title to the community and only giving it to people who are invested into the site and clearly show that they have an interest in volunteering their time to write for the site / have established precedent that they will do so. This type of idea has potential to respect others who spend a lot of their time contributing to the site both on the website and off the website.
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    A Better formatted documentation: Not all of Pixi's API is implemented on the canvas as of now (coming soon) Commands are string representations of JSON objects, compressed to base64 with lz-string. (https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/lz-string/1.4.4/lz-string.js) An example for setting a background would look like this: JSON object: { name: 'background', type: 'Sprite', imageUrl: 'https://i.imgur.com/mQa7P4D.jpg', anchor: { x: 0, y: 0 }, width: 425, height: 600, } calling JSON.stringify() on that object, then passing the string to LZString.compressToBase64 gives us the command to send. Basic examples Setting a background: { name: 'background', type: 'Sprite', imageUrl: 'https://i.imgur.com/mQa7P4D.jpg', anchor: { x: 0, y: 0 }, width: 425, height: 600, } Sprites: { name: 'bunny', type: 'Sprite', imageUrl: 'assets/bunny.png', x: 50, y: 50, alpha: 0.5, } { name: 'bunny2', type: 'Sprite', imageUrl: 'assets/bunny.png', x: 125, y: 125, alpha: 0.5, rotation: 1.57, } Modifying Sprites: { name: 'bunny', x: 75, y: 125, alpha: 1.0, tint: 0x80ff0000 } Deleting Sprites: { name: 'bunny', destroy: true } Multiple Pixi API calls can be combined into one, under a Graphics type { name: 'mygraphics', type: 'Graphics', commands: [ //set a fill and line style ['beginFill', 0xff3300], ['lineStyle', 4, 0xffd900, 1], // draw a shape ['moveTo', 50, 50], ['lineTo', 250, 50], ['lineTo', 100, 100], ['lineTo', 50, 50], ['endFill'], // set a fill and a line style again and draw a rectangle ['lineStyle', 2, 0x0000ff, 1], ['beginFill', 0xff700b, 1], ['drawRect', 50, 250, 120, 120], // draw a rounded rectangle ['lineStyle', 2, 0xff00ff, 1], ['beginFill', 0xff00bb, 0.25], ['drawRoundedRect', 150, 450, 200, 100, 15], ['endFill'], // draw a circle, set the lineStyle to zero so the circle doesn't have an outline ['lineStyle', 0], ['beginFill', 0xffff0b, 0.5], ['drawCircle', 340, 90, 60], ['endFill'], ], } Creating a Text Style { name: 'mystyle', type: 'TextStyle', style: { fontFamily: 'Arial', fontSize: 30, fontStyle: 'italic', fontWeight: 'bold', fill: ['#ffffff', '#00ff99'], // gradient stroke: '#4a1850', strokeThickness: 5, dropShadow: true, dropShadowColor: '#000000', dropShadowBlur: 4, dropShadowAngle: Math.PI / 6, dropShadowDistance: 6, wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 440, }, } Creating Text { name: 'mytext', type: 'Text', x: 212, y: 500, text: 'Test', style: 'mystyle', } Strip animations { name:'smilie', type:'StripSprite', load:'https://xat.com/content/temp/smilie40px.png' } Create a tween {name:'mypath', type:'TweenPath', commands:[ ['moveTo', 25, 20], ['lineTo', 25, 200], ['arcTo', 350, 200, 450, 900, 100], ['lineTo', 25, 375], ['lineTo', 400, 100], ['bezierCurveTo', 400, 100, 400, 25, 25, 20] ]} Follow a tween { name:'smilie', type:'StripSprite', load:'https://xat.com/content/temp/smilie40px.png', x:340, y:190, animationSpeed:0.2, tween:{ path:'mypath', time:10000, loop:true } } Add a xat style poll bar chart { name:'mychart', type:'Barchart', x:12, y:375, values:[10,20,30,40,50,60,70], maxes:[15,30,45,60,75,90,105] } Animating Sprites (does not work as of now but feel free to mess around) (works in Canvas 2.5 with assets from: https://pixijs.io/examples) { name: 'plane', type: 'AnimatedSprite', load: 'https://pixijs.io/examples/required/assets/basics/fighter.json', x: 340, y: 90, scale: { x: 0.5, y: 0.5 }, animationSpeed: 0.5, frames: [ 'rollSequence0000.png', 'rollSequence0001.png', 'rollSequence0002.png', 'rollSequence0003.png', 'rollSequence0004.png', 'rollSequence0005.png', 'rollSequence0006.png', 'rollSequence0007.png', 'rollSequence0008.png', 'rollSequence0009.png', 'rollSequence0010.png', 'rollSequence0011.png', 'rollSequence0012.png', 'rollSequence0013.png', 'rollSequence0014.png', 'rollSequence0015.png', 'rollSequence0016.png', 'rollSequence0017.png', 'rollSequence0018.png', 'rollSequence0019.png', 'rollSequence0020.png', 'rollSequence0021.png', 'rollSequence0022.png', 'rollSequence0023.png', 'rollSequence0024.png', 'rollSequence0025.png', 'rollSequence0026.png', 'rollSequence0027.png', 'rollSequence0028.png', 'rollSequence0029.png', ], } For more examples please check out the official PixiJS documentation, if you find more commands that work, feel free to post them. Same for bugs. Please keep in mind that Canvas 2.0 is still in a very early stage. NOTE: Current users making games for xat are: - Maverick - Sloom - Jedi - Mark
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    Hello and good luck all!! Inner: https://imgur.com/HRZYep9.png Outer:https://i.imgur.com/h7SOnQO.png Button Color: #017062 Inner (2) : https://imgur.com/eH2IzPM.png Outer (2): https://imgur.com/49Qwy5f.png Button Color: #5343d2 Inner (3) : https://imgur.com/mBk6nLh.png Outer (3) : https://imgur.com/OCNdDA6.png Button Color #013a61 J0NI (2014)
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    Hello @Admin . I agree with them that the Cyan pawn always had a special meaning in the xat and I wouldn't like to see it being given that way. I think it'd be better to create a new pawn for "Developers ". They should be a group of people who have devoted their time developing apps/games to xat (For example, Maverick). For these users, it could give the pawn (Developer). This does not mean that he is an official developer of xat.com, but has only contributed enough to. Here is a small example of how this pawn would like look, something that matches the theme (development/programming). The color and effect could be changed, that's just an example. I'm sure the smiley makers can do something better.
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    But we're not talking about a couple of days either. It's long enough to ruin the history and credibility of cyan pawn, which is entirely avoidable.
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    You can play this already via doodle, right? How is this different to the bubble shooter game we already have via embed codes? I'll also put forward my xat "tamagotchi" idea. Raise animal smileys, level up and unlock bigger rarer ones. Other users can view your pet via the app. It's addicting and encourages users to log in each day.
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    A RPG like Pokemon, Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. This would require a lot of computational resources to store the players, but this would rock.
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    Scrabble yes apart from copyright issues. Is there any point in having Solitaire? (the point is to play with other users?)
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    Here are my suggestions: (1) Checkers (2) Pong (madball - see first image) (3) Football/soccer (see second image) (4) Volleyball (see third image) (5) Bomberman (or some variant - see fourth image) Not just because they're fun and addicting, but they're a great way to meet new people and make new friends too. "Does anyone want a game of football?" Etc Concept art from the Pong game. Concept art from the Slime Football online game. Concept art from the Slime Volleyball online game. Concept art from the Playing with Fire online game.
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    Farmerama , Paradise Bay , Roblox , Red crucible reborn , Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege ?
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    There is currently no algorithm to check whether xats are safe or not. It takes time and it is verified manually on a case-by-case basis. If I understand well, appbot would allow anyone to make apps. But no one besides a very few volunteers (and admin) can actually determine whether xats are stolen or not. Therefore, it would not be possible to make such app. If a user wants to sell his apps, he would take the same risks a reseller or a bot provider takes.
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    A user wants to sell their desings for xats, but the user isn't sure the xats aren't stolen, so the buyer sends the xats to the bot and it determinates if they are stolen or not, is they are stolen, the buyer gets the xats back It would be an app to check if the xats are safe
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    Create an fake account lots of xats and re-buy users powers (ugc)
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    Seeing Current positionof economy of xat , if i am ADMIN of xat , i will buy back alot of Limited and epic powers to make economy stable again . Also short names are too much expensive now , they need to be little cheap .
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    I would work my way through the list below, although it would probably take a few years.
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    There is too much to explain when talking about xat. To keep it short for now: improve.
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