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    Prize received. Thank you so much for graciously hosting these contests.
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    In this bug, guests/members who log on to the HTML5 version of xat who are registered CANNOT private chat staff members who have PCPLUS on that also have NOPC turned on. PCPLUS's original intent is to override NOPC so that only registered users can private chat them. For those viewing xat in HTML5, PCPLUS does not work, and only works as if the user who is a moderator or above has the NOPC power only. Before I describe what happens in these screenshots, upon testing this, my main account is the account ranked moderator or above, and my alternate account is the account ranked a guest. My main account did NOT add my alternate account as a friend. In the first screenshot, I am logged in as my alternate account on the HTML5 version of xat, where I can clearly see that my main account has the powers NOPC and PCPLUS. In the second screenshot, from my alternate account, I attempt to start a private chat with my main account who is on the Flash Player version of xat. In the third screenshot, using my alternate account, I return to the Flash Player version of xat and attempt to start a private chat with my main account, which in this case, PCPLUS power overrides NOPC. Note: This bug may also apply to guests/members using the mobile version of xat as well.
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    JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    I have claimed the price http://prntscr.com/lfge11. Shizuo(847986292)
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    Happy b-day, Marshall! 🎈 πŸŽ‰
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    I love you. happy 1 year married on xat babes. Even though it’s been a lot longer in our hearts
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    Thanks for everyone who participated, The WINNER is @Shizuo Shizuo (847986292) https://imgur.com/a/p377GqQ ! Congratulations!! You have won Kcar power, contact me asap in Xattrade to receive your prize! ANOTHER ONE!! I will give LOVETEST power to one lucky user on the forum. Rules to follow : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. One winner will be chosen Friday, 9th November at 7:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. Good Luck!
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    Hey everyone, I've been getting into graphic designing lately. I'll provide some of my newer works here, but check out my album on Imgur so you can see my progress from when I started (scroll all the way down) up until now (top of the page). I think I made a lot of progress and will continue to improve! FOR NOW, I am looking for experience. My prices are super cheap thanks to that! Right now, my prices are as follows: β€’ Desktop BG or PCBack or Chat BG(s): 200 xats ea. β€’ Banner(s) for Ads or for Xatspaces (see mine, name is Ojou) OR Avatars: 150 xats ea. β€’ Gif(s) for Xatspaces: 250 xats ea. (Charge a bit more for gifs because of the amount of time gifs take in comparison to others) Message on here, comment, or find me on xat @ Ojou (1510701323), I mostly hang out on Chat. FIND MY FULL GRAPHICS ALBUM HERE.
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