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    Again, I want to thank everyone who entered this contest and put their own creative spin on making us a cool halloween-themed background. Special thanks again to the judges, @Damo and @Stif, and to @Rexor for his generous donation towards this contest. After much careful planning and judging, we have come up with the following: SECOND place winner: @Marshall And our FIRST PLACE winner is.... @xPaulo ! You guys may contact @Stif to collect your prizes.
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    Thanks to EVERYONE who participated! After a lot of consideration we have decided on our winners! First: @Fons (Second entry) Second: @Discann (Second entry) Third: @xPaulo (First entry) To collect your prizes please contact @Paul (Main Owner at xat_test). Well done to everyone!
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    With Halloween quickly approaching, I have decided to use the winning background for 2 weeks instead.
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    Here's a few more potential collections we could have:
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    @Marshall received his prize, congratulations! @xPaulo also received his prize, congratulations!
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    Wow thank you very much @Zoomey @HelperNate and @Stivee I will wait for my prize
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    then secure your email lol emails have 2factor as well
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    Gamebot 1000 xat prizefund contest starting in 2 hours!
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    confrmed prize holder, will post again when got prize
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    And what if someone gets access to someone else's email?
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    All my life I always had to move to different places. I'm really lonely at my new school that I just started. I have no friends and during lunch I just want to sit in the bathroom until the bell rings because I'm not sure what to do.
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