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    With Halloween just a little over a month away, I figured it would be appropriate to host a contest for ThunderStormRadio's next background! You must have our website tstormradio2017.com and radio 18+ somewhere on the set. CSS is allowed as well. You will have until October 20th to create a background that adheres to one or more of these themes: Funny Spooky Cute Horror You must provide an inner an outer and a button color. Any color is fine, just not too dark or too bright. I would also like to thank all participants in advance, please note that three winners will be chosen, Each set will be displayed for 2 days. PRIZES ARE: 1st place is 2,000 xats 2nd place is 1,500 xats 3rd place is 1,000 xats Prize holder: Paul Judges are: @Brand, @Tox1c, and @HelperNate
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    General Contest Information The aim is to create a background set for the Help chat group that captures the feeling of Halloween. N.B. submissions will be used for a week or more. Guidelines and Restrictions You must provide both an inner background and also an outer background The dimensions of the inner background must be 728 * 486 px The dimensions of the outer background must be 2560 *1440 px or larger You must provide a matching button color Your entry must be posted publicly here CSS may be used for minor modifications You may post as many entries as you like Please try not to make anything too bright or dark, as this may be abrasive to eyes Prize Information Two winners will be chosen: 1st place -- 10,000 xats 2nd place -- 5,000 xats Prize pool is 15,000 xats. Thanks to Rexor for donating and helping this contest get started. Prize Holder Stif (344107857) Judges Rexor, Stif, Damien, Angelo Deadline for entries October 19th, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. (CST)
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    Hey everyone! New power suggestion here- This time, it's a new function power! Now, since we have spin, invert, and mirror- it would make sense to add a "rotate" power! And to avoid people bypassing the invert power, invert would be required for this to work power. What does it do? Rotate's smileys! How would it work? Let's say you would like to rotate the BACUTE smiley from the Battle power! If you type (bacute#rotate#r90) it would look like this: And, of course, this would work with ANY angle you'd like to do. So what'll it cost? As stated above, this power would require the Invert power to avoid users bypassing the upside-down feature. The power itself would cost 250 xats! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts of this power below! Do you think it's a good idea? terrible idea? useless? I can honestly see it being used A LOT, and it'd be useful for smiley combos! Let me know what you think!
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    It's this or blocking a 10 degree section from being used with this power (so it can't be inverted) and then you still need 2 powers to be able to totally rotate your smilies.
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    Hello,Good luck all. Inner : https://imgur.com/2ZLJLrd.png Outer: https://imgur.com/9sZv9CJ.png Button Color : #220038 Inner (2) : https://imgur.com/IGblqQM.png Outer (2) : https://imgur.com/kui6yjs.png Button Color : #ff8000 Inner (3) : https://imgur.com/EPawerH.png Outer (3) : https://imgur.com/b2ZJ3VA.png Button Color : #900603 J0NI (2014)
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    These are all unique, no one is using them. I can customize any of these templates to however you'd like. Send me a private message and we can discuss a fair price.
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    When did the issue of "stolen xats" start to become a problem?
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    I would really like this to be implemented .. since I wanna have some of the smiley tilting sometimes on the side . very good suggestion
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    First Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/tox1c Button Color: #06131d Smiley Color: #69b5db Second Entry: Inner: Outer: Preview: xat.com/Toxic2 Button Color: #000001 Smiley Color: #ffb56f (or clear if gback is an option) Good luck to everyone entering this contest, I wish you all the best.
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    Happy Birthday, Guppy! Enjoy your day!
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    Inner Outer CSS for the Outer body { background-color: #000000; background:url(https://i.imgur.com/gcv77wU.png)no-repeat center / cover fixed;} Button Color #0b3f64 or #333333 Suggested Gback boback // or just normal >> Preview it here <<
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    wait wait wait. now you need a good CPU for xat? Cuz everyone is showing off their CPU, memory RAM and graphics card. You will get lag on internet no matter what your CPU is. Lag has nothing to do with CPU/memory/graphics card. Also I don't get your suggestion, you want a rainbow pawn? You want a black pawn? You want a flying pawn ? You want to use Namegrad + Namewave as a pawn?? Can you even imagine how that would look ???
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    Hello,Good luck all. Inner: https://imgur.com/XFu3cLV.png Outer: https://imgur.com/klPd0Ry.png Button Color:#FA6304 Inner (2) : https://imgur.com/GZC7aIS.png Outer (2) : https://imgur.com/Z59g25Z.png Button Color : #663399 Inner (3) : https://imgur.com/E1ddBCt.png Outer (3) : https://imgur.com/SEOv5YH.png Button Color : #8080ff Inner (4) : https://imgur.com/fJerq7i.png Outer (4) : https://imgur.com/5sjj7t2.png Button Color : #5bb12f Inner (5) : https://i.imgur.com/882YFJR.png Outer (5) : https://imgur.com/m30xpSG.png Button Color :#b90302 J0NI (2014)
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    Hello ! I will give it a shot ! HERE are My Entries Entry 1 Inner Link : https://i.imgur.com/I5Lvz0r.png Outer Link : https://i.imgur.com/PiJ7AjD.png Button Color : #0B0B0A or #242322 Entry 2 Inner Link : https://i.imgur.com/vXlD5Vy.png Outer Link: https://i.imgur.com/Ey7qZNY.png Button Color : #778FA2 or #00192C Entry 3 Inner Link : https://i.imgur.com/U3ywvvR.png Outer link : https://i.imgur.com/3HZEHwI.png Button Color : #1E1D1D or #635A4F Rhea (96340330) Thanks Guys and Good Luck to all of US !
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    some smilies COMBO with accessory
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    Another great contest. Looking forward to seeing all entries!
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    Good luck to all the entries for this years background contest! We look forward to judging all your awesome backgrounds. On behalf of the judgement team of this contest
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    Yeah @Lemona i think can this implemented @Admin might like this idea: costumes#mouse#nocara = all off costumes#mouse#nocara#on1 = eyes = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on2 = mouth = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on3 = nose = On costumes#mouse#nocara#on4 = ear = On
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    Firstly, I must congratulate the administrators and all of the people contributing to the updates that we are seeing. I understand that it's not easy to build these things. Switching to HTML5 shows a commitment that is necessary to maintaining this website, so it's easy to see that this website is not being abandoned. This post is a response to @SLOom. I have decided to post in this topic since it is relevant to this topic, and to avoid making the other topic go off-topic. When most people communicate, they are not speaking in literal terms. I did not mean, nor would it be reasonable to assume, that the redesign is exactly the same as the old design. Of course it's not. But how is a dropdown menu surprising? Am I supposed to say thanks for a dropdown menu that we should have had nearly a decade ago? It doesn't matter if it's in beta or if more features will be added. The general design of the chat box and its related features still hold the general design of 12 years ago. I did not mean that we should have used Bootstrap 4 specifically years ago. Why would you assume that I meant that? That doesn't make sense. - - - Additionally, you said this to Arthur: "It will never become harder to browse flash chat. Chrome is smart enough to add settings in their browser to still allow flash as well." Please take a look at The Chromium Projects' Flash Roadmap: Flash Disabled by Default (Target: Chrome 76+ - July 2019). Flash Support Removed from Chromium (Target: Chrome 87+ - Dec 2020).
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    The new power of this week is: Eyeeye. ID: 513 Name: Eyeeye Status: Unlimited Smilies: eyeeye, eyecry, eyelove, eyemad, eyesleepy, eyesuperstar, eyewhat, eyewink Pawns: (hat#he) Price: Unknown Wiki: https://xat.wiki/eyeeye
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    No scary kiss? No suspenseful hug!?
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    New power is called Ktree ID: 507 Name: Ktree Status: Limited Price: 250 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki article: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ktree
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