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    Social is only alive BECAUSE of @Mike We should think twice before demanding a new main owner. Volunteers should think twice before complaning about his management, they couldn't do anything better. The chat was totally dead and Mike made it popular again, brought people that never would come before, he actually thought out of the box. Demanding strict rules or ''Official standards'' is just more of the same that made xat become a dying site. People are just tired about these, if you didn't notice that, get out of your echo chamber. Mike and Glitch may have done mistakes during this time, I know it, but they were sucessful in their mission to make Social an active chat again (as I've never seen before). Obviously this thread was made because the majority of the mainstream don't like either Mike or Glitch. Which makes me sad.
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    I like that hat but it would be better if the power itself (if made) had more hat options (more different hats) This opens door to a "bad" power series ... Badgirl!
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    Congrats to the newest Contributors, welcome Abbie, Freemad, Mario, iSasa, Sergi, and Tamer! Congrats again guys!
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    Hey My favorite color is Dark Blue . What is yours ? Lucky (917210101)
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    Hello! I'm giving away namegrad and namecolor. All you have to do to enter is post your reg and id. The name's gonna be picked randomly using an application. @Stif Is holding the prizes. The winner will be announced 20th of august at 20:00 CEST. As far as for the rules: Don't try to increase your chances of winning by using multiple accounts. Good luck to everyone.
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    Hi My name is @SethTI and I am very awesome and friendly !
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    Girls are always a problem but i agree
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    Congratulations! başkanım @DjCrazy
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    Hello "XATers" someone in club xat family club deletes members without reason, I want everyone who was deleted to tell me, I want to find this person. Thanks!
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    This is nothing but a drama thread and you all know it, there's more than one official chat so stop with the crying and go help out at another. As for the vols participating in this circus do yourself a favor and keep your reputation clean. You're better than this.
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    Hi guys, I want to create something nice Halfangel and HalfDemon!! these are only 5 smileys style!! i will draw another's, also a back of Cupim demon and the fifth smile, anyway the first is half angel and half demon(main smile), color demon red and angel normal the second is a female with black emo purple Light, hair black white eyes with golden light, halo black!! with the necklace red.. The Third is a Vampyre eyes Big anime(red and light) with aureole gold and hair Light The fourth is a King Demon hair light black (Cupim Demon) The Fifth is a cutie mix half angel half demon (colors...hair red lipstick rose) that the nail is eaten can you suggest me something with photos..can be in stile SUPER CUTIE COOLZ ANGEL SIX ,otherwisse i listen suggestion or leave the smiley maker's help me as always, sorry for english!! see ya! Hat: different aureola's, with horns !!
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    I think with the super collections xat's priority might be on "promoting the new unlimited pawns". But after two super powers I guess it's time we get some new hats... Right... Right!? @Mihay Sombrero hat... viking hat... police hat... And hopefully we get them on (HATS) before 2018 ends.
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    Awesome drawings! please keep sending your ideas & keep their originality! I hope we can make them reality... We do need more powers like angel and six and this one fits perfectly in the theme
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    Hi my name is @Lemona and im happy
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    My favorite color is my favorite color.
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