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    hello guys, I've thought of an awesome power that many would enjoy having just 1 hat on your pawn all of the time gets boring. why not allow us to cycle between hats? this power would allow you to use macros which would make you choose the minutes you want it to cycle for, and the hats you want it to cycle between. resembles a little bit like flashrank if you think about it. for example, $cyclehat=1minute $cyclehat=2minutes $cyclehat=3minutes (this is to prevent the chat from lagging and users spamming the power) and then $cyclehat=hat#a $cyclehat=hat#b $cyclehat=hat#e yes most hats are limited, but many new hats are being created and when xat celebrates their birthday again by releasing old limited pawns I think this power would be great for that occasion. this would be a great opportunity for users to show their creativity with hats.
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    I have reghide enabled and PCPLUS works fine. Was the user a toon ? subscriber ? registered ? Pcplus set to sub ? reg + sub ? off ? Flash chat ? HTML5 chat ?
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    This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to buy or sell another ID, please open a new topic.
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    It seems that non debug chat is not updated to the correct version. It will be fixed soon. Edit: It has been updated. Make sure to clear your cache and to check if the chat version is 27072018.
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    Something like this then?
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    I think the idea is nice, something new for hat related features. There's many new permanent hats that has been made permanent so having to be able to use between 1-3 hats in cycled motion without combining the existing available hats would actually be nice. I would love this, to be able to use my most favorite hats at the same time, without manually changing them like every hour. I think the hat could be taken 2 from the permanent hats and one from new power being released each week. I think 1-3 minutes is okay between each cycle of hat pawns and this power should require a Flashrank power to function. Like for example you want to use the baseball cap, crown and ktree1 hat. The following command would be $cyclehat1=hatcode#optionalcolorcode#the duration of time you want to cycle it to Ex: $cyclehat=hat#t#000001#2#hat#C#fffccc#3#hat#hd#000001#1 My command example above might be a little messy
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    happy Birthday best wishes.
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    Hello @iPia happy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday, Piasinhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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    Something like this.
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    Ajam cumpleaños años de verdad o de mentira a mi no me suena este día para nada
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