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    Hello, I have noticed that when you edit a message in status replies, the indication that you have edited said message doesn't show. I propose that we should allow that indication to show on status messages like how normal posts work. Normal Posts Edit Message Indicator: As you can see here, normal posts allow you to see that you edited the message. This can be useful to know whether the user that posted that message has changed anything they've wrote before. Status Messages: Even though you've edited your content, it doesn't show that. You may read something before then later see the content is different with no indication that it was changed. This can be really confusing. You may have noticed I have written that I edited the message and put it in bold to signal that I have edited it. This is something I think can be implemented since it's already indicated when you do regular posts on forum. I also think you could implement this change in forum private messages since it can get confusing to know whether any messages have been edited or not. I hope you all can consider it and see that it would be quite useful in some situations. Special thanks to Bella for helping me with the sample used on the post! Regards, Mystic
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    It would be something like, a new Power of function for xat, that allows you to give Main to a user without the need to reveal the password of your xat to have that rank. As it would be an option apart from the main owner (it would be exclusive for the real owner of the xat) the main owner would not lose its function as we know it today. It would be like a small panel of the xat which the real owner would only get access to with a password. This idea could be ideal to avoid giving reset by a single main owner not deceived. As I said before this will not affect the other main owner could continue to administer the xat. rights for @xAndyx @Yahir We await your opinion on this subject, greetings
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    I agree, an ''Edited'' indicator would be a good idea and would useful to see if there has any changes on one's forum message. It may not be an issue at the moment, but it can be abused at anytime by users.
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    Hey, I am back! INNER: https://i.imgur.com/S1YxZSI.png OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/cQR2iyb.jpg Button color: #d8e9f7 Smileybar: If possible, use GBACK with CLEAR effect. You can preview it here. Good luck to everyone!
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    Always remember to say how much you love your family and/or friends. You don't know when will be the last time you will see them, we all are here temporarily.
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    If i'm not mistaken, you can already do that with the power Manage.
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    To not share your password you can only share the link, also if you are the original creator of the chat you can reset the password from the associated email. I am not wrong to say that something similar to this was suggested in the past. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    VenenoVil8 (80988273) nick name muñe INNER https://i.imgur.com/RgRJ9Bb.png OUTER https://i.imgur.com/ZIE62b0.png Button Color: #8b8a8b CSS: http://textsnip.com/rmnscx
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    A new feature has been added: Notifications If you join to a xat HTML5 chat, the browser will now ask you whether you accept xat.com notifications or not. Upon agreeing, you will now receive browser notifications for every message sent in Main / Private Chat / Private Message, if the browser is minimized or if you're on another tab! This also works offline now! Meaning if you haven't got any xat tab open, you will still get a notification. This might not work fully yet for all browser, see bottom of the post. By default this is set to: Private Chat (this includes PM’s too) If you also want Notifications for messages sent on Main-Chat, simply use this macro: $notify=all (This will be a setting in future.) If you want to disable this feature, you can do that in your Settings (Settings are in your profile). You can also set whether you want this for Friends only or not. ______________________________________________________________________ Mentions: You can also get notifications for keywords you set. For instance, if someone writes “lafleur”, you will be notified about that, regardless of settings. To add keywords, use this macro: $mentions=lafleur,xat,help,html5 (example) Please note, Notifications will be improved with further options/settings in future. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback regarding this feature, please let us know. Thanks. See the rest of the recent changelog here. Known issues:
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    Hey, I have something for xat that is EXTREMELY outdated, that I think should be updated- Sounds! Like, audies! For example, some audies are cut-off, like the "happy thanksgiving" one for example- and I think they should be updated to either be more high quality (and not cutoff), or completely changed. This goes for the default chatting sounds when you send a message or when someone joins (Which fun fact, my friend told me those 2 sounds are from a 2002 MSN version!) So I think they should be changed- This is definitely needed!
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    Contest Information As you might have already known, xat.com/Graphics has returned and have been filling up staff positions. We feel that it is finally time to host a background contest with a prize pool of 12,500 xats. Guidelines/Theme There is no set theme for this contest. The point of this contest is to make a visually appealing background while maintaining creativity. The contest will be based on attractiveness and creativity. Requirements Inner and Outer background required. CSS is optional but highly recommended. -Inner background must be 728px*486 px. -Outer background must be 2560px*1440px or larger. Do not make your graphics too bright or too dark. Background must include "Graphics" and "The place to buy, sell, and discuss graphics". Multiple entries are allowed, but must be contained to one post. No troll entries. Prizes There will be two prize winners, and only their backgrounds will be used. (Prizes may increase to a 3rd and 4th place if there are a lot of good entries) First place: 7,500 xats Second place: 5,000 xats Total prize: 12,500 xats Donations are appreciated, and this post will be updated if there are any. Deadline July 20th, 12:30 PM CST (countdown: https://bit.ly/2lQDmvb) Prize Holder @Angelo - Angelo (18500000) Judges @Tox1c - Tox1c (126984499), @Guppy - Guppy (696969000), @Sydney - Sydney (52656191), @Navith - Mind (75506760) Good luck to all that are participating.
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    You can always change the chat's password after making a co-mainowner. I think to avoid having your chat messed up by another user who you have made a co-main, I would propose something where only the creator of the chat can edit and make changes on the chat (who's ID is attached to the chat's email). This means, that a co-mainowner would be limited with to most features in the edit page of the chat, except being able to promote the chat and change the chat's backgrounds. So changing the chat's description, reseting the chat, etc should be limited to a co-main owner.
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    You're right. And I don't see the need for a brand new power that provides the same function an existing one does. What would be a good idea, though, is making the existing Manage post more user-friendly, which is unlikely — at least for now, until Mobile and HTML5 aren't completed.
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    I understand your idea, but I think It could be just a function of Manage power. I don't think xat's going to make a power just for that. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.
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    This is a really good idea . Especially if you do not have to reveal the password . I mean, thee is always a possibility that when you trust someone with your room next thing you know the password is changed and you don’t have access anymore . So with this suggestion you can make someone main ( get to change bg , make someone owner , change outer ,) just not room reset .
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    Hello everyone, here are my graphics for the contest, good luck to all: D Background: https://i.imgur.com/KlTXJvv.png XatBox: https://i.imgur.com/5Unpg7h.png Color for buttons : #cd0067 My ID: JeanVip (392929728)
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    Yahir (1507197285) Nick: Yahir BUTTON COLOR: #9ec2ff INNER: https://imgur.com/iiBMqPl.jpg OUTER: https://imgur.com/kYollTV.jpg SECOND ENTRY: BUTTON COLOR: #3a87d7 INNER: https://imgur.com/7Zqpy4M.jpg OUTER: https://imgur.com/QPIQ2b8.jpg
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    📆ha🅱️🅱️y emoji day📅🤠👌🤤😭😂
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    Maybe we can take it to DMs and work out something for the near and far future.
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    Yes, sure I can do it and will help me a lot
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    Do you think if I make a prototype on XD and share it via an Adobe shareable link would you try to make it work?
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    My chat uses gsound, every month the sounds change to match the theme of the chat.
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    Only 3 days left until this contest ends. If you plan on entering the contest or submitting another entry, now is the time. You can submit UNLIMITED entries. Good luck to each and every one of you.
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    Then if someone find anything malicious there just torch me. I'm totally responsible for it. I can say this because PLAY STORE DOES NOT ALLOW ANY MALICIOUS APP. Yes, maybe it is easy to do, maybe you can simply use a website. But what if we want real-time notifications? Why not installing a app with less than 2,5mb? Next updates I decided I wont use my APIs ( available in https://github.com/xlaming/xat-api ), I will use xat urls like pow2, powers.php to get all info, if you're saying my API is "not safe". And about the last issue you mentioned, well I'm not trying to get any benefit in xat this is obvious, I do apps like this one just to learn and for fun. In future I can work with that for money. I can confirm, lemme tell you an example which happened to me. I learned the last 6 years coding fan pages for xat, tools, and other things for thirty part, like FB, Twitter, Instagram. And well, I'm getting money with this now, working with I like. The point is, learning is always welcome. Its safe, play store wont allow people to upload malicious app(i'm sure). If they ask me I myself will remove it, I'm not doing it wrong, I have the same rights than any other user. Edit: Note that when you're using it you dont need to use lot of mobile data. Just external api with less than 1kb is loaded.
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    INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #24375f INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #670e0e
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    First Entry . Rhea (303261364) Inner : https://i.imgur.com/VBeL0wC.jpg Outer https://i.imgur.com/tGG17Ep.jpg Credits : Guppy's Advance template abstracted google image . (forgot the link) Second Entry Inner :https://i.imgur.com/ohYJcr8.jpg Outer : https://i.imgur.com/OL1JEww.jpg Credits : Navith's Advanced Template 2 Google Abstract rendered image . google clouds image .
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    JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    I want to seize the moment to suggest a hat:
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    Hi everyone! I make this suggestion, because I would like to see a really cool seriously shark power (not cute) on xat. Since there is no a shark power created on xat or suggested on forum (as far as I know) I decided to suggest this one. I have created/designed a shark power preview to show you the way it should be designed or something like that (I wouldn't mind if xat wants to use some element of the shark one I made, I can make it on Adobe Flash if is needed too) I made the shark one preview using Adobe Photoshop CC. @Cupim @Mihay Preview (Original Image) Click here to see the original image Animated Previews (the animated bg on the second image it's just for fun) Click here to see the original gif | Click here to se the original gif Some Basic Smilies (cool, sleepy, hehe, angry, maybe zoom) Click here to see original images IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE SHARK SMILIES, SUGGEST ONE LEAVING A COMMENT AND I'LL MAKE IT! a Preview of the Project on Adobe Photoshop CC I can add more smileys preview doing something if you want, just let me know I hope you like it, let me know what do you think about leaving a comment below!
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    Hello, I do not want to be bad or annoy anyone. @Brandon , I want you to delete all of the rank, advanced member only, and manually add all who deserve. Example: xat manager, old volunteers - editors - contributors such as manu, stif, christina, nick and others. - (the old and the new ones, all of whom have done or are part of the xat) and be all advanced member fixed as the color of the members to the pawn in xat. (blue). - Or just change the color and add information as in the picture. (what rank is user) Can Be Old Or Retired Volunteer OR old editor, old contribuitor. Rank: Manager xat Ajutor - On My profile, it me! (bau) Rank: Manager xat Troca - On Stiff profile (stif) Rank: Old/retired Volunteer - On Nick or Christina profile or others. Rank: Old/retired Editors - The same Rank: Old/retired Contributors - The same There is no need for each rank, ADV Member is good for all those who have contributed to xat, to forget the mistakes, to forgive everything to be beautiful. Everyone in the profile will be writing what they have done or what they are doing. - Everyone (advanced member) can add Own Picture ? = Yes - Everyone can change the name ? = Yes/No - depends, Admin will decide this. - Advanced member will be rank, who can edit, block or delete posts on fórum? = No Just an idea, why my friend @Marek is a forum member and manager of xat polish help?! (I have the answer below) with my idea, he will be an advanced member, and be a xat manager rank Pomocy (polish language) Are members who deserve to be an advanced member, and are an advanced member who must be members, understand the idea? Is not anything personal or anything related to the rank, it is more clear who is in xat and what he does. (I think no one will be upset about these changes) If you did not understand something, please ask me, I'll respond as soon as possible. Because I have very little free time.
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    Hello, Phin wins first place with her Meaningless entry. Lunala wins second place with her Titan entry. Regards, Social administration
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