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    As King of the Forum, I have decided that we need 10 friends to protect the Dukedom.
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    We have won!! Long live to @Mike the new KING!!!
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    As this Kingdom needs a Lord, here I'm. My friends are @Thuk and @Mike I'll have mercy on those who didn't read the rules. But no mercy for these who can't get irony
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    Yo, I'm Toxic from xat and I design! You can find me @ Help or Graphics Prices: - PCBacks - 1k - Inner BG + Outer BG + Icons/CSS - 2k *Anything else, just ask.* Check out my albums and if you need anything, even graphics advice, feel free to give me a shout on xat! NOW, Before we get to my full album set. Flickr is my OFFICIAL showcase. *Everything in the Official and Newest Albums are up to date and recent* Flickr Newest Latest Old Older Noob
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    The King of the Forum (the forum-game) The Kings and Queens (total of friends needed to protect the Dukedom at the time*) 1 | King Austin, Duke Scott (4*) and Lord Helper Nate. 2 | King Crow, Duke Sydno (5*) and Lord La Fleur. 3 | King Mike, Duchess Lemona (5*) and Lord Austin. The next post after mine, belongs to the Lord. 1. When posting, the Lord must mention two friends. 1.1 The first friend to reply becomes the Duke. 1.2 If anybody else but a friend posts, the Lord loses his title. Then, this person becomes the new Lord, and must mention two friends. 2. The Duke must post and mention ten friends to protect the Dukedom. 2.1 ALL ten friends have to post just after the Duke's post. If so, the Duke can name the true King by a post (mentioning the Kings or Queen's name) 2.2 IF anybody else but the Duke's friends do any post after the Duke, this person can become the new Duke, who would have to mention friends too. (Whoever breaks the chain first can be the Duke) 3. After being named, the King or Queen of the Forum has power to change this rule. 3.1 This means, the King of the Forum can change how many friends the Dukedom needs for protection 3.2 Any ridiculous change is illegitimate of a true King or Queen. Be reasonable! 4. The 3rd person to post after the King or Queen's post, becomes the new Lord. Then we shall find, the new true King of the Forum. Rules a) Dukes cannot mention Lords to protect their Dukedom. b) Dukes cannot name Lords to be Kings. c) Lords and Dukes must mention their friends. Else their lose their titles to whoever posts next. d) The most recent King or Queen cannot be mentioned until a new King/Queen is named. e) If a King or Queen does not post in a two days time (for rule change), the 7th post after the Duke's nomination belongs to the new Lord. Thanks for reading. I created this game. If you're from another forum, and would like to play the King forum-game, feel free to copy!
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    One piece has lots of great soundtracks, share some of your favorites! As for me, I'd go with: and more..
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    Happy birthday @DjCrazy And @Booh (ono) 18/06/2018. Excuse me for delay. .. LOL You´re welcome @Marek
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    You just activated my trap card. @Samuel @Angelo @Thuk @Skatel @iPia
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    NOT SO FAST! @Samuel @Thuk @Skatel @Cupim @Angelo
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    No!!! My friends are lit!!! @Mike @Vincent @denise @Poke @Addict
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    How can you protect the Dukedom without friends!? Thank you Lord, whose title once belonged to me. Here are my friends, that I hope get in symphony with the game terms. @Thuk @Champ @Solange @Angelo @Samuel
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    I am now the new lord! and i mention @Skatel and @Thuk.
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    We have won the war!!! Long live to @Crow our new King!!!!
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    Next week ... SUPERFRUIT - Own all the fruit powers! TURN YOUR PAWN INTO A CARTON OF TROPICANA! SUPERPAWN - Own all the pawn powers! USE EVERY SINGLE PAWN AT ONE TIME! SUPERNAMECOLOR - Own all the name modification powers! GET A RAINBOW NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERSUBSCRIBER - Have over 100000000 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a specialised thank you message from chris i love xattt
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    All 5 of the free backgrounds have been posted, if you'd like a background or any graphic, contact me on the listed chats above. Furthermore, if you would like to comment on my work, feel free to do so.
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    @denise @oj @Rhea @Madses
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    As of early this morning Andy(Also know as Brian) has passed. Some people might of not liked him but he helped me and others more then I can ever repay him. I don't know what else to say but I miss him already 😞.
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    Hi all, Some of you might know me, some of you might not. Either way, I am just writing to let you know that as of today I will be leaving/quitting xat. I have had an amazing 10 years on this platform but life moves on, and so do we. I need to give special thanks to @Addict , @Vale and @Abbie for trusting me to moderate Trade chat for a short period of time. Extra bigger thanks to Bryan and Vale for also being there for me and for being great friends! Special thanks to @Mario for also being there for me and helping me out with a lot of things. Thanks to all the Contests chat family who have trusted me with being Owner a few years ago and even though most of them have quit, they were a big part of my xat journey. Thanks to all the volunteers and even though I do not know most of you, you are always trying to do the best for this platform which is great! Even though improvements need to be made, you guys try to keep things in order which is essential! Finally, thanks to the @Adminfor giving us this website. Spending 10 years on xat is a long time, so you can all understand how important it is. Sorry if I forgot anyone else, but spending so much time on xat makes you forget some people sometimes. As of later today, my current ID (1994) will belong to Aisha so that you guys know this is not me. I have chosen not to transfer my shortname (Home) to any other account so I assume one of you can buy it soon from the shortname section. I might come again every once in a while from my back up account just to say 'Hi' if I have time. Thank you all again and I will miss you xat family. You have been amazing and I will always remember you! And as my favorite quote goes : 'Be kind to one another'. Much Love Carbon - Home (1994)
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    Sigh..... @Mike @denise @Poke @Ravey @Blondie
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    Already have other xats using this power already, xat.com will always be original, but thanks to your suggestion
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    LoL nice idea, but i like another..
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    Piracy is not an anime power look at smileys I guess you don't have any idea what's is exactly anime power xd
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    I doubt that I knew him, but these news sadden me. RIP Andy, I pray that the Lord would forgive your sins and that he caught you in repentance. I hope you knew he exists.
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    The love of my life is gone....i hate waking up to this. RIP you will be missed...
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    For those of you who knew, Andy had been suffering from health problems for a while now. Last Friday at 7:58PM CST, Andy sent us a message. It stated that his health problems had become a little more complicated than before, something we knew had been coming for some time. He informed us that he was in the hospital and things were not looking good. He said that he would be going dark off everything, which is probably why some of you have not heard from him for a while. He informed us that it had been great knowing us and being good buds. Saturday morning, he was released from the hospital, but upon encountering health problems on his own, he chose to re-admit himself later that night. As of Sunday morning, the group of individuals that had been informed about his situation had not heard anything until now. It pains me that this has come, but at 4:41AM CST, I (and others) received a message from Andy's family that he had been taken by the lord earlier that morning.
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