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    Hey hey, can't get enough of cute smilies? Well this Mushroom themed smilies suggestion is for you. I can't make smilies like the way smiley makers do and rather than just explaining what kind of suggestions this is, I just doodled them to show a few examples. Pardon me for my imperfect doodles. mushroom mushmad mushcrying mushsleeping mushlove mushdead/screaming mushsing mushparty mushpirate mushok mushpretty mushnerd - a mushroomback smiley - a yellow smiley look shocked seeing few tiny mushrooms grows on top of it's head The smilies can be change and make them more look like the smiley, though I would still love to see have sparkling eyes on them. Pawns: - a mushroom pawn with a rainbow color - a mushroom pawn with spots, the colors of the spots changes depending on a user's rank/pawns Hug: /hug mushroom - a few mushrooms, flowers and grasses as a background, then a frog showed and jumping off on top of the mushrooms from left to the right, then followed by a hug message after the frog disappears.
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    The new power of the week is... PIZZAS! ID: 498 Name: PIZZAS Status: Limited Smilies: (pizza) (pizzahug) (pizzaeyes) (pizzachew) (pizzab1) (pizzab2) (pizzab3) (pizzab4) (pizzab5) (pizzab6) Pawns: (hat#hw) (hat#hs) (hat#hz) (hat#hl) Store price: 260 xats Wiki page: xat.wiki/Pizzas This power was made by @Cupim Note: This power also comes with a hug which code is /hug pizzas
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    Works on debug chats, at least: /debug fps 5 (slow) /debug fps 30 (somewhat normal) /debug fps 60 (quick) /debug fps 120 (super-quick)
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    Hello This week interviewee is Sandy! You can see on https://xat.chat/xat-sandy/! Thanks!
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    STRAW HAT 2018 @Mihay @Cupim @LaFleur STRAW HAT 2018
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    Happy birth day @Angel @Dimple
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    I sometimes see users wearing the rabbit ears but using them as horns. Maybe we could get some actual devil horns that look evil and sinister.
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    we are working on new suggested hats from users. New hats comming soon
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    They should add the favorite pawn of week power to hats
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    Daniel (Stah) His post sums up the first time we met. However, now we live in the same city and go to the same school! We're still good friends until this day, but the first time we met was probably the only time we hung out sober. #StudentLife (he also occasionally yells my name on campus and waves from afar, kind of like an encouraging parent dropping you off for your first day at school) This summer I will be attending a CS:GO event taking place in London where I'll meet a few more people who don't use xat anymore.
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    And then we have to use xats to keep the pets alive, we run out of xats and are unable to buy and our poor virtual pets die of malnutrition.
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