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    WOW. Admin pretends to listen the community by adding new hats after 2 years of waiting. Makes them pay 500 xats for "10" new permanent hats and actually adds limited pawns too Clap clap. Also, don't forget. When you're down with HTML5, make us pay 10k to be able to "chat" on HTML5. wink wink. I rlly hope one day you will actually come on xat and guess what, only you and roberto online. peace out my B.
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    Predict the result of tonight's Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, including scorers (if you think they will score). This result does not include extra time. Whoever predicts the most accurately will win 2,000 xats. If multiple users correctly predict the same result and/or scorers, they will be entered into a random draw. Entries close when the game starts tonight. You can edit your post up until the game starts. Edits after the game starts will result in disqualification. Prize holder: me. PREDICTIONS:
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    Sloom has reported the new hats are not colourable and we are looking at that, A reason to add hats later is that so community input can be taken into account:
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    AND3 (247287525) Certainly, just like you, I also had my share of suffering and difficult times. I realize now that by going through these challenges, I not only surpassed them, I grew stronger, I became better acquainted with myself, I understood the nature of pain, and with this experience I share, I help you and others to overcome
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    *reviving this post* sorry guys, the images are so small click them please!
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    Well, I could cloud your heads with falsities by saying something generic like "you can do whatever you want to do, be whatever you want to be, and accomplish whatever you want to accomplish", but I'd be lying. I can, however, relay to you the truth. The truth is that while life will kick you down and constantly beat on you every chance it gets, there is still hope. Hope that you can, once again, deliver a huge blow to life and get right back up on your feet. Hope that you can recover. Hope is something that cannot be taken away, no matter how tough thins may seem. Hope is what we fight with when all else is lost. With this hope, you can live a happy, peaceful life without ever getting knocked down by life's hardships. So take that hope, that kindle still burning within you, and tell yourself, "I will persevere". Just like that, you've overcome the biggest obstacles of all: fear and doubt. Regname: Aatrox / ID: (100047)
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    Life is as it is, you could stop and imagine how it could be or you can stand up and make your dreams come true, no one will do that for you. Do the best you can, be the best you can and never forget those who were always by your side, they won't forget you either. Stif (1997)
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    First of all, thank you Mia for this lovely idea and Danns for making it happen. Our community definitely needs more kindness, positivity and love. In a world where poverty, homelessness and hate is so common, it is important for others to be kind and think about how others might be feeling. Sometimes you really don’t know what someone is going through and your actions can really have an impact. This could be something you’ve said, something you’ve posted or even something you’ve physically done. For me, I think it’s important to spread kindness and love to others with what I say. This can be as easy as me saying “I like your outfit today” to someone or “Thank you for always being there” or even just a simple “I love you.” Doing things like joining organizations for good causes, giving random acts of kindness, helping others in times of need, treating others with respect and love or speaking up about matters that are important to me are all things that make a positive impact on myself and others. I genuinely like helping and making other people happy and I think it’s important to often reflect on yourself and ask “Was I treating people nicely? Could I have done something better for someone? Could I have offered support somewhere else?” and then improve on your actions in the future. Now, enjoy this uplifting video. <3 xoxo
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    Power information: 497 Power name: HATS Price: 500 xats. Power required: Hat Admins have decided to hear everyone's out in this poll and have created the power HATS. Here's the poll and the list or type of hats that were added: The list of current limited hat codes for the power HATS, which can can be found here: https://test.xat.chat/latest/ and in the screenshot. New hat codes work with Everypower. Example: (Hat#ErC) would be Everypower in Ruby with the Crown hat code. Preview of the UNLIMITED hat code: The current unlimited available hat codes: hat#G - Sunglass || hat#C - Crown hat || hat#P - Pirate hat To add to this further, You may now color your Crown's hat code along with several other hat codes which @SlOom pointed out to the @Admin. Screenshot: How to color your hat code: (hat#C#r) would be red crown. For Everypower: (hat#EbC#r) would be red Everypower crown along with your set pawn color. Replace "r" with the color code you want, eg: #ffffff More unlimited will be added during the days/weeks to come. These hat codes are permanent. [Unless stated to be change in the future]. Good work to all Smiley Makers and Testers.
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    Hi all, Over the next 30 days, I am hosting 3 different contests that serve to spread light and positivity to the xat community. Each contest will have a different question and will last 10 days. The rules are plain and simple: please no negative remarks!! Be positive and genuine. The winners will be elected based on how genuine and impactful the message is to the community. Anything that feels forced or scripted will not be effective for this contest. Please submit your response with your xat regname and xat ID. Feel free to reply to comments, adding on to what they say or just offering friendly advice/tips. Invite all of your friends!! QUESTION FOR CONTEST 1: What would you say or do to make a positive impact on yourself or to someone you want to support? Prizes: Contest 1: Purple power Contest 2: Namecolor Contest 3: Namegrad Prize holder: @Sydno Judges: @Addict, @Angelo, @miaa Deadlines: Contest 1: June 4th @ 11:59pm EST Contest 2: June 14th @11:59pm EST Contest 3: June 24th @ 11:59pm EST Thank you @Dann for bringing up the idea and providing the prizes. Thank you @Sydno, @Addict, @Angelo for helping. Have fun, I am looking forward to your responses! If you have any questions, please pm me on here or mail me on xat: nature (221192). 🌻🌻🌻🌻
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    Inner: Outer: https://i.imgur.com/1OS0Q7h.png https://i.imgur.com/5YjdgBt.png Button Color: #13152c
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    Well done to @Christina, @Leandro and @xPaulo for getting the correct result! It looked doubtful at half-time. The prize goes to @Leandro as he had Mané as a goalscorer. Congratulations! Please find me on Help chat.
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    Rip everyone who said that Salah was going to score goal
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    Encrypt (68584578) Everybody goes through obstacles in life. You may feel like you are alone, but you're not. There are others going through those same obstacles as you. Hopefully, you can find those people and befriend them as you have common interests, they'll be great friends with you someday. Do not let anything in life stop motivating you. Ignore your haters. If you are hated for being a better person, then the jokes on them. I may not win anything at all, but I just want to wish good luck to others who have entered. Always keep moving forward in life. Never stop pushing for success.
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    We were also told the xavi would get alot more.... Where is it? We were told broken powers would be fixed. I like new hats but think a 2nd power was not needed.
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    Always think positive, life can go up, life can go down but never stop trying, never stop believing because secret of our success is that we never give up, light always comes to the end of the tunnel. Watch the video and NEVER GIVE UP !
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    The xat's value propsition focused on making our own chat (hmm), and the smiley universe, this make the different, therefore, my suggestions are three: It would be * "Make your own chat and Make new friends" * "The smiley universe" * "Enjoy the smiley universe"
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    "Life is all about being true to yourself and what you believe in" Ravey (1488806750)
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    Yeah (10000090) do not give up and go on. The stones that today hinder your walk tomorrow will grace your road.
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    To start with there will be 3 hats, but more will be added. At least 10 in all, maybe more.
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    Did the community ask for new hats or a new power?
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    J0NI (2014) Hello.This is my message for all : Tell everyday to those we love that you love them. Do not take any moment. life deserves to live it!!!
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    Blacky (691320709) To have a positive impact, the only thing that you have to do is to be yourself. Help the others without receiving anything in exchange, but especially, the positive impact, is to be as you are. In my case, I'm volunteer of Spain Red Cross. I'm sanitary in emergencies. Also I have a job at a hospital, as sanitary, but there they pay me. Be in Red Cross, make me be a happier person, because I try to save a life, without receiving anything in exchange. But, it is not the important thing. In my case, there is not positives impact, is to be more humanitarian as you are. In the world of the emergencies, there aren't negative things, because you know that all you've done is to save a life.
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    Using the hat code single was broken due to it requiring the new power hats, it was quickly reverted back and fixed today. User @Disadvantage pointed it out to me yesterday. Tested with @SlOom as well earlier today for confirmation. Try the chat code out (hat#z) and see if its fixed. You will need to be on the latest chat version - clear cache out if necessary.
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    UCL Winners for third year in a row. We are the champions of Europe .
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    There already is a way to tell if a user is on mobile, so having it say "mobile user" wouldn't be necessary, unless you were wanting it to change from "online" to "online mobile" or something..? this is for flash (obviously) this is mobile/html5
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    You'll boost your chances of winning if you can guess the correct goalscorers! Otherwise, you'll have to hope that everyone else who predicted the same scores guesses the wrong names.
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    I don't think we should give a special "rank" just because they have reported bugs for mobile. Because if we do, we also need a rank for "html5 tester", so no. The page that Leandro has stated is enough to thanks the users for their time and the bugs they reported. This is just my opinion after all.
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    3x1 Real Madrid winning. Crax (585982062) EDIT: Isco (2) and Ronaldo (1) for Real Madrid. Mané (1) for Liverpool.
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    :-* <33333333333333333333
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    why make that a power when you could just photoshop it and put it on your chat yourself (besides the fact xat might not like logo modifications but just an idea)
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    I was always told there are two types of people in this world One that find excuses and one who find a way.
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    Inner: https://i.imgur.com/DrNxsaT.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/enAVyEc.png Button color: #FFFF00
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    Hi.. I do not know how much I can serve but I made a sketch of some "smilies" hats, some of them look nice, there's the king, the queen the Mexican(color reddish brown and red), Angel2 eyes blue light, Six2 eyes red light, Papa and King (scepter) Straw (sword that open) , Wildwest2, Turban, Sombrero Spanish, Zorro, Turkey. they're just some, I promise I'll do other if you like them..the name I do not know what to give him, i gave SmiliesHATS for now.. I want to make many others, I accept suggestions of any kind, hats scepter and others things Hat: i don't know NO HUG.
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    Not enough adding powers to the current power hat, yh a new power is needed
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    well better if we can get boosted (hat) power or if we can get some more functions with that hats power
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    Honestly this is coming mostly from my POV. If you ever feel like your life means nothing and you’re just ready to give up on everything, remember, there’s always someone out there who will listen. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your issues, texting friends and family works too. You’re not alone. Just because you may think you’re hopeless or you shouldn’t exist, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t care about you. I mean, we were all brought here for a reason, right? We were all destined for something. Nobody can tell you that you aren’t important. There will always be someone out there. Even though it might not happen overnight, things will get better. Life is hard yes, we’re not perfect as humans, but everyone has a purpose. Besides, there’s other people who are going through the same thing you are. Life is too short, so always try and make the most of it while you still can! Snooze (140483355)
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    zedd 144541588 Have faith in yourself, and pray for forgivness Never let your dream be destroyed no one can stop you from dreaming live everyday like it's your last day try hard to make your dream come true love yourself lol thx
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    What would you say or do to make a positive impact on yourself or to someone you want to support? I'd tell myself or someone else who is dealing with something very serious, whether it be bankrupt, divorce, break up, or personal issues, there is no one in this world that you can't talk to, there is no one in this world that can stop you from lifting yourself up, dusting yourself off, and going back out and making yourself a little better than what you were the day before. Don't let these obstacles stop you. We live in a world where there is billions of people. We all feel alone but we're not. Just make that effort to go out and experience life. <3
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    Come on xat they said. It will be fun, they said.
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    I am going to use my own discretion and close this. Ideally we want constructive and appropriate criticism on this forum base, something most of the replies have not been. And I am sure the OP wanted that rather than some of the harassment he has received both on the forum base and off. I want this to be fair for everyone regardless of the circumstances. Sadly some people may not be able to see that. With that said though, its disappointing the majority of replies here have been removed by our moderation team (vols included) even though they all have been correctly removed. No one has done anything wrong here - and worked within the tools/rules they have been instructed to do so. The rules are not here to stifle conversations but to try and improve them, something that's not really worked in this case so we will have an internal discussion about moderation practices in the future, nothing may change though as we discuss it. Threads like this are difficult to get the right balance, and with that said I think the moderation team have done overall a good job. Any further questions, feel free to reach out to me.
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    Hello @Sara https://forum.xat.com/forum/28-new-power-testing/ - New Power Testing section is where you can check and get updates of the new powers each week. From there you can inquire more information about the new released powers. The new power this week is called Guineapig. https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/ - Suggestions section is where you can suggest powers or any ideas to help more improve xat. And before making any suggestions, I would suggest to read first the guide below: We would love to hear lovely suggestions from you soon. Good luck!
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    INTERIOR http://i.imgur.com/NL2q4EW.jpg EXTERIOR http://i.imgur.com/pTJUABY.jpg Button color: (# 401729)
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    I want to share more pics! (my mobile phone)
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    That's an amazing picture! And thanks for the link as well - I'd love to check it out.
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