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    Hey! I wanna show you some of my Avatar's for Steam i made. Have fun! Avatar 1: ''Supreme Themed'' Avatar 2: ''Venom Themed'' Avatar 3: ''Red Glow Themed'' Avatar 4: ''Blue Glow Themed'' Avatar 5: ''Cartoon-Venom Themed'' Avatar 6: ''Yellow Glow Themed'' Avatar 7: ''Captain America/Venom Themed'' Avatar 8: ''Saitama Themed''
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    INNER: OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/C2KMSbY.png https://i.imgur.com/9vzX0by.png Button Color: #FFA500
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    General contest information: To help in the promotion of my new chat Shop, I am in need of a new background. Requirements and limitations: You must make two backgrounds: an inner and an outer as well as the links to them. You must provide a matching button color (state color code). The inner background (outer is optional) should include the Trade logo. I am looking for mainly a dark-colored background (preferably dark blue). Don’t make backgrounds too bright or too dark, or in other words, hurtful to eyes. If you are making CSS, please message me the code. CSS may be used for minor modifications. How to submit: To submit your entry, reply with pictures of the backgrounds along with the links TO the images. Each user may submit only 1 entry. If you submitted a background that is not to your satisfaction, edit your reply with the new backgrounds and links to the new backgrounds. The deadline to submit entries will be on May 27 @ 10PM EST. Prize information: 1st place: 5000 xats 2nd place: 2000 xats 3rd place: 1000 xats Prize holder: @LaFleur Judges: myself along with @Skatel and @Lemona.
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    Hello, Background contest for xat Social. Details: • Must make both an inner background and outter to enter • Must look professional • No specific color scheme • Entry must be posted here • Must contain the word social on one of the backgrounds Prize information: First place: 2,500 xats Second place: 1,500 xats Third place: 1,000 xats Prize holder: @muffins Deadline May 23rd - two week time period (extended) Regards, Social administration
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    This was most likely made this way as the html5 chat will be replacing the flash chat at some point in the future. So it is redirecting to the usual "xat.com/groupname" link, rathan than "xat.com/groupname?new", which is temporary. With the next html5 chat version you'll be able to use the /go command, this should make it easier to switch between chats quickly.
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    inner: https://i.imgur.com/Uk0LvZ8.png outer: https://i.imgur.com/dK4yMBF.png Button color: #000033 J0NI (2014)
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    http://prntscr.com/jg2r13 I'm looking forward on how this would be made into smilies. I could give a few examples maybe: a smiley eating s'more in one go, two smilies eating s'mores together, a pastry chef holding a tiny tray with a s'more on it. We would love to hear then a non-kawaii suggestion from you.
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    We're also tired of you complaining about kawaii powers. Think about it. The more you complain and whine, the more kawaii powers get released.
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    All rights reserved. (for information about my background send a private message)
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