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    I was thinking about a power that could add a small image to replace the old house in the home box. I made an example that should explain it more clearly Note: My gfx skills are not #Stronk
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    The little house is symbolic for homepage, and it's easily recognised and understood whatever the language. I quite like that signifier/signified relationship, and the consistency across the website. In terms of customization, I'm more inclined towards the Home Button Color idea.
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    Currently taking requests? No Inner Backgrounds More graphics, including but not limited to outer backgrounds, xatspaces and banners, may be added in the future.
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    Hi guys!! I designed a type of power Primitive or Caveman2, to be honest I do not like it very much, maybe some smilie is wrong but looking in the distance, it seems good, is a kind of sins, like the other two Mafia and Egyptian 2 I have a little risky (too much ), the first smile laugh and have lance primitive, w1 beard and differente lance, then the second and the other cinese with the club maybe if they hit the same on the hand can be nice, cinese w1 with skull, the hair curls is brown-colored and changes its expression, because he is electrocuted with a hammer as well as the female with the bone, it becomes worse expression and says damn with the hand vein they are just cues... the female rasta, torch man without 1 teeth with the plant in the hole, w1 with beard only and torch Mr Cupim eat the big chicken and smiles showily, Dinosaur with the claw , where it moves the same as indicating you, and move the tail, inlove large eye brows hello 1 brow with style heart sdance , LoveDino where the hands together putting the dino kisses the smilie, the tribal chief with the lance of bones of the goat.. damn crest man , cooking meat style GOTH8 moves the lips blow and the meat have a smoke like thanksgiving, and also the back Bone female and male.. HUG: A Cavern dark, where the cavern man with the torch makes light See ya...
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    Oh god, I love your job! Why have you never done one for the chat Ayuda?
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    INNER(1): OUTER(1): Button Color: #00EEEE INNER(2) OUTER(2): Button Color: #00B2EE
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    entry 2 inner: entry 2 outer:
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    All rights reserved. (for information about my backgrounds send a private message)
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    Home Button The Home Button has been around forever. We all have our own nameglows colors ect. But none of these colors can match that light blue home button at the end of our name. - Why not change its color? Or Give it a Glow? - -
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