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    Amazing work, I really like all of them, hopefully we'll see more in the future.
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    new suggestion of powers Some example: (pahi) - (paSnack) - (paHot) - https://imgur.com/iFwKyt7 (paTime) - Please comment what you think of the idea, and say other smiles that can be added.
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    You call a power that came out for 5k xats being 30k 'recovery'? I call that abuse. People are making the power unavailable for many users for their own personal gain. I don't think it would hurt to release more of them.
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    I will meet this summer @Madses in July. I'm gonna show him the Romanian dank side, low-life, the gypsy land and how do I live in Romania lol. We are gonna have a lot of fun if you know what I mean owo uwu. We are gonna eat traditional romanian food (bread with salt) yum yum.
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    Purple went down when xat gave the other pawns a stronger TOPMAN effect. Not just because Ruby came out. If purple still had the same topman effect as everypower (as it was before) I'd more than happily pay 24500 xats for it like old times. Big went up from, like Christina said, people on multiple accounts trying to raise the price and not many being out there. I'd say release 1000 bigs at 10k xats each, just to lower the price a bit and give more people a chance to obtain it, people are buying at 30k which is pretty insane.
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    Thank you very much for trusting me to make pcback for you and your wife!!!
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