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    So i recently won a Facebook contest and decided to host a little giveaway here on the forums. I will be given away 800 xats between two winners, and @Thuk will be giving away his power Hippos. How to participate in the contest? Easy. Reply to this post with your xat registered name and ID. Done! you're alreading participating. The deadline will be this next Sunday: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/530469/my-countdown Make sure to claim your prize at Saludo or xat test. If the winners doesn't contact me within the first 24 hours, new winners will be chosen. DO NOT use other accounts to increase your chances of winning. EDIT: Thanks to @Dann for donating 1200 xats for the contest. Now there will be 5 winners: The first two winners will win 400 xats each, the third and fourth winners will get 600 xats each, and the fith one will win a Hippos.
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    Hi all! It's been a while since I hosted a contest on xat! Since I had xats to spare, I decided to host a giveaway of the new power HIPPOS! I bought 3 of the new power and decided to give 1 of each to 3 lucky users on the forum! You can view the countdown here, and the results will be chosen by this generator! The rules for this contest are simple: Reply to this thread with your ID + regname Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified After the countdown has reached 0, I will reply to this thread stating the 3 winners, and then they will have 24 hours to contact me to claim their prize! (I am most commonly found @ Game & Help chats) If for some reason a winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen. I will also post if I have successfully given the winners their prize.
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    A new feature has been added: Notifications If you join to a xat HTML5 chat, the browser will now ask you whether you accept xat.com notifications or not. Upon agreeing, you will now receive browser notifications for every message sent in Main / Private Chat / Private Message, if the browser is minimized or if you're on another tab! This also works offline now! Meaning if you haven't got any xat tab open, you will still get a notification. This might not work fully yet for all browser, see bottom of the post. By default this is set to: Private Chat (this includes PM’s too) If you also want Notifications for messages sent on Main-Chat, simply use this macro: $notify=all (This will be a setting in future.) If you want to disable this feature, you can do that in your Settings (Settings are in your profile). You can also set whether you want this for Friends only or not. ______________________________________________________________________ Mentions: You can also get notifications for keywords you set. For instance, if someone writes “lafleur”, you will be notified about that, regardless of settings. To add keywords, use this macro: $mentions=lafleur,xat,help,html5 (example) Please note, Notifications will be improved with further options/settings in future. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback regarding this feature, please let us know. Thanks. See the rest of the recent changelog here. Known issues:
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    Welcome our newest moderator: @LaFleur. We're very glad to have you as a part of the forum staff and are confident you'll do a good job keeping things clean here.
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    Price received http://prntscr.com/iyln5f thanks to all for the contest and for the prize!!
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    Good morning/evening all, i wanna set an update for today's contest, we gonna have First place reward, for second place and third place. 1st Place: 3000 xats 2nd Place: 1000 xats 3rd Place: 500 xats Price Holder: @Sydno Judges: @Sydno , @Masha , @Sangoku , @iHyyrulian , @Shizuo
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    Hi guys!! I designed a type of power Primitive or Caveman2, to be honest I do not like it very much, maybe some smilie is wrong but looking in the distance, it seems good, is a kind of sins, like the other two Mafia and Egyptian 2 I have a little risky (too much ), the first smile laugh and have lance primitive, w1 beard and differente lance, then the second and the other cinese with the club maybe if they hit the same on the hand can be nice, cinese w1 with skull, the hair curls is brown-colored and changes its expression, because he is electrocuted with a hammer as well as the female with the bone, it becomes worse expression and says damn with the hand vein they are just cues... the female rasta, torch man without 1 teeth with the plant in the hole, w1 with beard only and torch Mr Cupim eat the big chicken and smiles showily, Dinosaur with the claw , where it moves the same as indicating you, and move the tail, inlove large eye brows hello 1 brow with style heart sdance , LoveDino where the hands together putting the dino kisses the smilie, the tribal chief with the lance of bones of the goat.. damn crest man , cooking meat style GOTH8 moves the lips blow and the meat have a smoke like thanksgiving, and also the back Bone female and male.. HUG: A Cavern dark, where the cavern man with the torch makes light See ya...
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    Hello today wanted to try something in HTML5 and I asked a user to give me PC when he did the PC appeared the way I showed in the screen.
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    The power of this week is HIPPOS ID: 489 Name: Hippos Status: Limited Category: User power Price: Unknown Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Hippos This power was suggested by @FrozenZuke
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    This power could be better if in the smilie (HPPOOPFX#) you could write at least 4 letters. Like hippo kiss
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    Happy Birthday Page, I wish much Health, Peace and joy in your life <3
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    Feliz aniversário princesa Muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida, bj!
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    The scrollbar style has been temporary removed for now because of Firefox. It will be added back later in the near future.
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    Happy birthday page ! muitos anos de vida, saúde e felicidade
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    Hello Everyone, i'd like to make a contest for my gaming team named Five Elements. We are a Serbian League of Legends team and we will like to have a Logo for our online competitions, we have a basic idea for you guys, BUT it needs to be inspired by our current design (PS: It doesn't mean you guys can't have another idea you wanna show us, but the colors chosen on the current logo need to stay the same). Rules: - You must include your ID and your regname with the Logo. - Prize will be automatically rewarded(within 24 hours, you can claim your prize on Chat). - Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or you will be disqualified. - Only one person will win. Price: 4500 xats. (Donations: Sangoku 1300 xats, Sydno 2000 xats, '' AnonymousDonation '' 1000 xats, Shizuo 200 xats) Price Holder: @Sydno Judges: @Sydno , @Masha , @Sangoku , @iHyyrulian , @Shizuo Deadline: 30th March, 12pm CET. Dimensions: 510x510 Current Logo: (Ps: If you guys have any questions you can mail me here) Thanks for entering and good luck!
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    Received my prize, thank you all for the contest!!
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    Hello All! I slept in so i'm gonna give the results now so you would still have 24hours to claim your reward @Sydno on xat.com/chat 1st Place: @Dazer , my team leader loved your first design from the first time you posted ( xDazR (61712985) ) 2nd Place: @xPaulo , your last logo looks pretty sick, great design man :3 ( Kumii (585659086) ) 3rd Place: @UbyDuby , overhall great designs man, first one look pretty good ( ubyydubyy8 (1480300268) ) Thx for particating to this contest, great designs, have a good day all.
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    That opinion is fine, but you should also provide constructive criticism, so future powers can be improved too.
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    A spin on Molly! very nice. For those that want a little xat history. There use to be a "official" and then "unofficial" chat called home. The main owner there was Molly. She loved hippos. Hense...The hippo smiley/kiss was born and named Molly.
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    A new good feature I like it, and I have got more ideas for it. 1- In case I want all people to send me private messages not just friends when window is minimized, an easy tip regarding this case is to create a macro to allow me and other people to block spammers! maybe like ($notify=Username,block) if you ever get overwhelmed with annoying messages from unwanted users just block them from only private messages! 2- Showing whether you're (offline, busy or available, don't disturb) statues. ($notify=all,busy) 3- Adding sounds for notifications, or set up to two sounds to differentiate between private messages and main/public messages. [ ($notify=all,sound) for all type of messages | ($notify=pvtmsg,sound) for private only messages.] 4- Showing a brief or a short portion of the message being sent privately to you on your home screen as to see whether it's worth replying to or not! 5- Notification sound when you're (kicked, banned, or disconnected from the chat) 6- The @Admin brought up a good idea here which is what's your say about having your name included as one of the words that you're interested in (list of words or something like that), so that you're informed of anyone that mentions your name or your registered name getting you involved in a discussion whether a pleasant/unwanted discussions! 7- A notification sound when a power gets released so that when I'm not on xat I can set a macro that within for example an hour I should be there to purchase a new power release or something! If you looked down below my post here you will see an idea with regard to this seventh idea, it was a suggestion of a power named (Alarm), where I find this is the right time for this idea to be implemented! Ex ($notify=sound,duration) meaning within the specified duration shoot me the specified sound like a warning sound. The idea of (Alarm) 8- As to another thing that I see it probably is important is get notified about when to promote your chat, there are times you're not recommended to promote the chat at, the times when dozens of other promoted chats are there where a promoted chat around this time won't get much of users compared to different times which there ain't much of chat rooms being promoted along with yours! 9- This feature would work for contests chat groups, just think about it, how can I have the users on my chat notified about when the contest begins also according to each country's timezone, a notification of who's the winner of the contest and stuff like so! That's how far I could think of by now, if I got more ideas I would post them here so, to be continued!
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    Page, mais um ano de vida, uma nova página em branco para escrever uma linda poesia. Felicidades, juízo, e tudo de bom que houver nessa vida.
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    Parabéns Jo, tudo de bom ... Vi Vi Vi Vi Vi Vi Vi
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    hey peñalosa feliz cumpleaños :v
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    Finally! I was waiting for this thread for too long. You are a great designer, keep up the good work!
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    Very cute, good job :3
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    Wiki is up! https://xat.wiki/Hippos
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    Funny Smile Power!
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    Some of my works... ID: 78688109 Thank you for viewing.
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    logo 1 logo 2 logo 3 logo 4 logo 5 logo 6 logo7 logo 8 logo9 J0NI(2014)
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    Mi entrada: Logo 1: Logo (3D): Logo 3: Logo 4: Logo 5: Logo 6: Logo (7): xDazR (61712985)
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    I joined in xat in 2009/2010. I went into a talk called CH I remember that I had about 4 rooms, as 200 users connected daily, it was amazing to meet people at that time, xat seemed very interesting to me more than Facebook or any other Social Network. I did not know very well the community of xat to this I mean how it worked, the volunteers, the contributors, the tickets, the official rooms. . I am currently in conflict, I never thought to leave, I am here since I am a little girl. I think that most of us here feel disappointed with how the circumstances have been handled, Currently xat is dying slowly, let's talk about some important points here: 1. Interface (MOBILE/HTML5) Currently we have been told that they are working hard on HTML5, they have shown us some results, but I do not think they are showing us what we expect. Unfortunately, the user reaction to both mobile and the HTML5 platform was not very positive when we heard that the HTML5 version would be launched, we imagined a xat without the need to use Flash, but at the same time a new design would be added, something more modern and less boring than the current one. Every year social networks try to make a change in its interface by improving it and updating it so as not to be left behind, they always give something interesting to the consumer to see. 2. Chat Sincerely the chat rooms are good by itself, but I think they would be better without so many annoying protections that many users do not understand and go to complain to help every day, it would be good to add a proxy filter or some other strategy that is simpler and not so frustrating. In the official chats I think that the ideas that managers give should be taken into account (some are not, I will not say name), debated and in a future applied. 3. Tickets No user is happy with the delay of tickets, in fact some volunteers have mentioned that they prefer to use chat to help since it is more direct and in real time. Whenever this topic is touched the answer is '' Be patient, we are working on this '', I do not blame the volunteers, as I mentioned earlier Chelly '' They do not get paid, if they do it's a test power for 100 replies or so. '' They do the best they can when they can. 4. Powers 5. Voice 6. Motivation I think nobody is currently motivated to stay for a long time, unless they aspire to a position, for the same 5 reasons mentioned above. Users have suggested many ways to motivate people to stay: Most of the games might be entertaining to stay. But the users do not feel really heard, many want to help improve xat and they have to be requesting that they be allowed, I think that everyone who wants to help should be given the opportunity. In conclusion I think that most users feel somewhat disappointed to expect more than what is received. . But this has a solution. @Spawn Thank you very much for opening this debate!
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    These things you mentioned also happen in other chats, and not 'just at Flirt'. The users who do it should be punished rather than the chatroom (or chatrooms). If you don't like the Flirt chatroom, then simply don't go there. It's not like you're forced to go and stay there, and you can always ignore users or even leave the chatroom if you don't feel comfortable. Let's say the Flirt chatroom gets deleted, they'd just find another place to go and continue their normal activities.
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    I like this, it reminds me of old times c=
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