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    I joined in xat in 2009/2010. I went into a talk called CH I remember that I had about 4 rooms, as 200 users connected daily, it was amazing to meet people at that time, xat seemed very interesting to me more than Facebook or any other Social Network. I did not know very well the community of xat to this I mean how it worked, the volunteers, the contributors, the tickets, the official rooms. . I am currently in conflict, I never thought to leave, I am here since I am a little girl. I think that most of us here feel disappointed with how the circumstances have been handled, Currently xat is dying slowly, let's talk about some important points here: 1. Interface (MOBILE/HTML5) Currently we have been told that they are working hard on HTML5, they have shown us some results, but I do not think they are showing us what we expect. Unfortunately, the user reaction to both mobile and the HTML5 platform was not very positive when we heard that the HTML5 version would be launched, we imagined a xat without the need to use Flash, but at the same time a new design would be added, something more modern and less boring than the current one. Every year social networks try to make a change in its interface by improving it and updating it so as not to be left behind, they always give something interesting to the consumer to see. 2. Chat Sincerely the chat rooms are good by itself, but I think they would be better without so many annoying protections that many users do not understand and go to complain to help every day, it would be good to add a proxy filter or some other strategy that is simpler and not so frustrating. In the official chats I think that the ideas that managers give should be taken into account (some are not, I will not say name), debated and in a future applied. 3. Tickets No user is happy with the delay of tickets, in fact some volunteers have mentioned that they prefer to use chat to help since it is more direct and in real time. Whenever this topic is touched the answer is '' Be patient, we are working on this '', I do not blame the volunteers, as I mentioned earlier Chelly '' They do not get paid, if they do it's a test power for 100 replies or so. '' They do the best they can when they can. 4. Powers 5. Voice 6. Motivation I think nobody is currently motivated to stay for a long time, unless they aspire to a position, for the same 5 reasons mentioned above. Users have suggested many ways to motivate people to stay: Most of the games might be entertaining to stay. But the users do not feel really heard, many want to help improve xat and they have to be requesting that they be allowed, I think that everyone who wants to help should be given the opportunity. In conclusion I think that most users feel somewhat disappointed to expect more than what is received. . But this has a solution. @Spawn Thank you very much for opening this debate!
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    1. Produce powers on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis so that we aren't forced to buy things like 'Cups' 2. Do not produce any more functional powers unless they are also supported by the HTML5 client. Implementing suggestion 1 will help this suggestion be adhered to. 3. Have ID auctions more often, as IDs are the only things that are not devaluing every day. Also, when having these auctions, do not intentionally cater to big-spenders such as Stif, who will just sell back the IDs you want at a marked-up price. 4. Stop making every single edit of the client in to a power. The recent changes to scroll should not have been a power, but just a nice feature. Suggestion 1 will help this, too. 5. Revamp the volunteer team, or do away with it and hire (yes, with real money, Chris has plenty of it) a support team so that customers are not left waiting for weeks, and sometimes months. 6. Hire a team of web-developers to complete the HTML5 chat, as we've been waiting for it for the past three years, and it's in a laughably bad state. (again, Chris has plenty of money, he can do this)! 7. Fix major bugs that have been reported in the Bug Tracker. Most notably, the inability to join on a toon without rapidly clicking the Sign In button, and the ability to bypass a users locked account by logging in via mobile. These bugs are very trivial to fix, but have a major impact in safety and new user growth. 8. Hire a team to repair and complete the mobile apps. 9. Perhaps re-designing the website will give it a fresh modern look? Considering the current one is just a purchased template. 10. Market xat better on social media. Meaningless tweets such as the example below are a very common type of Tweet on the xat Twitter, and they make the website look stupid. I will say, though, that whoever runs the xat Facebook does a very good job. These are 10 things that xat could do to improve itself. It took me a few minutes to compile the list, it'd be good if @Admin could use at least one of these ideas, but after years of no change being done here, I don't have much hope.
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    pls stay on topic thanks if u think a post is bad (no, not bad as in doesn't agree with your opinion) u can click the nifty "report post" button and carry on. and i highly doubt he deleted it on his own (as the other post was deleted as well, so prob removed by mods)
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    Some of my designs These are some of my designs I made ~ JeanGraphics. I hope you like it
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    Here I will put some of my designs so that they know a little more about my hobby. I hope you like it. Bg's Chat box
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    Hello forum users. I am glad to have your attention today as I present to you a brand new idea for the community. An HTML5 based client is slowly becoming into reality as time goes on. Thanks to that, I have formulated a prototype that will improve the experience of the common user on xat. This will be presented on the point of view of a main owner, to show as many options as possible. Notice: This prototype is in BETA, and therefore is not the ideal finished product. Unfortunately, I couldn't upload this to adobe for everyone to see via link, so I uploaded a GIF into Imgur which you will see bellow. xat Chatbox (BETA V0.1) Includes: A clean interface. Revamped user profile. Availability to connect to social media. A new way to change pools. Changed the position of PC, Users, and Friends tabs. Please reply with your input, whether it be good or bad. Please do not go off topic, and also make sure to follow the guidelines of the forum.
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    Can't take this question seriously anymore... Sorry @ OP I personally don't have much to add on how I feel about xat... But as we all can see, it's declining and admins are struggling to keep it afloat. What needs and can be done to fix it is right there in front of everyone. It is just a matter of listening to the users.
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    I feel disappointed about xat, a vibrant community vanished in what is akin to a virtual white-flight event. I also feel hopeless for xat, the HTML5 client is laughably bad. If that's the future of the website, then God help us.
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    Hi @kyle1985 welcome in xat forum, enjoy here.
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    I haven't really been on xat in the past few months and I don't really intend to use it much at all in the future. There's not really anything to keep me interested in the website besides a few people I talk to, but most of them use Discord which imo is better than xat rn. Not that I'm saying that xat is bad, but I don't really see anything that would make me want to stay. The powers seem repetitive and rushed. I'm not saying that the Smiley makers aren't doing a good job, but they need to be given more time to create these powers to actually make users want to buy them powers and not just to keep everypower. The ticket system is meh. I'm not blaming the volunteers at all here, if anything they deserve some credit for sticking around despite xat being in this dying state. I'm pretty sure someones thinking "volunteers only care about the title" but let's be real here, who the cares about a title on a site that's slowly dying? No one. Alright, someone probably does, but there's really nothing motivating about having the title besides a few people being more friendly towards you lol. As for ticket delays, put yourselves in the volunteers shoes. They don't get paid, if they do it's a test power for 100 replies or so. Instead of having people volunteer their time to answer tickets with no motivation whatsoever, hire some actual staff who would get paid and I'm sure that would solve a number of problems with the ticket system. As for HTML5 coming out, if I'm entirely honest I'm not really interested in that or expect too much to be gained from it. I get that people worked hard and even the admins seem somewhat interested, but I don't see it keeping xat alive in its current state. If this was decided a bit earlier, then it would probably have been more effective in keeping previous users, but now it seems a little bit late. If you're lucky it could help bring in some new users and make xat more modern, but I guess you'll have to wait and see. tl;dr - discord is pretty cool
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    i feel like admin is running it into the ground by wasting his time making flash changes and not putting 110% of his effort into the development of the html5 client if admin took his own website more seriously he'd have a chance to bring back the 2012 vibes
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    It's not that powers are 'soaring above purple', it's that purple has been heavily devalued (what is it on now, like 16k?). Purple is nearing 10 years old, and there's a lot of better pawn powers on sale. Furthermore, it's unlimited, meaning it would devalue naturally as more and more purples are 'spawned'. Purple is not a good power to measure the state of the economy with. Use something like Gold (which is also losing its value).
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    INNER OUTER Cor do botão: # 4DE4FE =========================================================================================================================== INNER OUTER Button Colour: #31CC04
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    I would see this ending up as an epic power. With the current state of xat’s economy, I really don’t think that another epic power is a smart idea. Not only this, but users who have access to Everypower can use the blueman version of everypower, which kind of eliminates the need for a blue version of a gem pawn. Maybe there could be some sort of Sapphire power that gives different smiley backs, sapphire effects.. etc.
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    I would advise against this. Even though people can be trusted to be an owner/main owner, there's a chance that there are bad people out there who want to make it look like someone said something bad to them or did something that gets them banned in a chat for no good reason. This power would be perfect for faking screenshots, which is a BAD idea!
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    Yeah, that’s correct (for now.) It was recently reported in the Bug Tracker section. Hopefully a fix is developed!
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    maybe verite will come back now please make this power happen chris i miss her
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    Hahaha thank you brother. @Blacky & @Huugo Thanks guys.
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    Bg power Wish xatspace Fiona
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    Here's a 2nd entry (I thought the render 'wasted' such a 'nicely' made background so I did one without it too): Remind me to never use pink again, I feel like i've been experimental enough today to last me an entire lifetime Credits: Render Template by Rant
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    Responsible disclosure was attempted by contacting "info@xat.com" approx. 1 month ago, with no response, it is being disclosed on the forum. Upon clicking a youtube, photobucket and some other selected links, xat tries to embed the url in an iframe, appearing on the left. (as seen in picture below). Obviously this should be restricted to a whitelisted set of domains, and xat does attempt to do that, very poorly however. It is failing to properly validate domain names, allowing a specially crafted url to be embedded. In the case of photobucket, xat is simply checking if '.photobucket' is in the url. This is because photobucket has varying subdomains for different servers. They fail to take in consideration that a url could such as evil.com?.photobucket can be passed, the javascript still sees ".photobucket" so it believes that is the root domain, however it is just the url path. Lets see this in action, below is a POC. (Clicking the link, launches it open in the media app) And if I do this on a server of my control, I can simply access the web server access logs and view the victims IP address, referer and user agent information. Example log: [snip] - - [snip] "GET /?s10.photobucket.com/user/alsonwong/media/Astrophotos/th_Milky HTTP/1.1" 200 53797 "http://xat.com/[snip]" "Mozilla/5.0 [snip] "[leaked user IP]" The scary part is that if we are a moderator (required minimum rank to broadcast videos), we can broadcast this link, meaning the users don't even have to click the link for their information to be leaked. A good fix would be to properly parse the URL and ensure the root domain is a trusted domain (i.e: photobucket.com). Hopefully this report reaching a broader audience, will influence the administrators or appropriate staff to address this situation. This post is for educational purposes only. :-)
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    Hi Username-xat : Notedisenho Ty
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