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    Hello forum users. I am glad to have your attention today as I present to you a brand new idea for the community. An HTML5 based client is slowly becoming into reality as time goes on. Thanks to that, I have formulated a prototype that will improve the experience of the common user on xat. This will be presented on the point of view of a main owner, to show as many options as possible. Notice: This prototype is in BETA, and therefore is not the ideal finished product. Unfortunately, I couldn't upload this to adobe for everyone to see via link, so I uploaded a GIF into Imgur which you will see bellow. xat Chatbox (BETA V0.1) Includes: A clean interface. Revamped user profile. Availability to connect to social media. A new way to change pools. Changed the position of PC, Users, and Friends tabs. Please reply with your input, whether it be good or bad. Please do not go off topic, and also make sure to follow the guidelines of the forum.
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    Hello, everyone! I'm just starting a discussion that I hope doesn't lead to be a bad debate. I just want to know everyones opinion about xat. I personally enjoy being on xat, but I do miss the old times back in 2012-2013ish where there were more users online and the fact when I logged in, it was always a different face. Now, I feel like it's all the same people and the community is slowly leaving. There have been a few issues with xat back in the past where a lot of people left, but I believe those issues were fixed. It's just my opinion that I believe xat has changed a lot in the past few years where it doesn't feel the same anymore. I feel like more chats are becoming a little biased with the way the set their rules and expectations. The support ticket system is a lot slower than it used to be, and there's a lot of criticism regarding the ticket system as well. I just personally feel like there should be a little changes here and there to make things work. How about you? PS: Please do NOT make this a bad debate, just input your respectful and honest opinions.
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    I assure you that admins are working really hard on HTML5 with the help of some others too (taking forum suggestions for it and more). Maybe by the end of this year we'll see a big update on it.
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    Users should buy xats if they want to use a certain power lol. If the power is cheap, where's the profit then?
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    An unlimited will always be worth less than a power that provides a function and is extremely limited.
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    It'd also devalue it massively, which is what the economy doesn't need.
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    General Contest Information The aim is to create a background set for the Help chat group that captures the feeling of the first day of Spring. N.B. submissions will be used for a week or more. Guidelines and Restrictions You must provide both an inner background and also an outer background The dimensions of the inner background must be 728 * 486 px The dimensions of the outer background must be 2560 *1440 px or larger You must provide a matching button color Your entry must be posted publicly here CSS may be used for minor modifications You may post as many entries as you like Please try not to make anything too bright or dark, as this may be abrasive to eyes Prize Information Two winners will be chosen: 1st place -- 3500 xats 2nd place -- 1500 xats Prize pool is 5000 xats. Prize Holder muffins (209642885) Judges Bella, Erik, maura, muffins & Vincent Deadline: March 20th at 12:15 p.m. (EDT)
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    Hi. I'm new to this site.
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    The way xat is being run and the amount of time it takes to see significant changes disappoints me. The answers to everyone's problems on xat are right in front of our eyes and the admins seem to be doing nothing about it. I hope someday the major push is done and xat can become competition for others again.
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    Hello Joni I also want to see this, but I do not think this is possible. Impossible is not because many people want to buy power big. From the very beginning I say that all important powers for a users need be cheap! Like: Big,namewave,namegrad,nameflag,namecolor . . . Maybe pawns to, smilies etc Purple, gold, ruby . . .. . 5k Xats - Big power it´s okay! - I do not think it does more than 5 thousand xats. Why did xat.com have many people before? - and now many have gone? I will open a topic just about this, maybe somebody here will open their eyes. (( i support this idea - Unlimited ´5k xats big or less For the pack of xats bought in the store these power prices are too crazy. xat is created by us, your rules, buy xats who wants it, stay in xat who wants, for those reasons leave who wants! The final answer is, he does not really care about people, just with the Money. I do not want to be bad, just give my opinion, even if you do not care! You can add your answer here or below!!!!!
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    It's not that powers are 'soaring above purple', it's that purple has been heavily devalued (what is it on now, like 16k?). Purple is nearing 10 years old, and there's a lot of better pawn powers on sale. Furthermore, it's unlimited, meaning it would devalue naturally as more and more purples are 'spawned'. Purple is not a good power to measure the state of the economy with. Use something like Gold (which is also losing its value).
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    Its about moderation. Prices need to have a good market for users but not be impossible to buy. Users having multiple accounts to raise prices has always been an uncontrollable issue. We can sort of guess that is what is happening here, when a power soars above purple.
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    how many users stop to buy powers bcs now the everypower is expensive ?
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    Do you think the solution is to lower prices for users to buy power? After almost two years of falling prices, now that we are having a small valorization of prices. This for me would be a shot in the foot!
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    It's a problem when it costs more then purple though.
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    Hello A new idea that can be useful. You can not add personal audio, you can only use it from this farewell list. - xat.com/Audies « What do you say if we can add audio to smilies. Like - (ksnono#sno) #ksnono: Code simple Smilies or power #Sno: Code Audio Goo - xat.com/XAT5 - USE Example - or use command BOT: !test (ksnono) #ohh The idea is we can do that with smilies, not separately. To be a free option, if you want to use smilies you can, if you want to powers, you can only buy power that you want to add sound. Thank´s!
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    Unprofessional assistance is definitely better than no assistance at all. I am sure that there are people who have issues but for one reason or another would not contact professional help or even recognize that they have a problem. This chat could be a chance for those people, and I am fine with it not being moderated by professionals since the people who moderate it recognize that they are not professionals and appear to know how to treat the public and direct them to proper assistance when needed. I have seen community support groups of people who have a certain disease on Facebook which work perfectly fine, so I am inclined to give this chat a chance.
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    With the current state of xat’s economy,it would be a good idea the power (big) to be unlimited.That's how it could be bought by more users!
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    continuously having flash powers produced and making changes to the flash client to support these new powers/features aren't "working really hard on HTML5" it's wasting his time.
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    I haven't really been on xat in the past few months and I don't really intend to use it much at all in the future. There's not really anything to keep me interested in the website besides a few people I talk to, but most of them use Discord which imo is better than xat rn. Not that I'm saying that xat is bad, but I don't really see anything that would make me want to stay. The powers seem repetitive and rushed. I'm not saying that the Smiley makers aren't doing a good job, but they need to be given more time to create these powers to actually make users want to buy them powers and not just to keep everypower. The ticket system is meh. I'm not blaming the volunteers at all here, if anything they deserve some credit for sticking around despite xat being in this dying state. I'm pretty sure someones thinking "volunteers only care about the title" but let's be real here, who the cares about a title on a site that's slowly dying? No one. Alright, someone probably does, but there's really nothing motivating about having the title besides a few people being more friendly towards you lol. As for ticket delays, put yourselves in the volunteers shoes. They don't get paid, if they do it's a test power for 100 replies or so. Instead of having people volunteer their time to answer tickets with no motivation whatsoever, hire some actual staff who would get paid and I'm sure that would solve a number of problems with the ticket system. As for HTML5 coming out, if I'm entirely honest I'm not really interested in that or expect too much to be gained from it. I get that people worked hard and even the admins seem somewhat interested, but I don't see it keeping xat alive in its current state. If this was decided a bit earlier, then it would probably have been more effective in keeping previous users, but now it seems a little bit late. If you're lucky it could help bring in some new users and make xat more modern, but I guess you'll have to wait and see. tl;dr - discord is pretty cool
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    How do you feel about xat? Hmm Happy and disappointed. There are no reasons to be disappointed when I'm happy, which is why I was really happy to be disappointed. We are waiting for all the big changes in xat, but that does not mean that in relation to powers and people will change something! (update). When I want something in the store I buy anytime! But those who can not do this? (it's a preoccupying thing that nobody thinks about, but talks without knowing, you know who these people are). Good luck at all, I hope you all are happy and happy with what xat.com offers you. Thank´s.
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