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    I'm a bit late, but Solange was the first user to be accepted to the Contributors group via application. Congratulations to her! Better late than never
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    Hey there! Tomorrow, International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every yeary, so I think that xat would have this power with smilies and pawn. Smilies: wd#international, wd#job, wd#police, wd#technical, wd#bussinesswoman, wd#architect, wd#gardener, wd#firefighter, wd#carpenter, wd#electrician, wd#soldier, wd#truckdriver, wd#securityguard, wd#locksmith... The jobs that there are, is because the womans can do it as men! Pawn: Some images: Thanks!
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    Should be up. Please install if you can.
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    women do not come on xat.com this is why chris is lonely
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    This gift signature for @Aredhel Link I hope you will like it Thanks !
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    Happy birthday @Ravolt
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    I think the android version is fine, it seems good to me, Android and iOs will always be different in terms of designing their applications or whatever, that's not why you're going to turn Android into a copy of iOs...
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