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    Hi there. I know this has been suggested before, but without illustrations, so here's a couple images to see if with this smiley makers and admin motivate to do it Mouths example: Eyes example: If you have anything else to add I'll be happy to read it.
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    Hey everyone, Today I would like to suggest an idea relating to the use of the translator app. I am suggesting that staff at official chats (or just help chats) have free access to the translator app. I understand this is currently a premium feature, however those staff at official chats would clearly understand the frustration of not being able to use the resource if they do not use days. The translator app is especially an integral part of assistance chatrooms, because it allows for staff to provide help in other languages in the absence of other staff speaking their language (or even direct them to the correct help chatroom). While I believe there are reasons that it isn't a free service, surely there could be no harm in allowing staff of official chats to have access to it without days - not all of us can constantly remain subscribers. As always, I welcome feedback from the community, so please reply with your thoughts!
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    CODE CSS CODE https://pastebin.com/7rf9e5Sh HTML CODE https://pastebin.com/a3GGYkhB xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
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    why just at officials/help chats tho ? is help that active nowadays ? :^) I don't think admin would do that, tho. Users that need help in other languages rather than english are sent to Assistance or other staff speaks other languages, except english.
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    Please see http://chatsgroup.com/web_gear/chat/media2.php?d=ThunderStormRadioMostWanted&p=0&id=219128969& for an example of how group user pages will be filtered in future We need to expand the whitelists please can we have suggestions thanks Thanks to @XeR for suggesting this and helping to code it.
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    Most Help chats cannot always be covered by staff, and at Assistance, we rarely cover more than a few languages at times due to staff availability and timezones. For example, I may be the only staff member online at a time, without days and someone is asking for assistance in Spanish. I do not speak this language, but I could provide assistance very easily if the translator app was available. Any assistance is better than none. I don't want this to turn into an argument, but I think it's pretty hard for those not involved with the assistance chatrooms to make generalisations and assumptions. Edit: Yes, this is one of the reasons for why I am suggesting this.
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    Assistance does not support every language spoken on xat. When a user whose language does not have a helper available asks for help, we use the translate application to assist them. However, as Charlie pointed out, not all of us can always subscribe, so it would be more convenient if it was made free for members+ for the Assistance chat (and other official chats). As far as I am aware, the translate application is a subcriber-only service because xat pays a certain amount for each x messages translated. I do not think that this change would higher that value considerably, and it is also important to take into account that we do not use it for entertainment purposes, but to help users. I hope this gets implemented!
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    I suggest game Soccer xat In this game have two teams, every team 5 players(disc).Free disc will be colors (blue,green,light,red), other disc will have better power and will have price. With mouse cursor moving the disc and like that make power to shoot the ball. We can use our simbol of powers to make different disc with different power. Every disc can upgrade with xats to have better power to shoot (one upgrade power can costs 500 xats). Time for one shoot is 2 minute (you can upgrade your disc time with 200-500 xats---> 2-4 minute). If you buy one of powers (example. tigers disc) you can upgrade to change smiley on your disc (tigyawn, tigwait, tigtongue ... with 100 xats). Who score 2 golas is winner. We can put there different formation for kick off with different price. Show to your friends who is winner in soccer game and meet new people. @Admin win me if you can
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    Good idea! Maybe it could turn to free on all official chats, considering all of them has users who don't speak their specific language and might need help with something.
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    Happy 10th birthday son. Your mother and I are so proud that you're finally in the double digits. If you want, after I get off work we can play catch or go get an icecream. We love you, son.
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    this idea of power is that I always thought, like all the powers of xat there is everypower this allgroup would be the power that you get when you get all the powers of the group, it would not be just that, you are tired of creating a group and staying signing right? so this power would end this tedium of signing a power for one by clicking on it you can be signing all the powers of group in your xat ending with tedium when you activate all when you disable all
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    we will all see u on toons too phin
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    - great idea xavi cool,
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    I hope it becomes true, i think we should add new hairstyles, using xat, we can't move with the times.
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    That is very impractical, nevertheless, you have to type the person you're assisting's messages out - some languages this is rather impossible.
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    Loved the 1, 2 and 5 mouths ♥ 1, 4 and 5 eyes ♥ Really nice idea, hope it becomes possible to use in xat.
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    The IOS version is being worked on; we don't have date for the release but it will come soon.
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    I hope the idea will be realized in the future to challenge you to the duel loooool. eg. the name of the club could cost 500-1000 xats if you want to change.
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    Happy Birthday! I hope it was as great as you!
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    You can PC a fexbot (commonly found at xat.com/xat_test) and say the command "!ID REGNAME"; for example, "!ID Angelo" . The bot will return an ID that you can quickly copy/paste, where you can use the command /fIDHERE If the bot is down, you can use the following link to find IDs via registered usernames: http://xat.me/n?name=infinity Replace "infinity" with the registered username of your choosing. Your idea isn't bad by any measure, I just do not think it's needed, and would not be a priority for xat to develop.
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    It was about time we got an update for mobile, thank you for this. I've taken a look at it and I'm happy with how it came out. I'm still very troubled, though, that the design for the Android is messy. I would love for it to look like the iOS version. This is to be consistent, and because it's a better design overall.
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    1. Use of Service xat.com does not promote groups or users that are based on religious or political views.
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    Assistance has users that can speak in: Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, French, Turkish, German, Thai, Romanian, Tagalog, Estonian, Russian, Serbian, Polish. Do you even think that's not really enough ? Do you think one user will come in Assistance and will ask for help in God knows what forgotten language and there will be no staff there or any user that will not have days so they can use translator or whatever reason, lol?
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    it is easier to send those users to chats where they speak international languages Assistance or simply to chats where they speak their native language?
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    That's why Help is not the only help chat there is. There's help chats for every other language. You've said it yourself.
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    Farewell, Laming. It was great seeing your contributions to the community.
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    can i have ur powers
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