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    Hello Forum, Xaters. I have a new idea and I want to share it with you all. (if this idea was already suggested, excuse me). My idea is very simple, it's a command that allows you to write a message, and when someone clicks on you, or goes private, and writes a message that you wrote. For example, I'm at the store and come back in a few minutes, or I'm at school and come back in 30 minutes. etc. Command: /rt AND TEXT HERE. This command is visible in main and private. (messages) This idea is to be aware of the person as long as he can expect you. I know there is power (away) But this idea is totally different, it has texto. (this power can not have a new update for my idea). Help against abuse, how can you get this option for free ?! ( Open a ticket) This is for some people, but I want to be a free option (for all) , who wants to comment or vote. thank you. what do you want to know more about this idea? Credit by @Samuel
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    Hello fellow xaters. Today I come to you with a highly controversial topic in my eyes. It's something that never used to exist, but due to the carelessness of the admins, it suddenly came into the light. This really isn't something that should be taken lightly. Even after countless attempts to have it resolved in private, I've had no avail. The topic that I'm talking about here today is something included under the help icon. Something people look to for help, guidance, truth. Yet, there seems to be an irregularity in that. How can we let this go untouched for so long? What do the colors on the userlist mean, people? For the longest time, owner has been Orange, but now suddenly it's this Otrange color? What does Otrange even MEAN? Thank you, your lord and savior Austin @Admin xconst.as please and thank you
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    ID: 475 Name: Xmasfactory Status: Limited Price: 222 xats Max per user in the first release: 6 Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: xat.wiki/xmasfactory
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    Hi everyone, let me to share this new wallpaper's in mode tribute for Carl Grimes, the character of The Walking Dead, for your die. Maybe not die in this season, but here i share.
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    As per usual, admins nowhere to be found. Good job showing your community how much you care. Solution: Simple, leave a reply.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS INNER (#FC604E) OUTER INNER (#AE903D) OUTER INNER (#a9a9a9) OUTER ID: DonQuijotee (926430628)
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    I decided to do something a bit different. This is a Super Mario themed drawing featuring xat smileys. The tooth smileys represent the clouds and the smiley faces represent coins. Smileys used: (noface#square#feda18) (noface#square#feda18#num#num?) (plfeedme) (fireback#rrg) - rotated (tooth) (smile) (mouser) (chest) (mushroom) (luigi#yohandtoe) (mario#yotree) (peach#yoga)
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    Who's ready to show me what them hands can do? 😏 Trade is getting sick and tired of the blue color, and hey Christmas is around the corner! So let's deck the chat with a sick background, shall we?! Alright, here we go! ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED You've got to provide both inner and outer backgrounds, a matching button color, and some of your magic. Please stay away from blue!! Preferred colors : Silver, White, Gold, Red. Make it look jolly and Christmassy. (Add a cute lil Santa or a su'm su'm ) Also please make sure our eyes are safe in this process, nothing too bright on the eyes!! (I already twitch as is) You can post as many entries as you want. Your entry must be posted here. Well yeah, that's it. Good luck! Oh wait the prize lol okay, fine 🙄 There will be 3 winners! First place : 5,000 xats Second place : 3,000 xats Third place : 1,000 xats Deadline : DECEMBER 24 (12:01 PM EST time, after my morning coffee) Prize holder : MUFFINS Judges : Vale & Bryan GOOD FREAKING LUCK AND LET'S GET IT POPPIN'
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    Ho ho ho! We have decided to host weekend events for Christmas @ Game chat! Here they are! Date Time Game Host Prize December 9 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1600 xats December 9 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Trivia* Nathan 200 xats/q, total 2000 xats December 10 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1600 xats December 10 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Guess the Song* Charlie 100 xats/q, total 1200 xats December 10 After previous event Typerace Nathan 220 xats/q, total 3300 xats December 16 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1500 xats December 16 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Finish the Lyric* Nathan 400 xats/q, total 4000 xats December 17 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1500 xats December 17 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Hide and Seek Nathan snowy, winter, reindeer, santa, claus December 17 After previous event Random Number* Nathan kangel, winterland, noel, celebrate, holidays, ornaments, tropicalxmas, christmix, xmasscroll, 200 xats Events marked with a * are win 1 skip 1. As always, this schedule is subject to change. See you there!
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    The spanish popular has an official chat for help 'ayuda' , the german popular has 'helfen' and maybe in another language has other official xat for help. My suggestion is to open official xat for help for this three country Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia because this tree popular have a lot of chaters and many people don't speak english and like that come to the problem of losing account. The popularity of this tree popular is many older people who don't know how to use google translator and we all know that translator is not perfect solution. I'm just suggesting this because many people when lose their account and powers give up of xat. Thanks.
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    For wiki: santaletter can be user like (santaletter#wtext) up to 8 letters. Xmasfactory can change the yellow smilie ! E.g (d#xmasfactory)
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    Yes, I remember. It is a great proposal to be worked on.
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    But please you give this chat 'Pomoc' in hands who is not active and for that reason this xat is dead, that person never help to nobody. In all xat this language dont have helper a lot of people lose account. In Assistance who is helper in this language tell me please? Assistance is dead to Im in this popular a lot of years and i know whats happend all the time, people lossing account with everypower. This is so bad for xat but ok i see all xat is in bad hads, thanks for all better close this topic. Bye. So stupid to suggest something when 5 person decide only like want. Professionality is zero.
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    Missing information... Note: You can change the text on SANTALETTER smilie by adding #w[TEXT]. (E.g : santaletter#wTest)
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    Why was this wiki page even touched in the first place?
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    pawn cycle It would be like this. every time the user clicks on the room or pawn alternates, but only alternates the pawn that had activated. JASON
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    The best Santa..? “Big and round”: @Unity “Generous“: Josie, for sure!
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    Just something(proof) about what community is saying there https://prnt.sc/hnyiy5 * tsk tsk * This was a ticket reporting a user raiding and saying that was he(prints + ID + everything needed) User sold a lot of raids on xat, sold xats to money, deleted account, and xat didn't nothing because vols delayed a lot to punish the user
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    I think chat help should be in all languages. And I think that there should be Volunteers in all languages for efficient help on xat.
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    I am for this to restore POMOC! that's a good idea!
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    I know that existed this chat before, but in hands of person who is not proffesional and not active in xat all the time. Now is redirected in Assistance where dont exist helper for this language in the help the same. People from this tree popular is not active on forum because not understand so god english, i know that because i help many people to back account and powers. @Samuel is a little stupid to compare arc bot with all problems whats happening about account and other things. I speak perfect all this language and what is the rules to proof that and to make this tree country safe. I want that give me one name who is helper in this language ? Here people give up of xat every day more and more, and i think for yours well must to think about this.
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    We, the people, see this as a grave issue. I am concerned.
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    Pomoc was an official chat, but it was removed and redirected to Assistance by inactivity.
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    UPDATED - Inner and Outer added. Inner: OUTER:
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    I can see the headlines now: xat sells DUST to outraged users! The gorilla seems slightly random. What are "mini mini light eyes"? Some of your descriptions are difficult to conceptualize too, but at least you've provided existing smiley effects as a reference point. Ultimately, it's an interesting variety of effects that you've provided here. It could be a nice break between smiley powers.
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    I'm very big on adding good ideas like these straight into HTML5. When you log into a chatroom on HTML5, you can get a popup message saying you're account has been held for x amount of days. All you would have to do is confirm or click away and you wouldn't see the message again, unless you wanted to test through trade/transfer or look at your profile, you could see potential blocks/errors.
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    Wow! Really fabulous, very very good drawings @Teddy Those are the best drawings I've seen to this day, great work man.
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    " Last Entry " - MERRY CHRISTMAS - I n n e r b a c k g r o u n d buton color = #ba2e16 o u t e r b a c k g r o u n d
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    @Admin consider this one as well...we need something different...powers are always the same or look a like same. PLease consider.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS (button color #4169E1) INNER OUTER HAPPY NEW YEAR (button color #b22222) INNER OUTER ID: DonQuijotee (926430628)
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    ID: DonQuijotee (926430628) 1.) Caterpillar, Cubear, Headset2, Ebsad, Serenade, Pupjump. 2.) Marriage, Fbworry, Pparrot.
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    raspunde si mie te rog frumos la mesaj
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