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    JESUS MARIA all this drama for a day??? You can pc MODS / OWNERS / USERS / HELP CHAT/ " YOU GUYS CAN PM ME ALSO " to get a day ,this thread wasn't even needed or maybe you wanted just attention ?? bcs I really don't understand why all this drama for nothing TRADE has been like this for years and no one did complain but you.... End of discussion. Thank you all <3
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    OP brought a really valid question, but there are some counter arguments: Trade chat is way larger than Troca and Cambio, therefore, there would be way more spammers, scammers and trolls if it was made for registered users only, and yeah it would be more chaotic... Fundamentally, Trade chat should be open for registered users, but there are consequences. So I question you, is that really worth the risk if you could just pc a mod or try Troca/Cambio if that? From my perspective, It's not.
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    It has always been like that and no one complained about.. except you. If you can't access Trade, then try to access Troca or Cambio and then come back on Trade when you have your day. Not that hard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Trade was made for registered users only to keep trolls away, it would get chaotic, it was even tested for a few weeks. And mods/owners always answer to sell you a day unless they’re afk @Lunala (Un)
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    Name = MULTILINE (I really couldn't think of anything better) Type = User What It Does = The purpose of this power would allow users to add an extra line of similes either above or below the default line of smileys allowing an extra 12 similes to be used. This would allow GLINE and SLINE to also run off this power to allow more customized similes to be used either by the main owner of the group using GLINE or set by the users SLINE power. The extra similes can be viewed by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the first simile on the default 12. Current simile line http://prntscr.com/hj5bac vs MULTILINE http://prntscr.com/hj5e82 Thoughts?
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    https://i.cubeupload.com/KUpWZW.jpeg 1.(fiesta) 2. (kveggie) 3. (puppy) 4.(pupchange) 5.(sleighhug) 6.(trhat2) xat id : cececece444444 (1521049680) Good luck
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    Why open a thread if you're going to respond to any person who disagrees with you with "no valid arg"? If you've yet to be convinced that subscriber-only mode is the most suitable mode for a chat that is for trading, and that trading is done by subscribers, then I honestly don't know what to tell you. The chat manager of Trade has responded and told you that it won't be changed. This thread should be closed.
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    Merry Christmas INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #836FFF Happy New Year INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #9B30FF Good luck!!
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    You can pc me for free days if im on
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    Do you realize what modifying would do? Allow unregistered, trolls, spam bots,etc in. These people can not trade so there is no business for them there. Any Trade mod will sell a day if pc'd and they have them available. A minor inconvenience of a few minutes in comparison to inconveniencing the whole chat 24/7. No one is being denied service. @Vale can take the suggestion under advisement.
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    It's like that for a reason. Obviously you can't trade without days, just PC a mod or any other guest without NOPC and ask to buy a day. Not that hard!!
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    messaged at 2:04 two mods responded by 2:05
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    One more thing...... selling days on trade is not even our job but we want to help users and giving them the opportunity to buy a day to join trade xat, you are the sole person responsible for your xat account so make sure to have always enough days, i /we cannot force my staff/users or anyone else to sell you days we are not supposed too and you can also buy xats and days from xat.com direclty =) I hope i have been clear enough, if you have any other question regarding the issue or anything else feel free to pvt msg me on forum " is always open " or pm me at help/ trade xat.
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    Hello everyone, today I came up with an idea about a power that deals with fishing here I will leave some examples to have an idea of what I mean Something like this, obviously with the smiles instead of those characters, if you have any other suggestions to add to this post I'll be delighted to read it
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    Not sure if it Is me, but it seems accounts are being created to bring more outcry/attention to topics of this kind?
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    The power of this week is KXMAS ID: 470 Name: Kxmas Status: Limited Smilies: (kxmas) (kxbaubleback) (kxbell) (kxcandle) (kxcane) (kxgift) (kxgingerman) (kxglobe) (kxmtoe) (kxpenguin) (kxpudding) (kxreindeer) (kxreindeerback) (kxsman) (kxsnowflake) (kxswoman) (kxtree) (kxtreeback) (kxwreathe) Pawns: (hat#ha) (hat#he) (hat#hc) (hat#hg) (hat#hr) (hat#hm) (hat#hw) (hat#ht) (hat#hh) Price: 299 xats. Wiki: xat.wiki/Kxmas This power was made by @Mike, great work! super hyped for the pawns.
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    i will be doing 5 free pcbacks first come ifrst serve tell me the image you would like to include or style
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    Is that serious? Questions: -- How can you buy days without days??! -- Why is it there and not "registered only"? -- Currently exist 4 official trading chats and just Trade that has a lot of people isnt allowed sign in without days, so why that description? "But, Laming, If someone wants to buy days just need to PC mods, owners bla bla..." wtf, why need to bother them or bother us asking each-by-each when the correct way is allowing people to buy xat products? Tutorial for Trade main owners: -- Well, I'm good and going to explain how to do that. Firstly you need to log in your chat edit, then click Chat Box Settings, then unmark the box called "subscribers only" and mark "registered only" right? @Vale
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    Good idea, I would add some more but I see it well to get the trade, good contribution Truly the clear example and that could be taken as such to trade
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    Yeah, I very much agree with you Sydno. I don't understand why people are saying this is a worse idea when it just gives contributors a chance to see users who may have never been noticed before. Now everyone can apply and the contributors can see what the person is like based on what they apply rather than choose users who they only know . I think its an amasing idea and gives new possibilities for xat as a whole.
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    I miss seeing you in the morning 😣🌷.
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    I liked your idea! Here are the examples I found:
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    The winner is: ANGY (10436) http://prntscr.com/hj6eb2 @ANGY Congratulations! Contact me o receive your prize! Thank you all! Until the next! Mstr (172762838)
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    I just laughed with the comments, a user said to go to another chat to buy it and return ... When the finesse of an official chat is to be more accessible to the user, not privatize it or deny it a service. Rather they are keeping the right of who can participate in the room. I SUPPORT THIS SUGGESTION TO MODIFY THIS.
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    pc a mod or pc someone with days lol, someone will more than likely sell you a day
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    For years, contributors have been suggested and the group has been criticized countless times for only selecting their "friends". Even though I don't think contributors picked their "friends", I must admit that we probably missed a few interesting profiles. The reason we missed these profiles is that we're more likely to suggest people we know rather than people that we've never seen before, at equals contributions. By allowing users to apply, we'll not miss these interesting profiles and we will be able to select users we wouldn't have thought of before. Let's suppose there is a biased contributor who wants to have his friend added to the group - and I definitely think there isn't such contributor at the moment. Then, what do you think is better? Let him suggest his friend and have contributors voting, or forcing the user to apply and to answer some questions before the contributors are voting? In both cases, the user has at least the vote of their friend. However, in the second case, contributors have more information about the user. In other words, this can only be better than the current system. We've been attacked multiple times for only suggesting/selecting our "friends", and now that we want to allow everyone to apply we are being told that this is going to be worse and that we will only select our "friends". I don't really understand.
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    Hello ! iBiii2 (406636526) #gmshades and #kstar Good luck all !
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    You can buy one from me 400 xats
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    I am not interested in drama. I am interested in fixing the site and the problems within the said site. This is what I believe will fix the problem. This is what I will continue to fight for and push for. I do not want volunteer's to continue with all the authoritative decision making on xat. This is exactly what I have come against and to fight. And I will continue to fight for the users and the community as a whole to have this resolved for good. This isn't up to me to decide. I have left it in the communities hands. I have asked them what they prefer. The point is to get their input and go from there. If they believe what you say is the best way to do things then that is their decision. But I am giving them a voice and that is what I care about.
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    I find this post quite interesting. It makes me wonder if what we post here will determine the fate and outcome of xat as a whole. Perhaps it won't, perhaps it won't do anything. But I think we should at least try. I like where you're coming from regarding this volunteer inactive matter. Inactive volunteers First and foremost I want to say I agree with your points about volunteers (volunteering) their time. Yes, they have lives. They spend their time (voluntarily) to help user's and the community as a whole. This means they are not obligated by any means to continue helping. This does not mean that they are excused for being inactive nor should be. If volunteer's are not volunteering then that defeats the entire point of the title and recognition. The fact that these "volunteers" that are inactive continue to hold title or position of authority regarding tickets is incorrect. I believe that this does need corrected but the solution is not as straight forward as one might think. Replace Inactive volunteers? If we are to "replace" current inactive volunteers there would need to be qualified individuals that are up to the task and have the time to "volunteer" their time to help xat with ticket's and whatever else user's may need assistance with. They need to be active, trustworthy, caring toward's user's issues and complaints, and strive to make xat better in any way they can. How volunteers are chosen How volunteer's are chosen currently is also part of this problem. This is specifically quoted from the http://xat.wiki/volunteers page: There is no step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer. You must have the qualifications xat staff is looking for (which is up to an admin to decide). Currently it is invite only; we are not accepting applications. Sorry to say this, but (which is up to an admin to decide) is not the full reality involved in choosing volunteers. Volunteer's recommend volunteers. (I know, what an interesting concept!) And yes, Admin has the final say in who becomes a volunteer. But he takes the suggestions from the volunteer's! And that is part of the problem! Bias can be a big factor with a lot of potential volunteer's being chosen. If we are going to "fix" the volunteer problem we have to start at the entry point. That would be the "initiation" system. Personally, I suggest that volunteer's be suggested by the community rather than volunteer's themselves. (Yes, this open's the door to more potential bias.) But, the bias will be more diversified with the entire community having a voice in who becomes a volunteer and why. You don't think so? It works well in politics! What counts as inactive? What also deems a volunteer "inactive" is another big factor to fixing this problem. Someone who doesn't do ticket's for a month or months for example without any warning of being absent is not really excusable. I myself, have been guilty of being inactive or demotivated to do ticket's from time to time. I am not going to hold myself above any other user in this regard. It happens. People get busy with things. But an entire month or month's without any ticket's to me is inexcusable and that would deem a volunteer "inactive" to me. Your thought's on what is considered "inactive" is important and we should discuss this civilly and as a group. I think this thread may have the potential to open people's eyes to the problem they are already too familiar with and we as the community of xat can shape and change this for the better future of all of us using xat as a whole. I sincerely hope that anyone that is going to post beyond this keeps a clear open mind, and has the mentality that "we need to fix this" and "how can we fix this" Thank you.
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    FlashHat sounds better than FlasHat imo .
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    I'm going to request this post be locked. I'm confident the users have stated their opinion and that this post got its point across. It is now in the hands of Administrators as well as Volunteers to consider making/pushing for changes. I can only speak for myself, But I truly DO hope something comes out of this. I truly do hope that someone, ANYONE, that can be an influence to change has made their decision to push for the users. This post was intended for users to voice their opinion and I feel as if though this has been met. We have all succumbed to the conclusion that ONLY admins can change the path of xat. And in the hopes that it will get better, this post will always be here for Administrators to look back and reflect on future decisions being made. I appreciate all the people that took their time to express their opinion. Remember, XAT will only thrive if it meets the users demands. Once it has stop doing so, it will eventually die. Thank you, -Dann ps. @Admin
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    Still the same "no valid arg" It may even be a consequence, but closing the chat only for subscribers users will not resolve the issue, because any user can get a day and do the same things as a user without day. Tell me one.
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    Is that valid arg? xat Trade has more than 30 staffs and just a bit more users than xat Cambio, this is nosense since they can handle the chat, aren't them there for that reason? Woow guys saying "you can buy days in one chat than back to it" well so whats the utility of xat Trade if isnt to buy days and xat products? But ya laming, you can ask each-by-each in pvt to buy one day if you want, well there is one simple rule you need to understand: * Users -- > buy xats from resellers(almost of them dont buy days), well... I think... Lol finally I bought xats, I'm now going to buy powers, but I need help so? Ok going to ask one chat to buy powers in the help chats, they said "go xat Trade and buy your powers" * Ok, I got xat.com/Trade and I didnt see people talking there, wow wait bro theres a announce here "THIS CHAT IS FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!!!!!!" lol, so what do now? I bought xats and I want to buy powers. Why really need this system if all trading chats dont have it and I dont see people raiding, sending links, etc? If your guys think this is an issue ok, BUT THIS IS A FAULT FROM YOUR STAFF NOT xat USERS, RIGHT? THEM ARE THERE FOR MODERATE NOT FOR SELL DAYS FOR EACH GUYS ASKING IN PC LOL.
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