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    Contributor Applications From what i've read so far regarding this system of contributor applications it doesn't sound too terrible despite having some obvious flaws. This is similar to filling out a job application for a position in a company you would like to work for. You fill out your basic information and "resume" that the staff at the company then review to see if it matches what they deem to be "suitable" for the job. I see this contributor application much of the same. Users would have the opportunity to fill out a "job" application to get hired as a contributor essentially. They would explain who they are, what they do for xat, what they have done for xat in the past, and whatever else the contributors want to ask / know. The applications then would be reviewed by the contributors and then they would decide if the person is a match for contributor or not. Bias plays a huge role here since people can bring up past offenses the user may have done and try to use that to argue against them being candidates for a contributor. The system does have its flaws but it all around is not a bad idea. This moves past the centralized idea of simply having a contributor suggest someone that they know. This gives the entire community a chance to apply and then be "reviewed" but you will still face that potential bias of users shutting you down. I personally do not see a way to get around this bias problem with, or without this system in play. If there was such a solution then I welcome you to explain that. But knowing that this system has the bias flaw, it seems reasonable and could potentially work. If there is say, 15 contributors, then if majority voted on the user in question they would most likely get picked. That is the issue as 4-5 people could automatically be against that user for past offenses. I think if this bias issue can be overcome, the system could work effectively. If not, then I see it merely as an illusion of application, and that it will be the same exact thing as before. Only choosing people that fit with that bias / don't have past offenses with the other contributors. Volunteer Applications Moving on, I think this system, if implemented should be considered for volunteers as well. Contributors are usually "trusted" users that have a good reputation with xat, and like to help contribute to the community in various different ways. Volunteers volunteer their time to answer tickets and assist users with various issues account wise and other. Contributors and Volunteers are not totally different to one another aside in their duties. I believe that this same system could apply for volunteer applications but only within the contributor group. Contributors that feel they could volunteer their time and answer tickets could fill out an application much like the "job" application for contributor. The volunteers would then have a vote on these users in question and once again we fall into the same issue with the bias. If that can be overcome, then this could greatly improve xat, open new doors for users wanting to help out, and give people more of an influence and voice in these matters. (My main concern is simply the bias that WILL be a factor in creating this system, but I am not opposed to the system itself. I am opened minded and would like to see what you all think about this and how the system will be formed / improved.) Thanks.
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    If you want to receive power release notifications, you can make use of twitter, by following xat and getting notified of new tweets. You can do this either with your mobile phone or on your computer. Last updated: June 05, 2019 On Mobile (android/ios) 1. Download the Twitter app and login 2. Follow xat: https://twitter.com/xat 3. Left to the “Following” button, click at the notification icon: 4. Choose notification type: "All Tweets": Done! Now it’s just required to have your phone sound volume on, to make sure you do not miss any tweet of xat. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Web/Desktop (opera/chrome/firefox) 1. Visit twitter.com and login 2. Go to https://twitter.com/xat and click at the "Follow" xat button right. 3. Click on the profile icon top right and select “Settings and privacy”: 4. On the left sidebar, click on “Web notifications”: 5. Next, to turn on browser notifications, click Turn on. 6. Now twitter will ask for allowance to show notifications, click Allow: Done! Note that the browser must be open to receive the notification, however twitter doesn’t have to be. If you use Chrome/Opera: You will get sound pop-up notification via windows 10 notifications. If you use Firefox: The notification will appear at the bottom right, inside the browser.
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    Before I even begin my little rant, here's a definition for you: If you haven't read the November Contributor log, I recommend doing that first. Now, I strongly feel that Contributor applications are an AWFUL idea. Why? There are a bunch of flaws. ANYONE can apply, meaning some random 12 year old or a user who just joined xat with NO experiences can fill out an application, LIE about themself, and get accepted. The [application] system itself sounds BIAS, which we all know how Volunteers are selected, who says having a Contributor application won't result in the same thing. "My friend who is a Contributor says he'll accept me if I fill out an application, even if I haven't done anything." I see a ton of flaws with this system. For instance, people who are immature, or have broken the Terms have the opportunity to fill out an application and become a Contributor. Think of it as allowing a random stranger to enter your house. CONTRIBUTORS SHOULD BE NOMINATED! When I think of a Contributor, I think of someone who has put a lot of effort into making xat a better, more user friendly place, NOT someone who is BFF's with another Contributor or a Volunteer or mod on Help chat. I personally believe that Volunteers and other Contributors should vote for who should become a Contributor. Or just the Contributors group, I don't see why Volunteer input is necessary. If you actually took the time to read this, thank you. If not, I'd consider at least skimming through before you post your comment.
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    I honestly don't see any benefits in this change. This will not bring any new users or users who have gone unnoticed to our attention, the users who are going to apply are the ones we are already aware of and haven't been suggested or approved for a reason. Contributors are now going to waste a lot of time and energy reviewing these applications instead of trying to push for the changes that the community is asking for. Tip: The more persuasive you are in your application, the higher your chances of becoming a contributor.
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    I must say that I agree with the original post (never thought I would say that). Just no.... an application system will not bring anything special. If the contributors team is a team of users that speak for the community, then the users within it should be users that are actively involved in the community. Exposure to the community will bring the right attention to the user. And that essentially is how contributors should be elected. They should be the users standing out and already getting noticed based on the contributions demonstrated around xat as a whole. It should not be just random users applying for a role on a website because they have used it for a while or think they know what the users want, there has to be an inherited interest in actually speaking for the community as a whole. If this is implemented, I believe you will have many more users that are just looking after a rank or a title and pretty color attached to their name. And I believe the stigma that users are currently being elected based on friendship needs to die. I did often see many users being suggested merely based off of merit and how they carried themselves and never did I witness a contributor get suggested because they are friends and for that reason they should be a contributor. There is always need to show sufficient reasoning as to why this person should be part of the team. I think it will make it much more difficult to weed out the users speaking for the community. That’s just my two cents.
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    Thank you for submitting your application for Contributors on xat! Your application will be processed and I will contact you within 24 hours of the closing date to let you know if you have been shortlisted. Should you have any questions in the mean time please contact me via private message or on xat. Thanks for sending in your application once again. If you do not hear back from me it's because I did not want to answer back and you were probably decline.
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    Also, be sure to add #wc example (d#kxreindeer#wc) for more fun. Multiple modes are available for different smileys.
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    ¡Hola! En el día de hoy, el artículo de xat.chat, (la primera de todas) con el título: xat Chat – ”Historia del reino del xat: Prólogo de su universo" ha sido traducida al Español. Puedes leerlo haciendo click aquí. Muy pronto estarán las demás partes traducidas en el blog de xat Tidings en Español. ¡Esperemos que al habla Hispana disfrute de su contenido 100% traducido al Español! Desde ya, aprovecho éste post, para dar las gracias a @Sydno, por dejarnos crear el artículo en el blog de Tidings y a @Elea por la imagen.
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    The power of this week is KXMAS ID: 470 Name: Kxmas Status: Limited Smilies: (kxmas) (kxbaubleback) (kxbell) (kxcandle) (kxcane) (kxgift) (kxgingerman) (kxglobe) (kxmtoe) (kxpenguin) (kxpudding) (kxreindeer) (kxreindeerback) (kxsman) (kxsnowflake) (kxswoman) (kxtree) (kxtreeback) (kxwreathe) Pawns: (hat#ha) (hat#he) (hat#hc) (hat#hg) (hat#hr) (hat#hm) (hat#hw) (hat#ht) (hat#hh) Price: 299 xats. Wiki: xat.wiki/Kxmas This power was made by @Mike, great work! super hyped for the pawns.
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    I think this power would be a good idea to integrate it into the existing kawai, since to make a new one related to food would not make sense.
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    Hello, I think this would be a good power to work, it would be worth creating something so would call a lot of attention to users because at first glance in the pictures you can see that they are cute smiles
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    I debated a reply to this....I am all for community ideas and change. I'm not against the idea of an application entirely. Phins points are valid, as well. Lets look at the broken system. I am going to use examples I know as facts. 1. Contributors were made as a "secret" group of individuals to put weight on volunteers. They were put in place to offer ideas on powers and the community. They were to make uniform decisions such as choosing chat owners. 2. Somewhere along the line....the definition changed. 3. Contributors seem to now have just as much power and merit as volunteers, just in another capacity. To respect anyones past, I will use only myself as example. With that said.....I contribute alot to the community. I help the users. I am active with the international users more then most. I still offer ideas, report things broke, and actively help with scams and investigations. And yet...we all know that I would not be credited or asked to join the group. (And NO I am not salty)...Just using a perfect example instead of pointing fingers. 50 people could nominate me and it would still be a No. I'm fine with that. I made peace with it. My whole point is this...I visit chats outside of the ones contributors are on. While i see worth within alot of users, what are they contributing to xat? Just because you are a great designer or help users open tickets that speak other languages, or might run a great radio...does not mean you contribute to xat. Not sure what an application would accomplish other then the group saying they are thinking outside the box and wasting valuable time. I have also seen "value" change on xat. One group may of stopped someone from having the position for a DPS scam 7 years ago or for trying to use exploits, while another group may focus on what he/shes done since for xat, and focus on that, while holding silly standards like posting a screen against another user trying to get the same title. THIS is the problem I see.
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    Currently, if you know a person who you think is representing the community and deserves to be a contributor, you can suggest them. This is bias: you can only suggest the users you know and the fact you think they deserve it doesn't necessarily mean they do deserve it. If you think you contribute to xat but you don't know any of the current contributors, it's impossible to be added because there are high chances that you will never be suggested. This is the issue we are trying to fix. Both users who know current contributors and users who don't know current contributors will be treated equally. This will also prevent situations where a user thinks he contributes but doesn't know what to do to be suggested and end up participating unthoughtfully in the general discussions just to be noticed. With this system, just be normal and if you think you deserve it, you can fill in the application. Another good thing about it is that users who filled in the application may receive a personal answer: they may know what is wrong with them and what to do to improve their contributions. This is exactly why we will still vote for the new contributors. If a user says he wants to contribute yet never did it, he will be rejected. If a user has contributed for a long time on xat and we didn't notice him before, then he will be able to apply and might be accepted. As stated in the log, the general idea was just accepted. We may still have to wait a month before knowing exactly how this will work.
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    I'll preface my answer by saying that I do not agree or disagree with the change made to the contributors. However, I will be arguing against your points. 1) The first part of this is true. Anyone can apply. However, I've highlighted the part that I disagree with. I was part of the contributors for around 10 months. During that time, we suggested a good chunk of users, some of which we denied. We did not deny them because we weren't friends with them. We denied/accepted users based upon merit, and what they did to contribute to xat. If a user who has very little qualifications, or has a horrible history on xat applies, I can promise that current contributors will do their research and figure out whether or not they're lying. 2) Again, I think that you're misinterpreting this change. Contributors are accepted/denied based on their merit and what they've done to contribute to xat. Contributions include but are not limited to: Contributing on ANY official chat, conributing on the wiki, contributing on the forum, contributing to the security of xat, contributing to the development of powers, contributing to the bug coordinators, as well as bringing new and innovative ideas to xat. Being best friends with a volunteer (or a mod on the help chat) has nothing to do with merit and therefore would be considered irrelevant in a discussion. I can say this with confidence as I was part of the group. 3) I want to reiterate the fact that just because a person applies, it does not mean that they'll be accepted. Contributors judge thing like a users past, their behavior on chats, the way that they interact with other users, as well as how willing they are to volunteer their time to xat and make it a better place. If someone with zero qualifications applies who is generally very rude to users, talks behind their back, ban evades, has been torched, etc, applies, I can say with utmost confidence that the contributors will deny them. That being said, I can only wish the current contributors luck when dealing with the myriad of applications that they're going to have to file through. It's disappointing to me how pessimistic this post is. If the community wants things on xat to change, we need to be vocal, yes, but we can't bash every volunteer/contributor/official chat staff. We need to consider ideas, their positives/negatives, and how others feel.
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    On the first day of the new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a thread providing a summary of discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. These logs will be closed for the time being. If you do have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors and I'm sure they'd be happy to bring it up for discussion if deemed necessary. Due to the important amount of ex-contributors who left in early November, concluding some discussions has been harder than usual this month. Even though it did affect the group operations since we had to recount some votes, we managed to conclude quite a few topics and new ideas regarding the representativity of the group were brought up. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Tidings unblock request More image providers for promotion Social auto promotion Make people apply for contributors Ongoing discussions xat Facebook Contributors representativity
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    Hello @Only this sushi is very cute, it would look great too if he had a hug. Good sugestion!
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    I think the same, the community is raised in a way that you can not participate much, many ideas are not read
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    Also there are people who are nothing of official xats and still contribute to the community, not only should be based on the owners and main owners, also have to give opportunity to users who have innovative ideas
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    Regardless of anything else, we'll now have a LOT more information about the users being considered. We'll see their personalities more too (if we haven't already).
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    It works. (hat#hFro)
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    The whole reason behind certain ranks being able to PC/PM you even with NOPC/NOPM, is so that they're still able to do their job and enforce rules; without it, you would be instantly banned because they couldn't talk to you, compared to being warned, etc. It would be chaos.
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    Sounds a lot like this suggestion.
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    Nice job @Mike! And Thuk you!
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    If you think that some 12 year old who lied on their application won't be vetted by the other contributors, then you are dead wrong. There is nothing wrong with allowing applications to be submitted, and THEN voted on for acceptance based on who had the best application, seemed most qualified, etc. It isn't just going to be little Jimmy from Club Penguin applying and then immediately getting accepted. This is a GOOD idea, and a step in the right direction.
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    If you want a hug it's possible. Just give me a good idea then i'll consider it. Any issues let me know also. Thanks
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    I actually agree, this ''Apply to become a Contributor'' thing is just a dumb thing to do. Why? First of all, we all know A LOT of people are gonna try to apply just to mess with the people who gets this ''applications''. And i don't doubt people are gonna do like, ''hey, i'm just gonna post a lot in the forum even tho i don't really mean what i post, so when i send my contributors application they can see that I've been writing some good stuff in it''. And think about it, if the group has been INVITE only, just like the Volunteer group is, i don't see why it should be changed now. If this actually get implemented, i think they should have Volunteers Applications too, don't you think?
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    I support this, in total, it is much better to block all the links or just leave what is allowed: xat.com ticket host to upload images etc. This is because many users do not know all the pages that can cause damage and can scam you.
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    I really like this power, I will buy it for sure.
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    are very well smiles call a lot of attention and that is good in a power, the pawns are also Cool excellent job @Mike
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    The new monthly log should be posted in the near future. Also, the October monthly log wasn't deleted -- the thread was simply unpinned: https://forum.xat.com/topic/5157-contributor-monthly-log-october-2017/
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    That would be great, people who review your Xatspace can look how many people have added would be interesting to use something like that, good luck
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    I say bring Christina back as a volunteer, probably the only one that pushes for things to be changed, the ticket system is a definite must to be changed or improved, there’s a few free sites that offer similar but better qualities of the support system. xat doesn’t really care about “Normal users”. All cat cares about is money, let’s be honest, there’s no NEED for a power every week. Why not not make the powers once a month and less frequently, stupid “fruit” powers, they’re not exactly needed as in the demand they’re being released now. It seems to me that all xat wants is money and users to spend money, which is fair enough, but reduce the frequency of powers, do weekly updates and bug fixing instead of releasing new features. Thanks
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    Congratulations to the new Contributors
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    Merry Christmas! INNER LINK OUTER LINK Button Color: #163f7a Happy New Year INNER LINK OUTER LINK Button Color: #480042 Is My Job GOOD LUCK!!
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    If you don't want to talk to anyone, you should try sign out button. It works, no one will pc/pm you. I still don't understand why some of you have nopc On all the time. Is it to make you special?
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    After reviewing this, I don't think it's a bug. The AdminCP used to only allow searches of four or more characters. It's now three or more, but I'm sure on the regular forum search it's four or more.
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    @Crow i think it a sushi decorated, with boat sushi in teme fish as a dish in resturant or you know those Chinese restaurant carriages?? a Chinese transport a sushi with this carriage..
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    I think because "or" must be used like "THIS or THAT" same thing is on xat.com/search Eg: "xLaming or PAULO" if exist one or other will show... More on details on http://xat.wiki/Search
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