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  1. Where you can find a set prizes to glow your name (NC,4color,Nameglow) in xat?! Join now in Best bg assistance chat
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  2. The Haters team on forum lol now with... lol just to rate themselves and with power to ..... Here we go circle of haters none can get up just them lol.
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  4. Happy birthday Samu! I know you for a long time. I don't remember well, I think 2-3 years. You're a good boy, keep it up!
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  6. Feliz aniversário! Desejo-lhe um ano perfeito (se é que você entende). P.S. Agora que você já é maior de idade, podemos visitar as mais badaladas casas noturnas do grandioso estado do Rio Grande do Sul e conquistar as mais belas prendas, ao estilo Barney Stinson.
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