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    ** UPDATED NOV 1ST ** This Halloween event was planned out and thought through very well. The hunt this time around will involve clues and riddles, the riddles are Halloween themed. Mini-games will be setup at random chats, so you can find riddles within them. We will provide you clues to where you should be looking for the chats participating in this event. Let's go over some conditions for this Halloween Hunt and unlike the Easter Hunt one, it will challenge you more than the last. CONDITIONS FOR GETTING A PRIZE: Find where the clue leads. Reveal the riddle through the mini-games set up. Reveal the mini-game, and try to solve it. Try to solve the riddle that you revealed, and post your answer in a reply to this forum thread. You cannot win twice, a prize will be given to the first person to solve the riddles placed on the chats. Each prize is 10,000 xats. You cannot attempt to answer more than one riddle. The last reply or edit you make for a specific riddle will be considered your final answer. Those are the conditions. Let's also go over how you should format your replies to this thread, so we can go through the answers legibly. FORMAT FOR YOUR REPLY POST: <Chatname> <Answer to the riddle> <Username and ID> HERE ARE THE CLUES TO START YOUR HUNT: Clue: xat is entirely comprised of this. Clue: Where to go when you have a problem. Clue: It's picture perfect. Clue: xat is entirely comprised of people being this. Clue: Where to go internationally when you have a problem. Clue: Smiley simulator. Clue: You're adorable. Clue: For those of Asia that need assistance. Clue: If you're in Europe, you can get help here. Clue: It could be a camio. Clue. Hunt the forum. INFORMATION REQUIRED TO KNOW WHEN HUNTING: Not all the mini-games are the same, they're different for every chat, and are hidden within the chat. The answers to the riddles come from YOU, the riddle itself that pops up from revealing it is not the answer! THE ANSWER TO THE RIDDLE CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE PAGE, YOU HAVE TO SOLVE THE RIDDLE. The Riddlers [WINNERS] will be announced NOV 2ND, 2017 This is a very hard hunt, it wont be like last time. The answers will not be anywhere on the pages, the answers have to come from your mind. * Here's the people who helped bring this event to us all Majora (557766019) and Haley (874285). Without them, none of this would have happened. * I hope you all enjoy the hunt. Keep in mind, first come first serve.
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    Hello everyone, I want to suggest a new idea for a power. <Squarefaces>. (fsquare) «It's an upgraded version of square» =Example=
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    Hi Everyone, I decided to give 4 powers randomly to Four user of the forum. winner - 1 (tooth) power. winner - 1 (halloween) power. winner - 1 (halloscroll) power. winner - 1 (boo) power. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate. Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. >> Countdown Here << The winner will be chosen in Alazar. Good Luck!! iYeeyo (10000051)
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    Hello, I like your suggestion!! I did it " Smilies " hope you guys like it xD Check: https://thuk.me/squad.swf - https://thuk.me/squad2.swf - https://thuk.me/squad3.swf - https://thuk.me/squad4.swf @Camila
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    The winners are: Winner 1 - SHAW (1003) @SHAW Prize: (halloscroll) power + 5 days; Winner 2 - SK4T3L (300064311) @Skatel Prize: (skull) power; Winner 3 - mapachito (168830371) @Duunky Prize: (carve) power; Winner 4 - DarkManDarek5 (1032321853) @Chris94 Prize: (horror) power; Wiiner 5 - Arihforever (811324585 @Arih Prize: (mark) power; Confirm: http://prntscr.com/h3oj3o To receive the prize add please Mstr (96096) / xat.com/loja; Thank you all! Big hug! Until next time! Mstr
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    awww so cute, i like :3 thanks thuk <3 // @Mike nice job!!
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    Hello Guys, I decided to give five powers randomly to five user of the forum. 1 winner - 1 new (halloscroll) power + 5 days; 2 winner - 1 new (skull) power ; 3 winner - 1 (carve) power; 4 winner - 1 (horror) power; 5 winner - 1 (mark) power; Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate. Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; You have until "Countdown" to sign up! The winner will be chosen in Alazar.Info. Good luck all! Thanks. Mstr (96096)
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    From my point of view, Square is not very used,. However, This upgraded version could improve the smilies. Users are tired of the same smilies, we need new different types of smilies/powers like this suggestion. According to paul, Shapes sounds cool! Paulo
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    A lot of your suggestions are based in actual powers (This one Burningheart), what can be done, is just add certain new smilies to those powers you are suggesting.
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    Is the point of this topic to address an issue pertaining to running out of ideas for smilies? or is this topic to address the issue of powers being released on a weekly basis? If it's for running out of ideas: There is no such thing as running out of ideas, you can make a power virtually out of any idea. (it just needs to get designed) If the issue is in regards to releasing the powers weekly: I totally agree that the amount of powers being dished out should be reduced, but we may have different opinions as to why. I believe releasing powers weekly results in a much faster production time of these smilies, this in turn degrades the quality, it stuns thinking, and overall the powers creativity just becomes bland. I believe allowing more time in between releasing these powers gives these smiley makers more leisure to create A+ quality work. I don't blame the smiley makers for powers being low grade or bad quality, because we have seen before the excellent quality work they could do. Instead, I believe the issue lies in the amount of powers being released.
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    We'll never run out of power ideas. There are 8.7 million species of animal powers we could have! (Source)
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    Nice suggestion! I think an animal themed square smiley would work. Seems like a nice idea.
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    ¡Winners for Random Number! • SirCharLie (1523604434) - reaper • xMarshaLLz (428933352) - boo • iHaveNoChiLL (1525773013) - arachnid • HeLperNate (535215565) - allhallows • iiJuaniiii (1498371913) - witch • HeLperNate (535215565) - ghostmon • SirCharLie (1523604434) - creepy • SHAW (1003) - nightmare • MusicaLMeLody (674217819) - graveyard • NJayXnockout (68264778) - halloween2 & trickortreat ~ Thanks for participating!!!
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    Nice suggestion! How about a power called Shapes, its same as this power but it has different shapes example, Square, Triangle, Star, Circle, Rectangle and many other shapes?
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    Happy halloween to all. @Fiona here my halloween custome
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    Correct me if I'm wrong : nowhere in the rules it's stated that you have to give away the riddle you found. So congratulations everyone on spoiling your chats' riddles :-) (Or was it edited recently ?) Chatname: xat_test Answer to the riddle: https://xat.com/xat8 Username and ID: XeR (586552)
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    I don't see any problem with new powers weekly, except by the production aspect which requires developers to continuously come up with good ideas Else powers don't sell. It's essential for a site to be updated, and even though powers are paid, fresh changes (e.g. new powers) are a good thing for xat. Although, I feel there is some scarcity of ideas for free features. And it's important to think of "non-paid features". So I leave the thought: We cannot "run away" from making xat fun for users that can't afford to pay. They ("free users") should get stuff too, not premium stuff though but something cool.
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    Clue 5: Where you go internationally when you have a problem. Chat name: Assistance Riddle: "My name is a liar, but without me you stand alone. I am a crutch, my crackling voice will chill you to the bone. Wavering steps I cannot condone, for even when you are not stable; I will make you capable." Answer: A walker. Regname & ID: xMarshallz (428933352)
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    I honestly have no energy to reply to birthday messages individually as I've not long been discharged from hospital since needing emergency surgery. Thank you for the messages anyway! I had a wonderful birthday...in hospital...laying in an uncomfortable bed, chatting away, complaining about the pain and being stabbed everywhere in my limbs for blood tests. Had a great birthday cake on the brighter side of it. Here's a photo of my lovely chocolate cake the nurses ordered in for me:
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    Clue 5: Where to go internationally when you have a problem. Chatname: xat.com/Assistance Riddle: What number does it follow? 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211 ¿--------? Answer: 13112221 RegName/ID: IIMiticoII (1525302205)
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    Clue 10: It could be a camio. Chat name: xat.com/cambio Riddle: Two steps forward from one. One step forward from two. To begin a gambit, do not become distraught; accept or decline, it matters not. One of the boldest, as well as the oldest. Queens and kings of darkness and light, pieces will fall but the winner will take it all. Answer: Chess Username and ID: LaFleur (517650537)
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    Clue 3: It's picture perfect Chat name: xat.com/Fondos Riddle: Unfathomably sour, coupled by the piquancy of chemical war. I do not bring power and I am not a reason to cower, even if my name happens to be malicious. I am a treat for those who choose to eat, but it is a choice they should not repeat. Answer: Warheads Username and ID: Angelo 18500000
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    Clue 1: xat is entirely comprised of this. Chatname: xat.com/Chat Riddle: Surrounded, and solid too, hue like the sea and the sun. Answer: xat planet Lemona (220341852)
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    Clue 2: Where to go when you have a problem • <Name of the chat> → xat.com/help • <Answer to the riddle> → Usually when we have a problem in xat, we go first to help xat so that more advanced users (with experiences) help us and we get the answer. /// Generalmente cuando tenemos un problema en xat, vamos primero al xat de ayuda para que los usuarios mas avanzados (con experiencias) nos ayuden y consigamos la respuesta. • <Username and ID> → RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415)
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    Although the source provides true evidence that we could have many animal powers, wouldn't people get tired of animal powers and possibly suggest or want fx, or even function powers? I can see where you're going, but I'm still unsure myself.
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    I think the idea of waiting more than 1 week to make new powers is a good idea. It should be lower of a priority because I feel that admins and staff should address the more important public issues of xat. I feel that more bigger and public problems are top priority, then if there is time, they should use this to make a new power.
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    Agreed. We have to consider the xat economy and pricing structure too. Look what happened when Ruby released. If we do get a new pawn, I think it should either be bright yellow, sparkly silver, or clear (diamond?). We don't really have these colors at the moment. Perhaps this pawn could coincide with the full html5 release (ushering in a new era of xat), or it could be unlocked for collecting all unlimited powers (to encourage spending in the xat store) [inspired by this topic]. The textured pawns (e.g. zebra, camouflage, leopard skin, chocolate) are all too radical for my taste, but they're intriguing and revolutionary, nonetheless. Also, it could be tested out on April Fools' Day - like Pink before it - to gauge users' reactions.
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    I received the prize Thank u Stiff ♡ !
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    oo very cute i like this smilies thuk i like is very cutee honey <3 i like is very sweety this smilies
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    That moment when you are really motivated to go at college but it's snowing so you decide to spend your whole week on xat. 😒😒😒😒
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    I was actually thinking about free hats. Also, there is no need for another color pawn, I actually want to sell my gold and it's less than 38k. If admin would actually add another expensive pawn the powers would drop a lot more.
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    again new pawns ??? what about NEW PERMANENT HATS lol
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    The contest has ended, the winner is: iPia (592658849)! Congratulations! Contact me within 24 hours to receive your prize! EDIT Prize paid!
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    Espero que mañana sea un excelente dia, éxitos en tú examen!! Besos de amor @Fiona
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    A massive thanks to @HelperNate for the donations and making this event possible!
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    I think using square with almost any animal/whatever power would work.
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    We have Cuboid power (in square shaped smilies) I think I'd rather see this boosted, this power seems forgotten.
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    I say that it is better to add some more smiles to the square without the need to create another as the same Good luck.
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    Shake 123629123 roses are red my luck is a troll I’m sure I won’t win halloscroll
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    Thank you all for attending and making it extra fun! A BIG THANK YOU TO PLAII AND EVERYONE THAT DONATED (Lucky, Mayeyo, Ider, and Tania) to Melanie for DJ'ing, Lemona and Angelo for hosting with me! And for all of you guys for showing up!
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    Hello everyone, Today, I'd like to discuss that maybe it's time that we make new pawn colors for users to use, not including orange, silver / white, blue, green, red / ruby, pink, black, gray, purple, brown, cyan, or gold. Though, I don't know if this topic has been suggested or not, but how about a bronze, striped, or a lavender pawn? Though these may be too similar to Gold or Purple, maybe it's time we offer some new colors that aren't taken yet while we have the chance to make them. In a previous topic I read about someone wanting a black emerald pawn, but it couldn't happen due to security reasons and the pawn strictly belonging to the administrator. Well, eve if we can't make new pawn colors, how about we offer a upgrade or boosted version of ruby now being able to change the pawn color other than ruby, but give the pawn that ruby-ish feel. It may defeat the purpose of the whole power being ruby, but in my opinion, I think it'd be nice if we could change it. What do you guys think? Even if this topic gets closed due multiple suggestion, it was nice discussing what we could do to make more pawns aviable to users. As always, have a good day / night everyone!
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    Hello! Thank you to our participans! After a intense moment of judging all of your entries, we have decided two (2) winners of this contest! The first winner is: @Mauzim and the second winner @CarlosDesigns! Congratulations! Please contact with @muffins for your prize! Once again, the staff of xat Tidings, wants to thank everyone who participated on this contest. Thank you!
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