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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power and 50 xats randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; Deadline to post: 25/09/2017 | Countdown here. (The winner will be chosen in Alazar).
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    Stealth mode for permanent moderators? A function power allowing owners to go on stealth is definitely something we need. Lets say the power is named UNSEEN. This power would be required if a moderator wanted to go on stealth. But the chat has to set the stealth mode for moderators too. Having it that way, means the main owner can control who is using the stealth mode. Imagine an option within GCONTROL: Stealth Mode: [+Moderators/+Temp. Owners/+Owners/+Main] Default is set to +Temp. Owners If changed to "+Moderators", then the moderators will need UNSEEN power and will be able to go on stealth. I see this as an utility for chat moderation. So I can't see a need for members to go on stealth.
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    ey its ur boi njthug, coming in hot w/ another suggestion I think eventually this will be made, but I strongly urge that it's done sooner rather than later. It's a lot easier having a desktop application, rather than having to open a browser. Most of the time, browsers like chrome will lag a lot more because of the additional extensions I and most people have downloaded (one that everyone has, adblocker), maybe even set the application to open upon startup. the design that is linked has been created within like 20 minutes and is heavily inspired by the discord theme, but it's just a preview, I'm sure xat developers can add cooler stuff, like game applications, areas to purchase powers, camera etc. hopefully, this will be the next major project after xat mobile development is finished (idk when that will be tbh lol) https://i.imgur.com/BWviy56.png leave your thoughts, suggestions pls, thank u oh ye, the laptop desktop is taken from credit goes to my man, alexander99
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    What do you guys think about a power with Avocado theme? Maybe something like the kik version of Avocado ? Avocadon't be rude (:
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    Prize received: Thank you, Stif, for holding the contest.
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    Hello, this is my First Contest i Wish that i give A new idea ,the game is simple, i Don't think that it need a holderPrize ! iff its important i can Confirm With @muffins or @Chelly or someone that can be a holderprize please Contact me! Rules & Time & Game / +Prizes * Rules : Put your REgister name + ID (dont use double account) + screenShot from the bot * Time Left : http://bit.ly/2ytbgvr *Game Name : Be Happy. *How play : Random * Bonus : First you go to xat.com/7alali then you Pc the bot ; Then use command (!number) screen the picture and add it here with your regname and id. * information : You can collect the price only in xat.com/7alali ** This Contest Start Today : 21/09/2017 - End : 29/09/2017 *Example how to play : User : iMoHd (63334225) Number : 46 Screen : http://prntscr.com/go2yxx i will choose 3 winners Every 48 Hours ! New : Please don't use same numbers that already choosen iff you get same number By bot use the command for another time . Note : xat.com/7alali is an arabic chat so please don't spam in the main chat with another language (Just Arabic language is allowed in the MainChat) Thanks all .. Good luck ! --------------------- **New : List Lucky Number (it will be edited when have more Users) : http://bit.ly/2yhTFp4 (Help) ** Numbers Already Exist Be careful don't use numbers as : 02 - 06 - 07 - 09 - 10 - 13 - 16- 18 20 - 22 - 24 - 27 - 29 30 - 32 - 34 - 35- 36 - 38 46 - 48 55 - 56 61 - 62 - 64 - 69 70 - 71 - 73 - 75 84 - 86 - 87 - 89 91 - 95 - 97 - 99 ( it will be edited once other numbers add ) for 23/09/2017 Winners Are : 1. S4muel (99) - @Samu : http://prntscr.com/goujj9 2. JeanGraphicsID (32) - @JeanGraphics : http://prntscr.com/gouqi2 3. shinmccold1 (34) - @Light_Yagami : http://prntscr.com/gp23fh For 25/09/2017 winners are : 1 - Blacky (62) - @Blacky : http://prntscr.com/gpysow 2 - Shake (75) - @Shake : http://prntscr.com/gpnkxe 3- TheDarkIsLight (55) - @Mammoth9898 : http://prntscr.com/gqhfhh For 27/09/2017 winners are (last day) : 1 - Candytatiii (46) : @C4ndy : https://prnt.sc/gr6r1t 2 - Yoiker (36) : @Yoiker : http://prntscr.com/gqyf0h 3- Ediz (16) : @Ediz : http://prntscr.com/gqy8wk
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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; Deadline to post: 24/09/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. EDIT There will be two winners instead of one, good luck!
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    thank you @Yoiker , I received my prize
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    The contest has ended. EDIT Prize paid: iMoHd (63334225)!
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    Hello, the truth seems to me an excellent idea which can work and operate with many smilies and others I hope will be taken into account
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    tbh the idea looks good, and even better if they can make some smilies like this ones and it would be cool if they added a smilie in which you can write little messages on it. it looks great, me likey!
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    Cute graphics, good job @Ediz
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    Grats guys @Teddy @Idris and enjoy
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    Congratulations @Idris @Teddy
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    Not yet! because everyone has to get the prize Hehe, Not yet, you have more 100 xats to get! Oka, xD Hi Everyone, I like to see that you liked this contest, so when I have free time, I will continue with this contest. I am busy, work, vacation and school, but I will give xats to someone to distribute to all the prize won. (I will write a message here to say who will distribute the prize) I will say when this topic may be closed, because we have more contests in the future! When everyone gets Xats won, this topic will be temporarily closed, after finding free time, this contest will be open and we will continue to choose winners!
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    Tbh this is simple, As we know its done via swf So if the user has the power X enabled and its moderator+ he'll can use it Isnt needed to change anything on gcontrol or add more internal features(server-side) just if admins want to... But not really needed... Power like mod8 allows mods to bans higher than 6h, IT DOESNT HAVE ANY OTHER UTILITY. Why not this one? I agree your suggestion. Nb: not just perm mods, but temp mods too.
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    I think it'd be an OK idea to have an option in Gcontrol to allow from permanent moderators to use stealth. Perhaps only a select few? Perhaps you could also expand Manage and allow for certain IDs to be able to use $tealth. Undoubtedly though, this has been suggested before. Hopefully it will become a feature soon! I'd see virtually no use for a member to need to use stealth, but maybe you could change my mind.
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    Xat_Test inner background ` (:
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    That is true... However there are still some smileys that you can't physically rotate such as Firefx which is a new power. Your argument is valid, but there is a hole in it. What if I want to turn my fire to the right? ... What if I want Swaves to stand upward, or What if I want to rotate the heart in glitterfx or in Burningheart? What if I want the glitter in glitterfx to flow in a different direction without it spinning? You can't physically rotate these with the powers that exist? Do you have a counterargument for this? Like seriously, it's not like the smiley will be moving, it will be sitting completely still in the set of degrees you want the smiley to be. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe some people want the tip of the heart pointing at the last letter of their name and the outside of the heart facing the other direction which is the same thing that applies to the beginning of their name. (In simpler terms, the current powers can't turn a heart sideways, nor can it make Swaves stand up like an l, and it can't make fire sideways.) Tell me how I can do these with the current powers that are in xat?
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    As I have been on Xat, I have come to realize that there is no convenience of rotating your smiley to a certain extent of degrees, so I wondered why not have that convenience. It would be pretty useful to have certain smiley's face 90 degrees to the right or 90 degrees counterclockwise to where it faces left. I know that invert can turn your smiley upside down, but it would be nice to be able to rotate your smiley left and right as well. If anyone is reading this right now, let me know your opinion. Give me feedback. Thanks for your time. Oh I forgot to mention an example... for instance it could be (D#XX) A rotation to the left or (D#YY) a rotation to the right. Also it could be to give a number of degrees such as (D#C90) = Clockwise 90* or (D#CC90) = counter clock wise 90
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    (I think it's not working right now) The code is (hat#EbhFxx) You must change XX by the code of your country. Reghide must be activated Codes: http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/ctycodes.htm @iMoHd
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    BR4BO (1521709530)
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    This is just an add-on to the temporary rank powers. This is not a new power. I suggested this on the old forum, but this suggestion adds two more indications. This add-on will add four visual indicators to see if users on a chat are temporarily ranked or not, along with a quality-of-life change with temp powers. I usually see people who are not usually mod/owner (not usually member, but this relates to that, as well) on chats, and I have to ask if they are "temp" or "perm", and I do not know how long they are for. However, this suggestion will change that. I have asked Stah if he can be the example for my visual indicators. Note: These examples were made in Photoshop and not coded into the xat client. 1. Pawn Indication First, there will be a clock on the user's pawn. That will clearly show that they are a temporary rank. This is the clock used in the temp powers: , or a modified version of the (o) smiley. The clock is in a different position than the power to match the away indication. 2. Hover Over Pawn Now you know that they are a temp rank. But, you don't know how long they are their rank! This is fixed with the second visual indicator. When you hover over their pawn, you are able to see how long they are temp for. Here, you can see that Stah has 3.2 hours (192 minutes) left as a tempmod. 3. Rank Listed on 'Card' On their 'card' (when you click on their name), you can see that they are listed as a 'tempmod' instead of moderator. This could also be listed as "Temp-Moderator", "Tempmod", "Temporary Moderator", or "Temporary Mod". 4. Position on Chat List I'm not sure if this is already in the client, but lastly, tempmods should be listed below regular moderators, as their chat rank is lower. This would further differentiate temp-moderators from moderators. 5. After Temprank Expires This was suggested by @Lemona. This isn't a visual indicator, but just a QOL change to the temp powers. With the original temprank power, after the temporary rank expires, users may sign in/out or get kicked in order to return to their previous rank. With this suggestion, the user would automatically return to their original rank. The chat could automatically refresh after your time is up, so it would be obvious that the rank wore off. I know you could use events (or maybe bots?) to check, but this would make it so much easier, and this would be available to users without the events power or a bot. Thank you to Stah for letting me use him as an example in this suggestion. Feel free to add on or critique my suggestion. Thank you for reading, if you did. If you didn't, here's a TL;DR: TL;DR: This adds four visual indicators, differentiating them from regular moderators (along with one QOL change).
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    Well, this is a RANDOM selection of what power it will allow you to sell based on the powers you have. It does not mean that it will chose what you could sell based off the power, it could produce it's own values of chance. This is where the rarity factor would come in. Each power would have a certain percentage of rarity, it would not be based off of the powers you have. For example, it would be much harder for the power to chose gold opposed to hat. It does not necessarily have to correlate with the powers you currently have. This is how I see the idea formulating, as I'm not the OP, I do not know exactly what he is intending. But this is how I perceive the power to be. @Njthug
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    Agreed. If there was ever a flagpawn, they should allow country flags only. For instance, the paw flag should not be allowed. I like the new looks but I'd like even more if there were special effects to add with it. #s - still flag. Default: https://prnt.sc/gomw30 (as it currently is) #w - waving flag. It would not move though: https://prnt.sc/gomvyb #m - mirrors flag. Mirrors the flag position: http://prntscr.com/goqast #o - offset flag. Moves the flag a bit to the bottom part of the pawn. I did a "quick demo" to show what I mean:
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