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    I was thinking of a system that could benefit new users and really help them understand how xat functions. You know in games, where they have achievements that you can unlock? Why not try that with xat. I understand that game achievements differ greatly from how chatrooms function, most of the time, they will have levels and experience that you can get from the achievements. But I think the real purpose of this idea would be to teach new users, step by step, the features of xat. From typing in the chat, changing name, avatar to creating your own chat group. Take a look, my photoshopping skills are dank. http://i.imgur.com/JlNv6L9.png If you take a look at the screenshot, those are some basic achievements you can get through this system. Some of you may have notice at the bottom, that I have included a rewards, I think the system would work immensely well if xat would add some very basic rewards, such as permanent hats that can be obtained through earning, say 20 medals. I'm not asking for anything fancy, just something to give people an incentive to do medals. Possible rewards (call me out on my bs, if something wont work) 10 medals, permanent hat (something simple and only unlockable through the medals system) 20 medals, 5 days (that's not too much to ask, is it? it wont kill xat's economy, right?) 30 medals, give out the power (winner), add do the quiz as one of the achievements. (fix it xat) 40 medals, give out 10 days complete all medals, this might be too far fetched, but maybe let user choose from a select few powers (namely nameglow, status or hat, if it wont affect trade economy too much) Keep in mind that all rewards earned through this system are none-tradeable. To access the medals page, you can find it on the games tab (hopefully xat does something to bring more attraction to the system, say if it were to be implemented) http://i.imgur.com/KHGdFl8.png http://i.imgur.com/PFfNzfr.png To bring even more attraction, you could have badges on people's profile (when you click them, I mean) for example: http://i.imgur.com/A4mYhTp.png I'm no graphics expert, but I'm sure xat could draw a fancy ribbon or something to declarate how many medals they've achieved. Please remember that all the ideas above are in early stages of development, it's the concept you should be looking whether it would work or not, and not nit-pick on specifics, like what stages should we give rewards out. If I can think of something else to add, I'll edit the post. But tell me your thoughts so far. I'll take all criticisms, this seems like something that would need a lot of discussions.
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    its now unlimited (well will be)
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    We decided to boost the blog activity and to publish new and more content. This month, not only you'll be able to read a new interview but also a guide and a xat story! We added new blog editors and we are looking for original ideas so feel free to suggest anything you want Every time something is published on the blog, we will announce in this club section. Ensure you've added https://xat.chat in your favorite pages
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    Greetings! The suggestion may seem self explanatory because of the title, but there is something else I must add. I wish to see in the near future, whether it be a new page feature on search, or a new page on its own, a section where you can search for xat groups. For people who want to keep their chat a secret, do not worry! This new feature could come with a "Make Page Private/Public" button on the settings page of your group. This can also be featured when you're creating a group.
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    This is a reminder that the conest will end in 2 days. Please, if you have any more entries, submit them before the contest ends. Thank you.
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    A Guide to Auction Powers Leave your feedback below!
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    Hi all! Today, i'd like to announce my first ever contest on my return back to xat, an pcback contest! (Felt kind of generous and thought i'd do one!) Prize pool is 5000 xats and places are: 1st: 2500 xats 2nd: 1500 xats 3rd: 600 xats 4th: 400 xats Judge(s): @oj will be judging with me for this contest. (please let me know if you want to judge.) Prize holder: @Paul is holding the prize as we speak. Next up, the rules! Rules are simple, so here we go: - It must have Marshall, or Mars printed somewhere on the pcback. - You do not have to include my ID. - I like to go with blue and purple-ish themes, so as pastel themes. (Don't make it too bright pls.) - Abstract pieces, (pls blue or colors i suggested above) will do too. - Limit of pcbacks that can be submitted? Three. (3) Here are some suggestions to what characters you can make with the pcback: - Dewott / Oshawott / Samurott from Pokemon. -Teddiursa from Pokemon. - Hilbert or Ethan from the Pokemon games. - Any animal that is a bear or an otter. - Anything that is kawaii or painted. (bears, otters, pokemon such as dewott, buizel, water pokemon, along those lines.) - PERSONA 5 themed would look nice. I have some images of my own you can use if wanted: (basically commissions i got in the past and other stuff.) The contest will end of next month, September 9th, 10 P.M. EST. So, PLEASE try to get your entries in before hand! As always thanks for reading and i'm looking forward to your entries. GOOD LUCK!
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    Hi guys, we will change the subject to randomly give away the powers. You must choose a letter of the alphabet that is not repeated and comment. (Exlample: A, B, C, D, E, F, etc) Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 08/09/2017 | Countdown: here Prize: KVEGGIE , TRAVEL . The winning letter will be chosen inrandomly in a roulette, good luck.
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    New power is Puppy ID: 458 Name: Puppy Status: unlimited Smilies: (puppy)(pupbark)(pupbone)(pupchange)(pupjump)(puplick)(puppaws)(puppout)(pupsleep)(pupsmile)(pupfrisbee) Pawns: hp, hu, hy, ho Price: 299 xats
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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; Deadline to post: 09/09/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. Good luck!
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    Code: (glow#531fe0#cfa6ff) Code: (glow#ff0080#ffffff) Code: (glow#34bee0#c7f9ff) Code: (glow#b45f04#Fefcb4) Code: (glow#010101#ffff00) Code: (glow#14a1ff#bg) Code: (glow#2e2e2e#bdbdbd Code: (glow#ff7e29#fff70d) Code: (glow#318029#6bff84) Code: (glow#318029#c4edff) Code: (glow#cc0066#ffccff)
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    Here's the schedule for this weekend's events. This will be the last weekend of events until Halloween. Donations are appreciated. Date Time Game Host Prize September 16 7:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats September 16 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Typerace Nathan 800 xats September 17 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Make the Doodle Bella & Nathan 500 xats per question, total 5000 xats September 17 After previous event Trivia Bella & Nathan 250 xats per question, total 5000 xats September 17 After previous event Gameban tournament Nathan 5000 xats Make the Doodle and Trivia are win 1 skip 1! I'd like to thank @6 and @Dimplefor donating for this weekend's events!
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    What about this one: https://mundosmilies.com/search ? Anyway, great idea. It would be done by xat and also improved. About your suggestion to keep it private etc, you just need to go your edit and select option to keep it unlisted of charts, search etc.
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    New style: Button color: #1a3058 You can combine it with any background. Thank you!
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    LoL i like ☺️ Cute powers!
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    http://i.cubeupload.com/L1onC1.png https://i.cubeupload.com/qr9oM0.png Button color: #1491ee About the question mark: I don't speak German. If you see any mistakes in my translation or you want to change keywords, feel free to contact me. Edit : I forgot the caps. https://i.cubeupload.com/P0TRRh.png
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    OMG!! (I can't believe) wow! this looks very cute. I appreciate it, thank you so much! *-*
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    first entry: link *added some minor edits. first edit here.
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    Thats my Pcback for you , you like this ? ♥ Link
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    First entry Link: ♡ Template
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    This is my First Entry . Link : http://i.imgur.com/Ri18RFK.png Credits : Smileybar Kawaii Render image
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    Confirmed im holding the prize of 5k
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    (carvegrin#000001#carvegrin#r#f#dove2#------#halo#r#------#angel#------) (zombie1#c#zombie1#1#vcross#2#valentine#r) (carvegrin#000001#carvegrin#r#f#igirl#------#igirl#r#f) (kderage#c#goat#kderage#angel#333333) (vamp#c#f#six#f#both#wrist#000001#halo#000001#f#angel#f#000001#sfeet#000001#f#starburst#000001) (kwcup#fireback#ffffff#halloween#rbr++++#------##ccflame#------#rbr++++#burningheart#rbr+++++#wh#------#rbr++++) (madsci#madsci#pknburning#FFFFFF#survivor2#c4c4c4f#zombie2#) (bat2#size#w6155#burningheart#000001#angry)
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    To Convert .gif to XAT AVATAR you have to follow following steps: 1. Click - Here 2. Enter the link of gif there - Here 3. After Clicking Convert upload it to imgur.com - Here 4. After uploading it to imgur.com copy the link - Here 5. Put the link in Picture BOX - Here 6. Results - Here
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    - (glow#AC295D#F3CCE0) - (glow#803842#FCBBBC) - (glow#4a4a4a#d2d2ff) - (glow#r----#C9CBC9) - (glow#99A8C6#DFFAE8) - (glow#89787A#C9BBB4) - (glow#0#46244A) Namegrad codes: (glow#0C0C0C#grad#EEBEBE#DBB6B6#E6AEAE#D3A0A0#A76666#B77878#r90) (glow#846e7a#grad#fef3bf#f6a09f#f4f1c5#fabdb4#faf5b7#fcbdbe#f4a59a#fdfec3#r140) (glow#000001#grad#ffe9dc#fce9db#e0a899#dfa290#cc99789#r40) (glow#261212#grad#430606#EECCCC#EECCCC#430606#r40) (glow#080008#grad#F6EEC7#F8F6D3#FCE89D#F6E4A0#F4C18E#F8D5B8#r90) (glow#000001#grad#F0FCFE#E4B08C#DBC6B2#D5F4F4#EECC9A#CDAACD#r90) (glow#020202#grad#95E4C9#BDF6DB#B8F2E4#F1D1F8#F1C9FA#F6C1F6#r140) (glow#424F86#grad#C1D9BA#D1D0EB#B6F1F1#E7C6E7#r0) glad you like. :^)
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    Adding more two things: <meta.. was blocked on chat groups. (before it was blocked on xat.me already) <center> / </center> is not working too, if you want can use <div align="center"> / </div> it should work.
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    I like all colors (: thank u
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    Drawvi custom avatar using doodle needed: doodle, drawvi (draw avatar) allows you to draw your own avatar or create your own avatar using doodle meant to be fast no need to save image upload to hosting then change your avatar, this saves you time how to use: 1. open doodle (make sure to have the powers needed above) 2. draw something (make sure its appropriate, same rules as having any other avatar) 3. on doodle click save (only be able to see save if you have the powers) your avatar should be updated with a code works the same way as stick which has its own code generated will be autosized to fit as avatar onced saved code can either be: drawvi#codehere or doodle#codehere you know how when you save xavi it updates your avatar automatically it will be like that but will also give you a generated code and still option to save image like regularly. summary of above:
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