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    Second Entry! I don't know if you like red color but I hope you like this. Message me if you want me to change anything. Link: x Template
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    Hi guys, the contest will officially end tomorrow and we will finalize it with great prizes. First place: 1200 xats | Second place: 600 xats | *Third place: 350 xats* The third place will be available depends on the number of people involved, I hope to be attentive tomorrow, follow this thread.
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    I'm pleased to announce that xat fireside interviews will be making a return. The name of the 11th interviewee will be revealed one week from today; on Monday, August 21st! In the mean time, is there anyone you're dying to see interviewed?
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    Summer sunsets at the beach. Full chat link: http://i.imgur.com/hZaoKrI.jpg Guppy (696969000)
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    Hello! This is my 2nd entry! Power/Smiley: (Halloween) iProjectGrey (1492310684) The witch and her broom in their Summer vacation. Hope you like it.
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    eww congratulation sydno for being sexy main owner for chat
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    Please add Flirt/Lobby back to the directory. These historic chatrooms do not deserve to be buried (delisted). I miss seeing Divine Time/Glory City in Flirt. It gave the chatroom more diversity and there were always new people to meet. I have a bunch of vouchers who'd like to see the same thing happen if that helps any.
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    If I had to guess, the reasoning for them being "buried" was because of how many vulgur people visit the chats each day. Both chats are unmoderated, leading to anyone being able to say anything they wish. This probably doesn't give xat a good image if they post those chats right front and center on their website, full of people swearing their heads off and flaming everyone in sight. However, this is how these chatrooms were designed, to be completely unmoderated. This, and the decline in the userbase. Any users who enjoy going to flirt/lobby probably do; it's not like they're kept a secret from the xat community. They're also listed on the wiki, under xat.wiki/Chats
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    This is related to the Dunce power. Dunce allows a moderator to dunce another moderator, hence the "Kick" menu is available. Regarding the "Ban" menu, Dunce was originally placed on that menu and it seems like the administrators have forgotten to make this option unavailable when they moved it onto "Kick". Dunce power enabled Dunce power disabled
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    This is my third entry,I hope you like it!! link:http://i.imgur.com/tQGiWza.png
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    New power of the week is Nightmare. ID: 454 Name: nightmare Status: Limited Smilies: nightmare, niclown, nifall, nimonster, nisheep, nisnake, scarybed, scarybed2, sightdoor, sleepyeye. Pawns: hs, he. Price: 230 xats
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    This is my Second Entry trying to paddle while on the raft sunbathing using tanning foil with sunglasses . Full View First Entry Rhea (303261364)
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    Maybe we'll get a summer power during Halloween, a bit like Tropicalxmas! I've never seen a sunbathing vampire before!
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    In love, Gothmeta This summer Gothmeta was in love and forgot to go home before sunrise. She was on a boat when the sun rose. It was near waterfall, it would fall, it had to act quickly, to save itself from the waterfall and the sun. She soon became a bat and hid in the nearest tree and there she waited for the night.................................................................................
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    Pineapple on pizza is a crime against humanity.
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    Hello good day guys! We have one more week before the contest end so please do not forget to submit your entries.
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    This has already been suggested multiple times, both in chat and on the forums:
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    I thought that was an empanada until I checked the wiki lol
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