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    1 - Manu made the background for Rhea, as posted: https://forum.xat.com/topic/4001-rhea-pcback-psd/ 2 - It was made so you can learn how to make your own, not take the PSD, make minor adjustments, and enter a contest with it You do not own the rights to this BG, as the original idea was Manu's and you simply plagiarized his work.
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    Hello to all! The new power of the week is a function called "sline". The name is still unconfirmed but for now, it's sline. The power is only working on official chats until @Admin have updated the other chats! (Works on all chats right now!) What is the purpose of this power ? Sline is a function which allows you to change the smilies bar by your own smilies. (Like you can do with gline power but it's for everyone) Fortunately, only you can see the smilies. Note 1 : When you have setup your own smilies bar, it will be the same on every chat. Note 2 : If you don't want to change all the smilies bar, make sure to use different smilies and change atleast 4 smilies otherwise it won't update. How does it works? Sline works with a macro "$sline". That's simple of use, you just have to type on the chat : $sline=smile1,smile2,smile3,smile4.... Make sure to separate each smilie by a comma. Example : $sline=d,sob,wailing,smirk,cool,eek,hehe,flustered,content,dhat,ono Bonus : You have the possibility to change the color or add a gback for each smilie but it won't work for all smilies! To do that, just add a "#" and your gback like content#goldb after the smilie. You can also use every smilies (even powers) of the xat smilies list, but you need them to send it on the chat! To see the new smilies, you'll have to reconnect to the chat. Preview : If you find any issues with the new power, please post them on there.
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    Decided to try something completely different and give another entry a shot. Maybe I've been drinking too much Karmotrine lately. http://i.imgur.com/GYnjTOM.png (Glitch City) http://i.imgur.com/zOneVv6.png (Inori)
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    Another 3 Entries Link : http://i.imgur.com/aEmWbwE.png Link : http://i.imgur.com/iqxhia5.png Link : http://i.imgur.com/lRaO4aI.png First three Entries : Click here
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    Do not give up, there is still hope for a better tomorrow
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    Now that I think about it, you could add a button to show lists. And so you can also allow users to create multiple lists: default, list1, list2, list3.
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    It seems more appropriate to sline, the name has to be simple and short. It could also be slinerandom or randomsline.
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    Only thing i can think of is cline (customline) or csline (customsmileyline), but that doesn't really make it better than sline, i would stick with sline.
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    Is there a better name than SLINE ?
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    Since it's been a very long time since I've last posted on this thread.. Here is my 4th entry. LUNA http://imgur.com/f4brKTR LUNALA http://imgur.com/3c4kgaP Smiley bar credit: https://forum.xat.com/topic/72-free/#comment-437 5TH ENTRY. http://imgur.com/dNH9eoD
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    A great function power idea taken from a forum suggestion! Here is another example of usage: @Admin A suggestion A command like $sline1-12=smileyname could be useful, to only change a specific smiley of the line. E.g. $sline6=biggrin - would only change the 6th smiley // biggrin -> broadcaster
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    My 2nd entry: Igglybuff Full chat preview: 6
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    Hi. The end date will be on 30 July, 8PM GMT+2.
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    Because clearly we have so many good image hosts to choose from as it is Tinypic is great for xatspaces (main advantage being short urls)
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    Glittery version. Not so glittery version. Hope you like. Thanks.
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    Basically this power would work as follows: A user of xat would buy power and could set up his list of smiles and save to use the default on any xat. Example : - Pattern - After using the power : Basically, the power works the same as in the images . I am suggesting a command to use the power that would be : Command = $csmiles=(List with 12 smiles of your choice) Ex: $csmile=y,n,idc,sarcastic,point,ttm,ok,what,ugc,flustered . It is extremely important to remember that smiles must be separated by commas , Just as we used power gline !!! Logo: (Not definitive logo, subject to change) This is just an idea that I had, I thank everyone who posts constructive criticism and accepts this idea ! by: Keep (48489235) .
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