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    I think they completely changed the original motif of this topic. Better come to the chat to enjoy.
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    Roberto is love, Roberto is life.
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    I'd recommend putting him on ignore. Spamming and ban evading shouldn't be glorified.
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    Good community, I am interested in this section, with which I thought of a good opportunity to adhere a peon towards The allpower, since it would identify better with the others, since there is a knowledge of some power over, until the moment Power base: These can be possible pawns that you thought, since the previous ones do not suit them. Consists of 4 to 6 smilies about smilies would be like pacman fanatsmas "comecocos", Adhered with a hug. These can be possible pawns that you thought, since the previous ones do not suit them. The pawns would have the same effect as the namewave (it would go from top to bottom the effect), the rocket will act around the same peon accompanying it with the yellow hoop of the allpowers. The colors would be: green, white, color beer, color wine. Copyright for @xAndyx This peon would have the diamond effect, accompanied with yellow allpowers ring (bsBlinky) (bsPinky) (bsInky) (bsClyde) I hope you like the new pawns I hope you like the new pawns, greetings Leave your opinion
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    Hey everyone, I have a new jinx suggestion. Use: (shrinkjinx) is a jinx power where the victi... jinxed have their text shrunk. Whenever they type. I don't think it should be so small that it's impossible to read what the person is saying, but it is up to the smiley makers to decide. Hug: It can be the person who is sending the hug is shrinking the pawn of the user they're sending the hug to. Why? I feel like it can be a cute addition to the jinx series. We haven't seen anything like this yet and it can possibly open some doors for more powers. Price: 100-200 Unlimited Side suggestion. We should be able to see emoticons in the chat scroll. Like /s Welcome! (Hi), the hi emotion shows. It's really a QOL update but still. I'm just gonna be adding this to all my suggestions till it gets added.
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    I'm glad you like the power
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    I like the idea, but it can do even better.
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    His signature actually says it where chats.
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    I saw now, and I wondered why I did not like it until now, to this suggestion. xD Big like from me .... . Good luck!
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    What chats do you moderate? I'm just curious.
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    i wonder where you got this from
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    This made me think of why not some kind of jinx that would remove few letters on every words in a sentence ''missingjinx''. lol Btw, i think this jinx would be another good one to add on jinx collections, but it's gonna be weird a little seeing letters shrinking and gets smaller on the chat. xD
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    Give a smile! =) *(n.n)*
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    Let's not talk or compare Graphics with Trade.
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    As a noob and don't know anything about graphics and i would love to be welcomed to stay on the chat anytime and by the time passes little by little get encourage and learn about making graphics.
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    Hello all, Welcome to my power suggestion. I want to suggest an other smilie power: (queen) Xat has already some smilar queen smilies like Iceking (holidays), Frcrown (fairy) or Costumes but this deserve it owns power. Smilies (queen): (queenback) (qcrown): (scepter): (throne): (qmirror): Pawns: queen crown: (hat#hC) Throne: (hat#hT) Scepter: (hat#hs) If you want to suggest more examples do it please ^-^
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    Outer: http://i.imgur.com/PW0kTUb.png Button Color: #B3EEFF (GBack: #sloth or #envy) (Inner, V1: http://i.imgur.com/DjgZZSV.png ) >> Preview << Feel free to leave feedback there Template by draii Help logo by rant time to retire
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    Even though I was owner before I dont think I'd be active enough. Maybe once the chat gets more lively
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    Vote Danneh for owner.
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    If the chat is run by people who don't make graphics then I may as well go to some other chat and sell/discuss, which completely beats the purpose of a graphics chat. Its supposed to be a chat made by designers, for designers. Thats why Manu is main and not for example some volunteer. And yes, designers may be too busy to moderate the chat at times, thats why theres several of them. And some of us aren't even all that busy, No comment
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    Thank you very much for the donation, @dimplef! That's very kind.
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    Hi @Brandon please accept my 10,000 xat donation, pls make it 1st,2nd,3rd places. I'll see u in help chat, thanks!
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    WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW IS MY ENTRY BUT IT IS VERY CRINGY. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lyrics: I am aware of how cringe-worthy this is.
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    This topic should stay locked until new contributors are added. You're causing confusion by replying so late.
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