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    Hello community! There’s an opportunity for designers of our community of Xat.com. Do you like to design? Mundoxat is looking for “The Best Designer" Make a background for Mundoxat y bring out the best of your creativity. How you should proceed: Those who will participate will have to create an inner background for the chat. You are free to use any color, just be creative. Once you have finished you must go to MUNDOXAT chat to submit your entry to only these users: Deymiansss (1501193968) Ethann (80170113) Liliana (657430200) Then simply make a screenshot of the conversation and submit it in this post with your Xat ID Example: http://prntscr.com/fet5p7 Requirements: • Anyone is free to participate • The background must have the Mundoxat logo included. You can change the color of the logo. • Inner Background (728*486 Pixels) • A Matching button color • The designs must be submitted strictly in MUNDOXAT CHAT to the users already mentioned • You must take a ScreenShot of the submitted entry (links) where the mod and the chat are clearly visible, and submit it in this post with your Xat ID. • Try not to make something too bright. → Download Logo (PSD) Note: During the last week, before the end of the contest, the finalists will be announced in the chat. Prize: There will be only one place. Our best designer will be awarded a total of 7,000 xats. The prize will be awarded by: Prize holder: Junior (Volunteer). Judges: → Mundoxat Chat Staff DeadLine: 1st July at 17:00 UTC-5 The winner will be announced first at MUNDOXAT Chat. P.S: There are two posts about this contest. In english (Community Forum) and spanish (Mundoxat Forum) Anyone can win. Good luck, guys! The contest was modified, now you just have to create an inner background
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    Congrats. First Lyrics song win- @Stif http://prntscr.com/fezdtx , http://prntscr.com/fezeko Second Lyrics song win- @Fiona http://prntscr.com/fezfp0 , http://prntscr.com/fezg5f Third Lyrics song win- @LaFleur http://prntscr.com/feziun , http://prntscr.com/fezjiu Fourth Lyrics song win- @Chelly http://prntscr.com/fezm3t ,http://prntscr.com/fezmmr Fifth Lyrics song win- @sweetemj http://prntscr.com/fezp26 , http://prntscr.com/fezppe
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    Recently give some covers for users, in this topic I leave the PSD of the 5 covers I gave in the forum. I hope it will be useful for the designers who are learning, greetings. Download
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    We're not talking about bots, we're talking about for xat. Just because bots have features does not mean xat cannot implement them.
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    The wiki page is up! https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Drawn
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    I would like to thanks first admin, mod, vol, for giving me a chance to make a event here, and ofcourse to all participants thank you so much for joining here. And you may now closed this Trend please, thanks again and have a nice day to everyone. to @Blacky sorry for that and thank you for the undertanding.
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    4th song Please don't stop the music... Rihanna - Don't stop the music. Chelly (19032000) remembered to add my ID lol
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    All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God Don't ya stop, boy Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Stif (1997) First lyrics
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    2nd Cause if you like the way you look that much Oh baby you should go and love yourself Justin bieber loveyouself Fiona (81926573)
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    Final event. You can choose here what Lyrics you want to be complete, the first faster man alive by @LaFleur First Lyrics song 1). ____ that ____ got, ____ to ____ Oh my ___, _____ ya ___, ____ Prizes are: --"Angel", floral, fireworkshug, clockfx, --"ten, meow, chocolate, spacefx, lovetest Second Lyrics song: 2). Cause ____________________ that _____ Oh _____ you _____ go and love _____ Prizes are: --"Namegrad", lovemix2 Third Lyrics song: 3). _________, i make the journey through _______, i keep the ________________________ inside...... Prizes are: --"balloonfx, adventure, lovefx --ani1, fireworksfx, kgiraffe Fourth Lyrics song: 4). Please _________ ___ music.... Prizes are: --"animate, animegirl, -- bird, mousie, sparklefx Fifth Lyrics song: 5). H______ B______ to Y____ Prizes are: --"wish, foolsday, reaper, lovehug
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    @Lunala and @Eleven Thanks to those who could participate.
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    Power of the week is Drawn. ID: 443 Name: Drawn Status: Limited Smilies: (drawn) (drangry) (drback) (drcry) (drgag) (drgrumpy) (drhappy) (drheart) (drsad) (drsleepy) (drsmile) (drswear) (drvamp) (drworry) (dryeah) (drcb) Pawns: p1drawn1 (hat#hd)
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    The power/characteristic is something basic, very useful, it would be used to know if the message was read by the person to whom we sent it in private and ensure that communication continues. Design a brief example: This suggestion I do because sometimes we are left with the intrigue if the person received the message or read it, since sometimes we are in another chat and we send messages and we do not know if it reaches its destination. If they like the idea, could give another suggestion for this new power!
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    why drawn look like sketch power.... copypaste.......???
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    Please use Search before you suggest something new. Your ideas has been suggested a few times already, see below.
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    Got the prize. Thanks for hosting @dimplef and happy birthday!
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    Congratulations guys. Fastest man alive had mercy and didn't strike this time Thanks for the contest @dimplef
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    Fourth Lyrics song: Please dont stop the music Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music BlackyCHCH (691320709)
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    Immortality I make my journey through eternity I keep the memory of you and me inside Celine Dion - Immortality 3rd lyrics LaFleur (517650537)
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    - Happy Birthday dimplef -
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    How does it work? Reply with anything below and let a random generator pick 8 people for the 8 teams that are left in the competition. You got time until TODAY 8:15 gmt +1 to reply reply to this topic! Countdown until you can reply: http://www.webcountdown.net/?c=1491941700 Too late! How do i win? If your team wins the champions league. What do i win? 1000xats Teams and Users Juventus Turin: Valdoni Barcelona: Lunala Borussia Dortmund: Guinho Monaco: Fiona Atletico Madrid: Lemona Leicester City: EzreallaerzE Real Madrid: Crow Bayern München: Blacky Match Schedule April 12th Juventus Turin (Valdoni) vs Barcelona (Lunala) Result: 3 : 0 April 13th Borussia Dortmund (Guinho) vs Monaco (Fiona) Result: 2 : 3 Atletico Madrid (Lemona) vs Leicester City (EzreallaerzE) Result: 1 : 0 Bayern München (Blacky) vs Real Madrid (Crow) Result: 1 : 2 April 18th Leicester City (EzreallaerzE) vs Atletico Madrid (Lemona) Result: 1 : 1 Real Madrid (Crow) vs Bayern München (Blacky) Result: 4 : 2 April 19th Barcelona (Lunala) vs Juventus Turin (Valdoni) Result: 0 : 0 Monaco (Fiona) vs Borussia Dortmund (Guinho) Result: 3 : 1 May 2nd Real Madrid (Crow) vs Atletico Madrid (Lemona) Result: 3 : 0 May 3rd Monaco (Fiona) vs Juventus (Valdoni) Result: 0 : 2 May 9rd Juventus (Valdoni) vs Monaco (Fiona) Result: 2 : 1 May 10th Atletico Madrid (Lemona) vs Real Madrid (Crow) Result: 2 : 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final June 3rd Juventus Turin (Valdoni) vs Real Madrid (Crow) Good luck !
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    Perfect, good luck.
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    Thank you Manu for sharing this, I'll maybe try today something with it.
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    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you!! Enjoy your nutella! haha Loves u
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    Maligayang Kaarawan (Happy birthday) ate!!! God bless you always.
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    A lovely wish for the best sister in the world. May God fill your life with love, happiness, wealth and good fortune. Happy birthday dear sister. @dimplef thank you <3 sis... congrats to all the winners! Have a Blessed Weekend.
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    xat id sweetmj122092 (1437769891) 5th HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU
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    @Crow I think that since he is 30 years old now, he will work with Agassi to stop relying as much on defense and start attacking more. I noticed he was asking Agassi a technical question about his backhand (it looked to me that it was about grip), so that may mean something. Both of them have some of the best 2HBHs in the game, along with Nalbandian, Safin, and Murray.
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    I confirm that I'm holding the prize.
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    Good luck everyone! Also make sure you get a prize holder asap.
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    Happy birthday !! Enjoy your birthday . and have a blast !
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    Good luck to all, I hope you participate in this great contest of xat mundoxat greetings
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    Happy birthday Dim, I hope you have a very nice day.
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    Useful, since 99% of my friends opted out their info on FEX. So I support this. Mostly because I stalk many friends.
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    It would be good to know if it could tell on your friend's list on how long it's been since a friend was last online. You could actually use the fexbot's bot command !lastseen regname/id only if the user didn't opted out of the bot's userinfo.
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    Where is the option to enable/disable the flashing? And what about the neonback/-neoncircle people asked for?
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    @LaFleur You can remove this one since Classic pawn is unlimited. ^_^
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    Hello the idea today is to have a second power outfit the variety of powers we have to combine them and oufith is one of the most used, maybe a second version with new add-ons would not be wrong: Other add-ons that could be added: If anyone has more suggestions can add!
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    Hello, the international Mother Earth day is coming to celebrate, I thought that the next power was a mammalian animal that is not among the current powers and is the Platypus! I think it would be something normal, I would have about 8 smileys, 1 or 2 hats and 1 hug of two platypus in love kissing in the nature at sunset. I would like on my part to give it a Kwaii finish as the Ribunny! What do you think? It's a good idea?
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    Mother's day is approaching, I suppose xat should prepare some powers with this subject as usual, but have forgotten a bit of kiss. It has been a long time that xat does not create kisses so that users can send in the room, now they have focused on hugs. My idea of a kiss, is the image of a woman carrying a baby while she cries and then she gets happy, if she has any suggestions about this kiss about some possible power should do it. Our mothers gave us life, we must thank!
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    Hey, This idea is very useful! You can check if someone ignore you (hehe). Maybe xat could add a tick (read) next to the name or message. Good luck!
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    Se me ocurrió la idea de qué tipo de poderes no se han lanzado entre ellos vino a la mente de las galletas porque tenía hambre, le dije ¿Por qué no un poder galleta? Así como magdalenas o como se escriben, también hay galletas, así que decidí llamarlo (KCOOKIE) PRINCIPAL Smiley. Tendría 9 emoticonos: (KCOOKIE) = main Smiley. (KEBACK) = SMILEY COOKIE SIN CARITA, SOLO CAP. (KEYUM) = cocinero sonriente lengua. (KELOVE) = SMILEY ENGRESSED galleta. (KECRY) = SMILEY CRACKER llorando. (KEANDY) = SMILEY CRACKER. (KEFOOD) = cocinero sonriente DISAPPEARING a las fronteras. (KECOUPLE) = SMILEY dos galletas con el corazón en el centro. (KESWT) = SONRIENTE MUERTO Cook, de miedo o nervioso. Tendría 2 sombrero: (HAT # H) = PEON CON EL SOMBRERO. (HAT # C) = COOKIE PEON. Traducido por: Google Translate .
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