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    Lately they have shared ideas of powers that serve as tools for xat or to agree a power, this time I want to share a new idea that I had, unfortunately I could not create the emotions myself because I do not have the program on my computer. The idea is simple, a Hawaiian power CONTENT SMILIES 1- Tiki (TIKI) 2- Guitar with music and one flower (HAGUITAR) 3- Hawaiian Flower (KOKUFLOWER) Derived from the name of the kokutan flower 4- Hawaiian shirt with flowers (SHIRTFLOWER) 5- Two palm trees, with a sun behind on the beach (HAPALM) 6- Volcano throwing smoke (HAVOLCANO) 7- Drink in a coconut, with an umbrella and a flower (COCODRINK) 8- Drums (HADRUMS) CONTENT HATS 1- Wreath hawaii flowers: (HAT#HF) 2- Tiki pawn: (HAT#HT) CONTENT HUGS It could be a scene on the beach where a volcano explodes and the message REFERENCE INFORMATION: These are sample images for smilie creators to have an idea when it comes to doing it. Many thanks to the people that allows me to debate about this and to contribute ideas, if you have any suggestions should publish it
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    Ok so trade app just got a update which let uses search for powers. So i thought why not add that to users power tab. Well here it is this was not hard to add to the client if admins want my changes ill be happy to provide the code Update: New visual
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    it was changed because loading 400+ animated swfs at once was not a good idea
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    The RUBY power is meant to allow you to use a Jewel effect in your name as long as you have NG, NC and Colour powers. I am given the default red jewel effect by default but when trying to use different colors it doesn't work unless you have EVERYPOWER activated. I've tried the following colour codes: (Used with the following code: (glow#0#jewel#COLOURCODEHERE) FFFF00 - meant to be yellow = gives default effect 00FFFF - meant to be cyan = gives dark blue We have had people with EVERYPOWER use these codes without issue but they have EVERYPOWER but once they remove EVERYPOWER it doesn't work correctly. Tested with: @Lemona // @Fiona // @Paul // @Techy Can you please look into this @Admin
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    Cute idea, I always wanted to work on this.
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    This is correct, it does seem that you need everypower to change the colour, but it doesn't state that on wiki. code used: (glow#0#jewel#ffff00#ff0000)
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    WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW IS MY ENTRY BUT IT IS VERY CRINGY. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lyrics: I am aware of how cringe-worthy this is.
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    Audio Control allows you to turn on or off which sounds you want to hear in chat. This is not 100% my idea so i will give credit to @LaFleur & @SJBB Update: after searching forums i found this suggestion which is really similar to what i made so im going to credit the user(even tho i never seen it xd) @LaFleur sent me the post and asked if i could do one of them so i gave "Fewaudies" a go. I twisted his idea and added my own things to it. Heres how it works: Red is disabled and green is enabled plain and simple. I would like some suggestions to add onto this. I hope @Admin can add this as it only took around 40 lines of code(most of which is editing existing code).
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    Hello there, thought of a power called (busy), similarly to away. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main function and usage: - Indicate others that you're currently busy by doing /busy in chat, undo using /unbusy Compared to Away this wouldn't be automatic, also since away and busy would conflict then. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Busy+ function (Type /busy+ instead of /busy, undo using /unbusy): - Enable nopc + nopm temporarily (if you own power), turn off when /unbusy - Disable any sound (chat volume, sounds from kisses, etc.) -- /BusyWhitelist {ID} Type that in chat to add users to whitelist so you can still hear their message sounds while busy (applies to main/pm/pc). -- Busy+ might as well get included in /busy! -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BusyGlobal function (Type /busyglobal, undo using /unbusy) - Make yourself busy on every chat you're currently on -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BusyMessage function (Type /busymessage messagehere. Message gets automatically removed, once you do /unbusy) - Set a custom message. If someones clicks on u, show the custom message, e.g. "I am currently in another chat" ; "Working on xat mobile, don't disturb". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why busy? - Sometimes you're on the chat, but you're just not able to chat, doing something alongside, or you're able to chat, but you're kinda being "absent", meaning you're there but typing like once in 5min, because you're currently writing a new forum post for example ; ) - A lot of big chatting platforms allow you to set ur status as 'busy', besides 'away'. Examples: Steam, skype, discord Demo: Feel free to let me know what you think.
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    @LaFleurIf I think of that, although I think there are some smiles that already have that function of the coconut drink so I suggested to make it apart even if it does not there is not bad idea to add it, it would also be good a face with the crown of flowers
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    I love the Idea , the fact that I have been wanting to go to Hawaii , and still couldn't this will be a reminder for me to save up lolsz . ! but yea really nice IDEA !
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    How about you make the mute button actually do what its supposed to do: Block all sounds
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    Hello This idea is great, all of your examples look very funny and summer is comming and it would be the perfect time for release hawaii power! Good job!
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    It has nothing with each other. The command makes you turn off powers and turn on. But this idea is to seek powers. It's very useful when you know what names are starting with, but you do not know the full name. So you write and find it. You get the first or second letter and all the powers with that letter already appear. I support this idea. Good suggestion @Techy @Admin A question, when will the option be added? Everyone is waiting for her.....
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    I am wondering why u want animations on the your-powers list, you barely look at that place. Would be waste of time to add this, honest opinion. I would rather go with this:
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    I like this, hawaii always reminds of happy-feeling and far cry 3 a bit. Would also be cool if some of these can be used with yellow smilies actually, e.g. drinking from coconut/coctail, the yellow-green-red leaf on the head, the flowers on the head, etc.
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    Once upon a time there was a squirrel, hungry and lonely, running trough the abandoned woods of xat, looking for hope.. xat, a mysterious, doomsday-like planet, being haunted by frightening and furious animals and ugly creatures, the squirrely suddenly stops.. it saw something, showing courage, it starts fighting the wild animals.. staggered by its power, the animals run away and the squirrel is approaching to the thing it saw, it can hardly believe its eyes.. its.. DEEZ NUTS! seconds later.. dark clouds disappearing and a blue sky can be seen.. sunbeams and rainbows blooming the xat planet someone is coming close, its.. another squirrel! Together, they lived happily ever after.
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    INNER: OUTER: Color button - #004491| #000000 Preview
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    welp, maybe I should dump everything I've made so far, before I delete it without knowing. Most of them are partially completed (because I'm lazy) and also hard to edit because of the verbose css, but it may be useful to just crop out a few chunks of css and paste on your own xatspaces. You're free to do anything you want with it after all. Before asking questions about how to edit stuff, make sure to right click > inspect on the element you want to change, and try to figure it out by yourself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requires (me) power! Don't forget to remove the 'body{' at the beginning of each css file! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old stuff: 1. one of my first xatspaces => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/pPpmEd 2. facebook => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/xdpvLp 3. navigation tabs (incomplete) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/JNMQXY 4. login page => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/KmQPPm 5. phone (incomplete) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/NjORwj Advanced stuff (verbose css): 6. was used on a xs contest (change --scheme for different accent color) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/MmrdRz 7. tumblr-ish xatspace (updated 28/07) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/YxyMLm 8. friends list => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/xdpvMz 9. futuristic clock (inspired by David Majdandzic) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/BZOGOw Misc. (old stuff I won't touch again) homepage => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/JJaxma ??? => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/WOgPov material xatspace => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/QgVYRp page navigator => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/RgYvWe I may update this post in the future in case I find more stuff I made in the past. ps: I appreciate all the compliments, thank you https://codepen.io/anon/pen/BRYBVR
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