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    So, out of boredom I'm making free inners or pcbacks for the first 6 people that request it here, I don't usually start my work with a provided theme but you're required to provide at least one image that's fitting for 728 * 486 (so I know what I'm working with) not necessarily as big but you can just tell me where you want the image to be placed also provide with what else you want to be added (ex: username, or username and id or just chat name & description) I'll see what works out the best and decide what to add and what not, it is also my decision to make one for you or not I don't have to if I don't want to. ;-)
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    I hope you like it. 6 inners/pcbacks were made, I'm no longer accepting any requests.
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    This is actually the 2nd one I made for you the first one was way too simple and I rushed it quite a bit so I made you this one, I hope you like it
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    I'm not sure you like this design, but just in case ...
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't work with your template I hope you like it though.
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    I don't know why but when I upload an image, it gets darker .-. First entry: Second entry: Third entry: Edit: Added second entry Edit 2: Fixed second entry, added third // I still have psd files so I can scale it all.
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    Hi everybody, Just wanted to announce that I am quitting xat. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you guys. I wish you the best for the future.
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    Love you thank you so very much never underestimate free things they can be some of the best things
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    I can't start my work with 0 information I hope you like it.
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    Very good initiative and very good work. Thank you for taking the time and offering your work for free.
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    Hello everyone. Since the holiday is coming up, we wanted to see your favorite pet in the easter theme. They can be licking or snuggling with a person or an animal, or resting their head on a lap. You could dress them up in something Easter themed, or give them a big egg to hold – be as creative as you can. You can post any pets that you have, bunnies, chickens, birds, cats, dogs, or any pet that you own. (Note: This photo is my example edited only so all participants will have the idea) Example Pet Theme Please make sure your Xat ID and Xat username is in it! Example Photo Pet Theme with XAt Username and ID Rules: With your own photo you need to put xat Username and ID with Hand Written. Not allowed edited photoshop photo ONLY POST ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT TO ENTER ONLY POST ON THIS THREAD ONCE. No any internet (google pictures will not be allowed). DO NOT USE OTHER FORUM ACCOUNTS TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. The judges in this contest will be @Bryann(Addict) and @Chelly and The prize holder will be @Chelly, please verified the prizes thank you. Deadline for the contest will be on Sunday, April 16 at 5:00PM GMT. Winners will be announced and posted here on Sunday after the contest. The prizes are: First Place: 10,000 xat Second PLace: 5,000 xat Third Place: 3,000 xat Fourth Place: 2,000 xat Fifth PLace: 1,000 xat And I would like to say thank you to @Stela, who made this cute idea Any question please dont hesitate to ask. Have Fun and Goodluck. Thank You
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    Hi, for whoever don't know me; my name is Rey aka Sector (ex-owner of xat.com/Graphics) and I would like to release my template that I made, glad to say I've started it yesterday and finished it today. Version 1 : Version 2 : Note : Version 1 is preferable for clear smileybar. Alert : Please do NOT remove the watermark. If you like the template smash the like button, if you want an outer version of the template comment down below! Make sure to share your opinion with me, sharing is caring. Click here to download!
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    xat's official Facebook page is hosting a contest! One lucky winner will win BIG power, which is currently valued at 11,000 - 12,000 xats. Here's how it will work: Every 2 days, a new picture will be posted to the Facebook page. The picture will be a portion of a xat power smiley will be posted. Your job is to figure out what power is shown in the picture. Once you have determined what the power is, you must send a private message to the Facebook page. DO NOT comment the answer on the post. You also must give your xat regname and ID in a private message. You can only submit one guess per picture added, so make sure you are right before you submit your answer! There will be a total of 5 pictures posted, and you will have 2 days to guess for each picture, meaning the contest will last for approximately 10 days. You CANNOT submit answers for old pictures; in other words, once a new picture has been posted, the old ones expire and can no longer be guessed. Each time you get a guess right, your name will be entered into a draw, and at the end, one lucky participant will be randomly chosen. This means that if you get all 5 right, you have the best odds of winning, but you could still win even if you only get 1 right. Each person may only use 1 account to submit guesses. You must also like the page, and send a screenshot confirming you have done this (once again through a private message). Contributors and volunteers will not be entering. The first picture will be posted to the page later today. If anyone has any questions, let us know here. Thank you to xat staff for donating the prize! Good luck everyone!
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    You didn't provide him with the information he requested...
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    So, you are saying xat should come back on un-secure things? You don't know what you are saying actually and when xat releases something, it's "always" working. I don't know why admins would release something not working, it would be dumb. Plus if several people have tested the code and said it's working, it should working. I just tested on your chat (led3r), and it connects fine with the auto-login so I don't see any problems with the autologin thing. The issue might come from you, not xat. And if it doesn't do the autologin, why not just click the "sign in" button? I don't think, it will stop you by entering the chat or is it so hard to click a button? If you don't know how to use bbcode, just use a generator; we have so much generators for that.
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    Of course the new emerald pawn is not available on mobile. The pawn is released since a month...
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    Take care, see ya in another life brother.
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    I need at least one image so I know what I'm working with
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    Hello everyone, @Fiona and @Camila New update: 2 added powers Eabunny and Easterland also included that you can also choose or use for one main smilley for "Best Easter Smilley Combo"(Combination). Thank you again
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    March 12th - April 1st 20 days overall tho
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    Credits: This picture of a thermal view of a car: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/f1-car-doing-donuts-the-thermal-camera-hot-view-video-85819.html#agal_0
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