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    I don't consider myself great in any way so take my opinion with a grain of salt haha. There's obvious, impressive progression throughout the chronological showcase of your BGs. I'm not a big fan of the template but I guess it suits your darker style so no major complaint there. Your earlier work (i presume), looked like textures overlayed on dark colors with a render slapped on top which I wasn't really a fan of, such as this one However like I mentioned, there's quite obvious improvements and i'm actually a fan of something like this Comparatively much more minimalist in terms of background to your other designs with what i consider to be very effective text and a recolored render that helps draw emphasis without taking too much from it. Then we go to the animated BGs... which I believe suits the complex textured bgs quite well in terms of contrast (so basically the overlays work here or maybe ya just got better xD). The style works, the animations are simple enough but most importantly they're, for the most part, effective. What I mean is something like this The guy is pointing up, the flares are going up. The flow works and I don't feel like its out of place/forced like a lot of the other stuff I see. I'm not a big fan of most of the text styles though (such as http://i.imgur.com/5oKIIbF.gif - its quite hard to make out what is written actually) Then we go onto the xatspaces... which I can only presume is your latest work. The text styles have significantly improved from the BGs. I am a big fan of the shapes and honestly I don't have much criticism for your work there. Everything fits well. Good work. Final comments: You obviously searched for a style that works for you and found it. If you want to expand your expertise or develop new skills, I would agree with some of the comments above in terms of trying out lighter colors. Or try focusing a BG around text because there's not always a render or theme for you to use (As in use text as the centerpiece, not just an accompaniment). I think whilst every designer should have their own style, experimenting and varying stuff can ultimately help develop new ideas. A lot of good work here though, keep it up.
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    POWER NAME: (Rankshade) or (Rkshade) POWER TYPE: Group power PURPOSE: The purpose of this power allows the pawns to have contrasting colours related to the original ones such as for guests, members, moderators, owners, banned and offline users. What will it be? It will be a group power; you need the power assigned in order to customise the colours of certain pawns. What does it do? This power will allow the main owner of a chat customise the colour of the following ranks: Main/Owner Moderator Member Guest Banned Offline An idea on how it can be set: http://prnt.sc/edf3qa (thank u t-swift) What it will look like in chat: coming soon to a chat near u(to be added) Customising the colour of your pawn: There will be a default set of shades to choose from for each pawn available. Why does xat need this power? Xat hasn’t had a group power in such a long time, in fact the last group power made was Backup - ID 318. I think this power would offer chat owners more customisation over their chat. Furthermore, it would also please users who find the current pawn colours unappealing. With this idea, it will show a variety within xat chats to users who do not own pawn powers or such which could attract people with this new idea. Thank you @Immortal and @Swifty for giving feedback/suggestions. It would be nice to get some more feedback on this suggestion, so don't just post bad idea, good idea etc.
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    We're working on a color-selection scheme (I am not really a fan of grey) More info will be added soon e.g. how to color your bubble game For now the game works on both chats and xatspaces Default size is 645x645 (less or more may break its design) Updated: Colors scheme added. See below: Grey code: 1 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:1] Blue code: 2 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:2] Sea code: 3 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:3] Orange code: 4 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:4] Pink code: 5 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:5] Green code: 6 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:6] Yellow code: 7 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:7] White code: 8 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:8] Red code: 9 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:9] Purple code: 10 BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:10]
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    xat.com/Game will be hosting some St Patrick's themed contests on the 17th, 18th and 19th of March! Current schedule (can change at anytime): Win limits - one win per day. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Short summary of each contest: Make the Smiley - You'll be a given a theme/topic related to St Patrick's Day to create a smiley. - You're only allowed to submit one entry per user. - You'll only have 20 minutes to create the smiley, then you must submit your entry to the host. - You don't need the powers to test the smiley, you can use the !test cmd in the bots private chat on the day. Trivia - You'll be asked a number of questions related to St Patrick's Day. If you answer correctly first you'll get a point. Once all the questions have been asked, the person with the most points will win. - Answers must be submitted on main. Slotban Tournament - This will be hosted similar to a gameban tournament except the only gameban is slotban. - The slotban tournament will start off easy and progressively get more difficult. - It's luck, basically anyone could win. Make the Doodle - You'll be a given a theme/topic related to St Patrick's Day to draw. - You're only allowed to submit a maximum of two entries per user. - You'll only have 30 minutes to doodle, then you must submit your entries to the host. - I recommend drawing in private chat, preferably the bots private chat so no one can disrupt your doodle. Hide and Seek - The host will give you hints to a chat that is related to St Patrick's Day, the host will be hiding at this chat - the first person to find the host will get a point. Once all the questions have been asked, the person with the most points will win. - Don't type the answer in main, you need to go to the chat that you think is the correct answer, e.g. "What colour is a four leaf clover" - the answer could be green, this means you go to xat.com/green to see if the host is there. - The host may ask you to say a phrase when you arrive at the chat, but this will be explained when the contest is being hosted. Guess the Doodle - The host will draw topics related to St Patrick's Day such as powers. The first person to get 5 points will win. - Don't draw on doodle while this contest is ongoing otherwise you'll be kicked/banned. Thank you @Immortal for helping purchase the powers. Thank you Rammy, Gogo, @Immortal, @Snookie and @ROBF-Mocozo for being forced to host being kind enough to host! If you have any questions about the contests please contact me asap, you'll get a reply quicker on forum. Good luck to anyone interested in participating! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
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    new powers (for gamebot maybe) or just a game in games section bubbleshooter
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    Not sure if this is to be planned for in the future or not however, with the xat app being stable enough, I thought it would be a good idea to finally have an ad when opening xat in a mobile browser. For example, if you were going to xat.com/Chat in your mobile browser, an ad would show up promoting the xat app and to download it if it's not already downloaded. Going to xat on a mobile browser without flash is pretty much pointless and this way the ad would promote the app. Examples: Let me know your thoughts!
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    I'll be sharing a few xatspaces I've made, feel free to use/modify them. Enjoy! LINK LINK LINK LINK >>>>PART 2<<<<
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    As many of you know, xat has recently removed support for the embed tag (for security reasons), and has introduced BBcodes. This change over has been affecting many people, and it can be confusing to understand at first. So I've created a little tool that does it for you automatically! All feedback is appreciated, any suggestions or bugs, let me know and I'll get on it as soon as I can. Link to generator: http://xat-res.info/sc/
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    Hello! I believe I made a post years ago when I was less experienced, but a lot of time has passed since then and I have learned much more. Keep in mind these are all over time from when I first started till now. These are some of my designs with different styles, Feedback would be nice (You can be brutally honest too I don't care xD) Inner Chat bg's [Flat] Inner Chat bg's [Animated] Xatspace shape banners (I dont really even know what to call these LOL..) Xatspace designs All of my avatars are here. They are free to use for everyone.
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    So, I'm getting back into Graphics after 3 years away from it. How is this for my first piece in 3 years?
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    Welcome to the forum! The picture looks really good. I like the sleek and simple design.
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    The render slightly opaque the text, otherwise it looks good greetings.
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    Nice letters. ♥
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    Not my style at all; however it looks good! Better than I could do, lol.
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    As @Mega said, you can now embed the Bubble Shooter game on your profile or chat group using a code. (That was fast!) See this article for more.
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    Now you can add this game to XS/Chats(EMBED): [box:bs:width:height:1]
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    We had a lovely Burger King in our city, which we visited every couple of weeks as a Friday night treat. There was an old Nintendo 64 in the corner for kids (me) to play on, but the controllers were always greasy, and there were sticky fingerprints and ketchup always smeared across the screen. x_x We stopped going when it became a soulless Subway around 2006, and I've not eaten fast food since.
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    Vegans don't eat fish, eggs, milk products and other animal-derived substances. You're not a vegan lol I rarely eat fast food.
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    I already said this here, but didn't include sceenshots see
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    I did the test and it worked correctly, thank you brother.
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    i solved it just right now i used to have problems opening ticket page and promotion, but i just solved it in my pc idk if could work for you, when i did it i still had the problem but... i enabled both options and clicked there on Relaunch now and then was enough to solve forever the issues. it worked for me try to see if works for you. Don't forget press CTRL+F Type Flash And you will see the options
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    The detail is amazing - you can see the carrots and everything!
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    My diet starts tomorrow. NOW CHOCOLATE, ICE-CREAM, CHIPS..
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    RIP, I will never forget you...
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    Why do I get the feeling you like Code Geass All of your work is nice, but it seems to follow a similar style. Try to experiment with different colour schemes, specially a more brighter colour scheme. As Maverick said, you should try to come out of your comfort zone when designing.
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    Whatever you are saying its pointless , nobody can control what people can say or do on online chats . Same as in facebook , there are so many crap and useless stuff that people do ilegaly , go get FBI to take down facebook coz of that. You should read the terms of service of xat too.
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    Lol sure that you want to report vols for others vols(ticket)? It's nosense you say things about piracy, then about scam, about downloads etc. Firstly the user needs to know that is his responsability to stay safe on xat. Second if you want to report these type of things use email info@xat.com sure that the admins will read you. About the ticket delayed eh... We know that for a simple report we need to wait a lot of time and I don't think this will be changed.
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    i don't understand what's your problem do you open ticket with an issue and you don't get reply ? iff you are in black list so you broke terms off xats and posting a topic here will not help you to be out black list ! , explain what's you mean with illegal act ?
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    I'm afraid I don't understand what you're trying to tell us. What illegal act are you speaking of, and how does it involve any sort of piracy?
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    I won't post it since it's a picture of myself jk, I don't take many pictures
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    Hey nice penguin avatar I do like this template much more than the previous one you used actually. I'm not sure if it was intended that way but I think you might want to move the smiley shadows down a couple pixels (check img below) so they do look like actual shadows underneath the smileys instead of a weird sort of black flare Not sure if you're taking critiques here, if you aren't just ignore me haha. (and remember that its only my opinion, ultimately make what you think looks good) I agree that the blur doesn't seem necessary especially for a BG suck as the mickey/donald duck/pluto one. I think with the glow thing around it, theres a lot of flow already and a sharp render would be far more effective. In addition for your St Patricks day one, since the text is so bold, a sharp render would honestly be much more effective. If you want to you could brush it a bit to draw lighting for better contrast (instead of going for a blend). Or even try outlining everything with a light color. However the blur DOES work in some cases, e.g. the Minnie one. It's aesthetically pleasing and I know what you want to do with it. My criticism of that one would be perhaps a larger awareness to where the xat overlays go as I am personally not a fan of renders stepping out of the overlay as illustrated below: However that said, the top and bottom bits on the user overlay do look nice as it fades out almost like a reflection For the donkey kong one I would suggest toning down the opacity of the recolor layer or erasing bits so you can still see key (albeit dimmed) features... If you're using photoshop all you have to do is tone the opacity down or erase bits of the hue layer with a soft eraser.
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    Alexandria my Beautiful city
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