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    Thank you for your kind words! I'll do my best, as always!
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    My point exactly. Just like volunteers, we are in tune with user frustrations being moderators at help so we have the credibility to speak on this issue. Some users feel that their tickets aren't receiving attention for preposterous reasons such as it being unimportant and low-profile. Some also feel that they aren't receiving attention because they haven't invested much in the website. (xats/days, powers, shortnames or any feature that requires payment) It is actually quite depressing because it is absurd for a user to feel that way. They start questioning their worth as a user after wallowing in hopelessness for so long. Why should it get to this point? I've spoken to angry users at Help on several occasions. At times they come off as disruptive and obnoxious and are banned for that reason. I refrain from banning angry users as long as they don't delve into inappropriate behavior. I also think punitive action in this case is insensitive. Yes, it can be excruciating to deal with, but they are customers at the end of the day. Going back to my point, I always take interest in understanding the psychology of users. I try to understand their frustration by letting them air out their issues and giving them a solution. Just by giving them an ear, understanding the situation, giving reason and providing a practical solution, they've went from being hostile to being very kind. This is the power of communication. Establishing communication alleviates a lot of frustration and confusion so I think working towards this can get us moving in the right direction.
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    The day I was told I lived in a fantasy world, I almost fell from my Unicorn ñ.ñ
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    Congratulations to the both of you! I'm sure you'll shake things up in the contributor section and bring unity to the community! i'm so sorry for the puns
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    Forum users can now enable two-factor authentication in their account settings. It is only forced for a small subset of users, but it's available for everyone. There is no dedicated help topic in the ticket system for getting this turned off on your forum account, and you will likely have a hard time getting it removed from your account if you lose access to your authenticator. You will at least need to be a paid user. I suspect that most people won't use this security feature though.
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    Crow is our new forum moderator! Congratulations, Crow.
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    1. The answer is simple: xat_test is not an official chat group. 2. Contributors proposed a solution for that, and have been ignored so far.
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    Congratulations!! Crow
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    I don't know which volunteers you've been speaking to, but that's simply not true. Thanks Elie. I'm not sure if we are arguing against you because it's you, or it's because all you do is rant and rave about how you, and everything you did as a volunteer solved all of xat's problems. Just because you thought your system was amazing, and (again) solved all of xat's problems, doesn't mean it did. No matter how much training you give your owners, they simply do not have the tools to check if a scam report is legitimate, other than following your guidelines. One of your guidelines was that there had to be 3 reports, so, a user had to (potentially) scam 3 times for a report to be passed on? Interesting. Another one being that a report had to have "enough" proof. Who decides what is enough? Trade owners? Scam reports do not necessarily need proof, and should always be reported even if you do not have any proof. If I was to report user "ABC" for scamming with no screenshots, but a description of what happened, this is a legitimate report. In your system this would have been thrown away. Frankly, if any reductions in ticket times happened because of this system, it was because of how many legitimate scam reports were thrown away, and how much were simply left lying because that user only scammed twice and not three times. I'd hate to think of what other guidelines you had in place, "full chat screenshot with and without ID"? I don't know about you, but I'd rather have every report investigated properly and not "Trade owners play[ing] as senior volunteers" as Arthur put it.
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    Congrats! I've personally been waiting on this pick for a while. Don't like Brandon's post
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    Stating there are more tickets because sticket was discontinued sounds like a big assumption to me. I doubt most people who reported scams to moderators haven't went to Help chat and weren't told to submit a ticket under Report scam, or even just did one by their own. I'm not happy with the idea of reporting scams to Trade moderators as these are likely to be unable to speak good English or even follow simple guidelines (sorry if I'm being rude here, but this is the truth) and having Trade owners play as senior volunteers when they don't have any of the required tools to actually look into reports. This would only lead to thousands of reports being disregarded to "lack of evidence", and I'm confident that these tools could confirm the reporting user's claims in many cases. Additionally, this would only be a "solution" for report scam tickets, even though there are many cases where a user may be unable to create a ticket due to having another one open at the time. For example, a user asks for a short names transfer and gets auth/lock'd out of their account.
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    Simply appointing a new main owner in inactive official chats will not make them active again in most cases. A lot of the official chats that are currently inactive were once very active, and their user base has dwindled leaving them inactive. This isn't a problem that can be fixed by new ownership. Unless there is a renewed interest in those inactive chats, they are usually just left dormant.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate all the comments!
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    I would LOVE to know why you guys are so focused on 1 system. It was NOT a decade ago. But how MANY times do I need to say could be ANOTHER SYSTEM even that the ALMIGHTY users of xat create. I LOVE the fact that it is more important to focus on being negative toward me, then working to solve a clear issue that the users of xat have. xat is NOT about me or volunteers or the small amt. of people here but the hundreds of users. Helping them and coming up with solutions to their problems should be priority. I gracefully leave this thread and hope that one day the people who have the power to do something for the good of xat wake up!
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    I ran out of likes to give for the day, so unfortunately I cannot like all of your individual posts. Thank you all for your well wishes!
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    "Bumping" doesn't work. It has no positive or negative effects on your ticket placement.
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    LEAKED picture of Crow the moderator:
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    If the first problem is in a delayed department and the second is not, then they end up waiting weeks for a response they should get within a few hours.
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    This lists contain forum suggestions which received positive feedback by the community, including post reactions (likes) as well. Please note, this doesn't mean they will be used by xat. The simply serves as an overview for xat. Last updated: February 10, 2019 Implemented Suggestions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - General - Main Site / Concerns General - Chat Applications Powers - Functions Powers - Smilies Powers - Pawns Free - Smilies Powers - Groups Powers - Games Powers - Gamebans Powers - Bans Powers - FX Powers - Flix Powers - Jinx Powers - Blast Forum Suggestions
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    We will be adding some new permanent hats for the hat power, so suggest here your ideas.
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    Hi. It’s Snook. I’m hosting a pcback contest. Requirements DO NOT use Yellow or Green, I DON’T LIKE THEM COLOURS INCLUDE MY NAME, “Snook”, SOMEWHERE ON THERE THERE IS NO THEME. Prizes 1st= 3000 xats 2nd= 1500 xats 3rd= 750 xats 4th= 666 xats MAY add more prizes if there are a lot of entries DEADLINE March 3rd 2017 at 23:11PM GMT Judges Me @Immortal @Chelly @Harrison @Swifty IDEAS/WHAT I LIKE Anime: Romance animes usually (examples: toradora and au haru ride) I like different genres but romance is my favourite. I like Levi from Attack On Titan (lol, basic me) Colours I like: pinks, whites, purples, blacks, blues, greys ‘Kawaii’ Things like Hello Kitty and Pusheen League of Legends, Kpop, Cats, Tumblr. Prize Holder @Chelly Good Luck to Anyone who enters. Goodbye
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    What is the point of going through all this trouble if the chat doesn't have a solid user base that it is targeting?
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    Also, 'fixing' and inactive chat is not as simple as getting a new Main Owner.
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    This thread is going to be used to post upcoming contests happening at xat.com/Game. Upcoming contests: Gameban tournament hosted on February 19th 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize for 1st place is 2000 xats, 2nd place is 20 days and 3rd place is 10 days. Typerace hosted on February 25th 5PM GMT / 12PM EST, the prize is 800 xats. Hide and Seek hosted on March 4th 8PM GMT / 3PM EST, the overall prize is 600 xats but each question will be worth 50 xats - at the moment I'm not sure if there's any limits on this. Ultimate Typerace hosted on March 11th 7:30PM GMT / 2:30PM EST, the prize is 1500 xats. Gameban Tournament hosted on April 2nd 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize is 2000 xats. Thank you to @gamesnathanlikes for donating & hosting for the contests above. On March 18th & 19th there will be a St Patricks event aswell but that'll be posted on a separate thread. *please note times can change at any time. *This thread will be used to post upcoming contests; these will be normally hosted on the weekend. *If you have any further questions regarding the contests, contact Chelly or the host.
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    The Anar fruit (type Anar on google images) Pomegranate in Serbian..
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    @Junior make this or I'll spam you with Charlie Puth gifs! Good idea DuuL.
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    @Junior Hey almost-bff look at this and please please please do something! We know you are good enough to make something like this happen!
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    > Why couldn't this just be posted in the mega thread for all new contributors? Merged, thanks.
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    I love pineapples and blackberries.
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    You honestly have NO clue. Volunteers have guidelines. I also said on 2 separate occasions during this thread that it does not have to be MY system. There are by far other solutions to be had for the existing problems. And to be fair my system WAS amazing in the regard that it did not hold up users tickets, delay ticket responses further, and flood a department that CLEARLY does not have enough time to handle. You also should know your facts that staff only reported and it was up to volunteers to decide if enough proof was there. Xat at the time required at least 3 proofs. Understand the system before you put it down. You are more then welcome to help come up with a system that will help the users.
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    Yes it is true! As confirmed from current volunteers who even say a user responding to an already open ticket pushes it back on the list. Trade staff was always PROPERLY trained. However...nothing is foolproof so they only reported. Also reporting to trade mods or ticket makes little difference in a trade chat where language barriers are a problem either way, whether it be the mod or the user. Like I said it DOES NOT have to be the sticket system. I'm not happy with the biased outlook that the leaders chosen random should come first over users and their needs. I'm not happy that I could say the sky is opaque and the few same random people will argue its pink just because its ME. Trouble with tickets due to this reason is a very good subject and it would be for the benefit of all to put the stupid differences aside and come up with a solution.
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    Congratulations Crow, nice to see the forum moderators group finally get a user
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    A user replying to ticket is not really an option because then it delays the original ticket pushing it back. A ticket should also be created in the correct department based off each individual need. This IS A HUGE problem now that Trade staff is having users create their own tickets to report scams. Its high time that xat or volunteers create something similar to the sticket system that once was in place to alleviate these issues or to come up with an alternative solution. A few volunteers are very informed on this old process that worked for 9 years. They can offer insight and help with the solution. A system like sticket also cuts downs literally dozens of false scam reports and reports with inadequate time freeing up volunteers in the delayed department, as well. There are countless benefits for all.
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    Happens without us telling them. It's much better to have a separate ticket for most issues.
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    Gameban Tournament starts at 10PM GMT / 5PM EST. 1st place - 2000 xats 2nd place - 20 days 3rd place - 10 days The host is @gamesnathanlikes, if you have any questions about the contest ask him. Winners 1st place - JamesLovesJoe (1521240552) 2nd place - RobFerrari (129030692) 3rd place - iAmyy (19052013)
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    The ticket system has been a topic of controversy for years, and countless people have provided suggestions on how to fix it or make it better. The reality of the situation is that it will never be perfect and will never fit everyone's needs all at once. The predicament that you are in is a fairly unique one. It is my belief that xat limits the amount of tickets that a user can have open at one time in order to prevent a ticket overflow and to prevent the same user from spamming the ticket system with pointless and repetitive messages. Because of this, I don't think they will change the "1 ticket open at a time" rule. I have never had access to the ticket system, so I am not speaking from first-hand experience like current and former volunteers would be able to, but it is my understanding that they work to the best of their abilities to resolve all tickets in a timely manner. Scam reports usually take longer than other tickets because there is a much higher level of investigation that must be done in order to successfully come to a conclusion. To your point about users being able to open more than one ticket if one is currently open in the "emailed" department, I think that is a great idea. If it is possible, I think that it should be implemented because of cases like yours where users do not have malicious intentions but are genuinely stuck. The administrators and volunteers are always looking for ways to improve the ticket system and make it more efficient and convenient for all parties, and I think your suggestion fits that bill. Sorry about the situation that you are in, and I hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.
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    Flirt was once a great chat for long time users who either did not care to register, care about powers, or care about the official side of xat. It was popular. It has always had its share of innap users and trolls. Freedom was allowed and that made it fun. Old volunteers and official chat staff would often visit with toon names together to blow off stress and unwind..and it was permitted. Back then xat condoned doing so. Those were the good old days of xat before people were 2 faced or hypocritical. At one point in time, you could find many 5 and 6 digit IDs at flirt.
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    I first visited Flirt some years ago, when it still had 3 or 4 pools at any given time and it wasn't just trolling and insults being thrown around (although it did transition to that rather quickly.) My first impression was that it was a legitimate dating chat, clearly I was wrong.
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    I hope you like circles. 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HTML: <div class="_"> <ul id="_-"> <a href="#_-"></a> <a href="#"></a> <li><a href="#&m"></a></li> <li><a href="http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editprofile.php"></a></li> <li><a href="#&add"></a></li> </ul> <div id="&add"> <div style="color:#fff;"> <h1>Anar</h1> <p>Type <span style="border-radius:30px;background:var(--scheme);color:#fff;-webkit-user-select:all;user-select:all;padding:.2em.8em">/f1313</span> to add me on xat.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div id="&m"> <a href="#"><img src="http://i68.tinypic.com/l9tg6.png"></a> [youtube:853:480:-mfcHxuP6jI:autoplay=1&loop=1&controls=0&disablekb=1&showinfo=0&start=0] </div> <ul id="&_&"> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> </ul> If you don't like purple then change the variable "--scheme" to whatever color you like A lot of the features aren't supported by MS Edge nor Internet Explorer, so it'll only show the logo on the middle (you can change it if you want) and the music playing. I'll probably add more stuff until the deadline
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