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    This thread is going to be used to post upcoming contests happening at xat.com/Game. Upcoming contests: Gameban tournament hosted on February 19th 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize for 1st place is 2000 xats, 2nd place is 20 days and 3rd place is 10 days. Typerace hosted on February 25th 5PM GMT / 12PM EST, the prize is 800 xats. Hide and Seek hosted on March 4th 8PM GMT / 3PM EST, the overall prize is 600 xats but each question will be worth 50 xats - at the moment I'm not sure if there's any limits on this. Ultimate Typerace hosted on March 11th 7:30PM GMT / 2:30PM EST, the prize is 1500 xats. Gameban Tournament hosted on April 2nd 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize is 2000 xats. Thank you to @gamesnathanlikes for donating & hosting for the contests above. On March 18th & 19th there will be a St Patricks event aswell but that'll be posted on a separate thread. *please note times can change at any time. *This thread will be used to post upcoming contests; these will be normally hosted on the weekend. *If you have any further questions regarding the contests, contact Chelly or the host.
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    Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️️
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    The pawn is very small, it would just show a small black dots, and also I find it tacky on a big scale the way it looks now (i am sorry) but I don't think that would look good at all, maybe for a Halloween party as one day thing where everything and anything can happen
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    Or a temporary hat from a leopard power.
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    This is a creative idea, but I don't think a lot of people are really feline it. I'll get my (fur) coat. In all seriousness, I think it would be hard to distinguish the pattern at such a small scale, and I think the texture would look a bit weird in comparison with the general style of pawns/powers that xat has.
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    This lists contain forum suggestions which received positive feedback by the community, including post reactions (likes) as well. Please note, this doesn't mean they will be used by xat. The simply serves as an overview for xat. Last updated: February 10, 2019 Implemented Suggestions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - General - Main Site / Concerns General - Chat Applications Powers - Functions Powers - Smilies Powers - Pawns Free - Smilies Powers - Groups Powers - Games Powers - Gamebans Powers - Bans Powers - FX Powers - Flix Powers - Jinx Powers - Blast Forum Suggestions
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    Hello, I have asked xat to improve profiles. There was two announcements made on xat5 not too long ago about it. Recently there has been some changes to how xatspace CSS and HTML works. ID and CLASS attributes are now allowed in xatspace HTML. Also > and ; are now allowed in xatspace CSS. What does this mean? It's a step forward to allowing users more standard HTML and CSS in their designs. ID, CLASS, > and ; attributes are used frequently in web design structure. So it has come to our attention to make these available for the avid web designers out there. I hope that you would enjoy this privilege in your future designs. Also, the wiki should be updated for the (ME) power. You can now use 20240 characters. (This was improved for CSS designers) There's more to come, and hopefully get done. If you have suggestions, then private message me or post it here. Note: Some users might need to re-update their profiles.
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    Here is a collection of bg's pcback for free.
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    Hello everyone. The chat xat_test (xat5) hosted by Stela and will be hosting a contest on 14th February 2017, 10pm (GMT) - 5pm(EST) time. You can join contest with or without powers. All you have to do is use !test command by bot and make the Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combination). Valentines Smilley or powers related only. All participants need to be registered first to Stela(44554455) or name Honey Mush(same person) You can find her in xat_test (xat5) chat The Best 4 Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) will be rewarded, First prize 10,000 xat Second prize 5,000 xat Third prize 3,000 xat Fourth prize 2,000 xat On behalf of this contest, Hello everyone my xat reg. name is Dimple, allowing me to verified the Prize Holder is Stela(44554455) Judges Stela and @Cupim And with the approval of main owner @Paul, thank you for allowing us to do contest at xat5 chat. Reminders to all contestants Please, make sure you are online to your computer or loptop to show your The Best Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) perfectly. Any question please feel free to ask. Thank you! Goodluck and have fun to all
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    Thank you everyone for participating! All the entries were really good and it was difficult to decide a winner - for that reason we added a 5th place prize. Here are the results: 5TH PLACE iiRandyJCx (656871614) Prize: 1000 xats 4TH PLACE Kayzar(1500899017) Prize: 2000 xats 3RD PLACE JameslovesJoe (1521240552) Prize: 3000 xats 2ND PLACE xoxoMeow (1487645044) Prize: 5000 xats 1ST PLACE sweetmj122092 (1437769891) Prize: 10000 xats Unfortunately some users who registered for the contest weren't at the chat during the contest so they could not be entered. Thank you @dimplef for providing the prizes. Thank you @Stela for helping plan this event. Thank you everyone for participating!
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    I actually like it. But what next? Zebra stripes?
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    After some break, an update again! As always, don't forget to mention when bugs have been fixed (nice joke). Thanks. General: 53 @Kyle ; 54 @Lamingtons , 55 me ; 56 @Kayzar ; 57 @Lemona ; 58 @Elie ; 59 @Charles Bugs/Issues: 31 & 36-37 @deletedaccount1233 ; 32-35 @SlOom & @Paul Powers(Features) /Functions: 23 @Kyle ; 24 @Mario ; 25 @Lys ; 26 @Cyno ; 27 @Shake Power - Smilies: 56 @Flake Power - Group: 3 @SJBB ; @ider
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    100% @Camila win this Cami - Of xat, Feia
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    why not kick of xat. more crazy price. more people bye of xat. i think everypower gold purple blueman pink its okay....... no need more pawns. so bad. maybe latter, for now noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. and pawn - Leopard is ugly.
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    So whats the meaning behind 6900 and 690690 then?
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    Hello, this is just a friendly reminder that registering for this contest will be closed on February 14th at 8 PM GMT (two hours before the contest). Thank you!
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    There is a limit to everything @Elie act more professional , it's not even funny anymore.Stick to the thread.
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    14022017 valentine's day
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    Hello everyone here I leave my first contribution in the forum, I hope it is to your liking. DOWNLOAD HERE
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