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    I want to suggest adding the forum to the xat app. I use mobile a lot so I'm usually always on both, switching between my phone browser and the (iOS) xat app. @Admin You can already access the forum from the app but not as conveniently as I would prefer: 1. Login to the app 2. Go to "More" 3. Click "Help" and it'll bring you to the terms 4. Scroll all the way down and click "Cookies?" to allow them 5. It'll bring you back to the top, click the little menu icon (top right) 6. Click "Forum" Being as you can access it that way, it is clear that a "Forum" button could simply be added under "More" for easier access. If it were harder to implement then I'd say it wasn't worth the effort- but that is not the case. You're not embedding the forum, but rather using a browser to access the mobile version (which is what it does now, it would just be easier to add the button than go through those steps every time). I could say add the wiki there as well since the mobile version works fine, but one step at a time. I personally think it will be more convenient for users who use the xat app a lot, like myself. Plus, in my eyes, it completes the xat app that much more.
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    congratulations you're back to 0 now
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    Hi Chelly, Here's all of my entries. If you'd like for me to make any (minor) edits to any of them if I win, I'd be happy to do it for you. Good luck to all the other participants. One: Two: Three: (my favourite): Credits: Smiley reflection by @Guppy Template is a modified version of @Navith's Advanced Inner Template 2 Renders: 1: http://maoyuu-maou.deviantart.com/art/Render-38-547063633 2: http://maoyuu-maou.deviantart.com/art/Render-28-546391202 3: http://maoyuu-maou.deviantart.com/art/Render-156-570577304
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    At risk of sounding a bit cheesy, just wanted to say thank you for organizing this. Among the lot of people, it was nice to see some familiar faces -- and chiefly, all in the same place. Even though I was stuck in private chat for a good portion of the time, it was a really great turnout (and the donations were generous). Not sure if the event formally came to a close because I had to dip a little early, but it was a nice way to kick off the new year.
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    Here is the interview! https://xat.chat/xat-jedi/ Enjoy!
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    In true Old Trade fashion, as every year, we will be celebrating Trades Anniv. a bit different this year. I will be hosting a Trade Reunion on Sunday, January 15th on xat.com/tr4de It will be very similar to years past. Old Trade staff will be coming back to xat for the day. We will talk about old times and reconnect. We will also host trivia for the users and have some contests. Hope to see everyone there for some old fashioned fun. Time is yet to be announced. EDIT* Will begin around 2 pm EST and continue throughout the day.
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    Added prize for second place.
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    Likes and comments please !
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    Yeah, the sequel wasn't nearly as impressive . Heck, she even touched the bottom before she went completely under. No break-up either. Here's some more potential reasons why the Titanic is a lot more popular: More people died (nearly 1500 more - including drowning and freezing to death) Not nearly enough lifeboats (only enough for 1/3 of people on board) More people on board (2208 vs 1066) Giant break-up of the ship Popular films were made (Celine Dion) The first disaster of its kind (massive passenger liner hitting an iceberg) It was the ship's maiden voyage (a lot of press coverage) Titanic looked more luxurious (Britannic didn't even get the chance to be used as a passenger liner) More atmospheric (happened at night, hundreds of miles from land) Arguably more tragic (an act of nature rather than man) Might have been avoidable (slowing down through the ice field, more communication between ships, binoculars in the crow's nest, not putting the engines in reverse upon sighting the iceberg) There was another ship on the horizon that didn't rescue them And so forth... =P
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    Yeah I remember that, lol. Right next to the homepage, wasn't it? While some may argue this does increase an account's security, I would have to imagine a large majority of users would not prefer linking their private social media. In the event that someone had a xat based facebook/twitter, don't you think that a malicious person trying to wrongfully gain access to someone's xat account would seek control over that too? I think as long as someone is able to accurately answer any security questions provided in a ticket, then they'll be more than fine.
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    I was just looking at some of the posts I made here last year when I saw a xat friend I used to have on the site brought an old thread up along with this other user I also knew still wondering why I have negative reputation. I don't really understand what it's all about although I think I know why this is. The first post I made on this new forum was to disagree with a certain power which of course xat decided to release.
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    Hey, The requirements for the contest are as follows: An inner background must be provided (728*486 pixels); An outer background must be provided (at least 2560*1440 pixels); A personalized CSS (No cursor). A matching button color. Rules (there are currently under the chat). Ocean themed background. Color blue must be used! The deadline for entries is the 12th of January at 23:59 UTC+1, and the winner will be chosen. Prize: 5000 xats 1st place 2500 xats 2nd place You can enter as many times as you want. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Good luck! copy paste Anar's contest thanks
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    Well obviously you did/said something that people did not like. Welcome to the real world, buddy!
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    We started! Come to xat.com/TR4DE to join us at the trade reunion! Games, trivia, and more!
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    Ok so i have no idea what this could be called but in my opinion having this would make it more fun messing with people around . This could be a feature or a power doesnt matter.I would totally buy it. Clicking on someones name and a sound starts ( 3 secs ) where users could choose from xats sounds or upload their sound ( after being confirmed by staff to avoid abuse ). For example : 1 - https://youtu.be/aLOjzqV8mmI 2 - 3 -
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    If any of you have time, feel free to join us at the trade reunion at xat.com/TR4DE in about 3 hours (2:00 pm EST). We welcome everyone, even if you weren't previous staff. Learn more here.
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    With the correct introduction this time
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    I'm good at being annoying and getting on people's nerves.
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    Theme: Summer Good luck to everyone else participating in this contest! Credits to Danish model Nina Agdal and Manu for his background template. You can find his templates in the sub-forum "Graphics" first topic: "Free Templates" by Manu.
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    Basketball. I don't even play basketball IRL that much, but I've really been into NBA since last year's playoffs. /r/NBA also helped me get into it. It's actually really interesting. Also, if you can, post "Russell Westbrook #NBAVote" on Twitter/Facebook to get Russell Westbrook, elite point-guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the starting spot in the NBA All-Star game.
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    Thank you for asking! I'm tempted to say Dragon Ball Z, having re-watched the anime a million times since the old Toonami days as a kid! (I'm a loyal Gohan fan too, although Dragon Ball Super ruined him a bit with that green tracksuit.) xP Oh, and English grammar too. We did a lot of syntax trees (X-bar theory) at university.
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    Before you continue, let's make one thing clear, this is for very bored people. And no, you won't see jack or rose anywhere. p.s don't spoiler the end to the others!
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    I don't think this'll be very useful, just login and go. Don't have to bother with linking accounts.
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    I also do remember when this was implemented a few years ago. Although while I agree with Angelo that many users (including myself) would rather not link their social media accounts, I can understand as to why others would see this being useful. The thing is that maybe if it were just to login/sign up maybe it could be somewhat useful? But still I myself don't see this necessary and after trying to type this post I've come to the conclusion that it seems it would be more of a hassle than bring any use.
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    Yeah while I was reading your post the first thing that came to my mind was how useful it would be at Help. I like this idea.
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    I was thinking of an ability that would allow you to set keywords or phrases where if a user typed them, an audie would play for you. This can be useful in various different ways (and I say it's better than having the normal chat box sounds on ). It could get recognized the same way "(bump" does when typed in PC. However instead of playing #lazerfire3 (or whatever the audie is), it will be replaced with whatever audie you set. I don't think Noaudies should be able to impact this, since you would have to have the chat box sounds on to hear them in that case. If you don't have a key phrase set, then you won't have a problem with the audies. Of course you can turn these off whenever you please. Examples: I set "i need help" as a key phrase and set the audie #raspberry along with it. Someone types it in main chat and the audie will play for me so I can assist them quickly. I set "buying purple" as a key phrase with the audie #sword, particularly for the Trade chat. This can help me know when someone is actually buying the power rather than looking every minute or so. Figure it's worth the suggestion if it's easy enough to implement. Thoughts?
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    This is interesting, I like this idea to be honest. The only negative thing, in my opinion, is that there is many things someone could say to get help: Example: "help", "help me", "question", "I have a question" ect ect... So we would have to set a lot of kay phrases for this system to work perfectly on a help chat. For trade, it's not a big deal, you could just set "sell x", "selling x" and "buy x", "buying x".
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    Here's the sequel you never wanted: It's a game engine, with the same model used in the Titanic video (but modified with davits (cranes), different colors and more detail). The events were thoroughly researched by historians too (such as the sound of the horn, and the angle of the morning sunlight). 4:55 - mine explosion 21:42, 25:15 - lifeboats sucked into the propellers 53:15 - sinking intensifies 55:55 - funnels collapse 58:18 - haunting screech (water rushing into the engine room?)
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    if i recall correctly, you could login or add facebook to your account a few years ago? I suppose it was removed, because it was barely used. But i think, considering that most people like things simple today, an one click registeration with google/twitter/facebook might be good. BUT its not really necessary.and i don't really understand how it prevents 'crime'.
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    Hmm . NOo I think its good just for share, what happens on forum. Twitter e facebook. But for login, its badly idea. Idk
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    Thanks Anar! I'll do my best!
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    First entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/iCeLWGP.png Render: http://orig15.deviantart.net/cc70/f/2012/238/9/6/another___mei_misaki___render_by_megamolpe-d5chehg.png Second entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/6uzOImg.png Credits: Render Wallpaper
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    but yeah, I actually watched 25 minutes of this video before I realized that I was still watching it. LOL
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    I actually have watched that..and built a model doing so. My oldest nephew had a Titanic obsession..what can I say.
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    At least the camera is actually moving and stuff, and it's not just a still image, haha. Now that would be boring. It's kinda scary too - something that colossal just disappearing under the water, in the middle of ocean. Dark, lonely... slowly sinking into the depths. Who knows what creatures lurk beneath. And don't you just love the sound of groaning metal? Watch the last 3 minutes, if nothing else.
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