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    Ok so i have no idea what this could be called but in my opinion having this would make it more fun messing with people around . This could be a feature or a power doesnt matter.I would totally buy it. Clicking on someones name and a sound starts ( 3 secs ) where users could choose from xats sounds or upload their sound ( after being confirmed by staff to avoid abuse ). For example : 1 - https://youtu.be/aLOjzqV8mmI 2 - 3 -
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    PcBack Style - Spring/Water 2nd Pcback Style - Spring/Water
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    alternate transparent version: http://i.imgur.com/0zuClcj.png
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    Here's the sequel you never wanted: It's a game engine, with the same model used in the Titanic video (but modified with davits (cranes), different colors and more detail). The events were thoroughly researched by historians too (such as the sound of the horn, and the angle of the morning sunlight). 4:55 - mine explosion 21:42, 25:15 - lifeboats sucked into the propellers 53:15 - sinking intensifies 55:55 - funnels collapse 58:18 - haunting screech (water rushing into the engine room?)
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    You can now request for a previously purchased, inactive chat to be put up for sale via ticket. A new help topic will likely be added soon, but for now please select the ShortNames department. Chat name must be appropriate for release.
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    guess I best go log into my 20 chats....
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    In true Old Trade fashion, as every year, we will be celebrating Trades Anniv. a bit different this year. I will be hosting a Trade Reunion on Sunday, January 15th on xat.com/tr4de It will be very similar to years past. Old Trade staff will be coming back to xat for the day. We will talk about old times and reconnect. We will also host trivia for the users and have some contests. Hope to see everyone there for some old fashioned fun. Time is yet to be announced. EDIT* Will begin around 2 pm EST and continue throughout the day.
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    I was thinking of an ability that would allow you to set keywords or phrases where if a user typed them, an audie would play for you. This can be useful in various different ways (and I say it's better than having the normal chat box sounds on ). It could get recognized the same way "(bump" does when typed in PC. However instead of playing #lazerfire3 (or whatever the audie is), it will be replaced with whatever audie you set. I don't think Noaudies should be able to impact this, since you would have to have the chat box sounds on to hear them in that case. If you don't have a key phrase set, then you won't have a problem with the audies. Of course you can turn these off whenever you please. Examples: I set "i need help" as a key phrase and set the audie #raspberry along with it. Someone types it in main chat and the audie will play for me so I can assist them quickly. I set "buying purple" as a key phrase with the audie #sword, particularly for the Trade chat. This can help me know when someone is actually buying the power rather than looking every minute or so. Figure it's worth the suggestion if it's easy enough to implement. Thoughts?
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    YESSSSSSS. Prevents random toons from spam clicking you!!
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    How would it work on mobile? Even though I like the idea so much, it has to be stopped by noaudie power, otherwise that would be so disturbing
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    First entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/iCeLWGP.png Render: http://orig15.deviantart.net/cc70/f/2012/238/9/6/another___mei_misaki___render_by_megamolpe-d5chehg.png Second entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/6uzOImg.png Credits: Render Wallpaper
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    New TestFlight update for iOS. Here is a few changes; Typing someone's name register name - @Paul for example on the app would link their me profile. %help would link the chat help and would open the helps chat room. A screenshot for @name and % - http://prnt.sc/divahf The new smilies can be now used. For example, (toj) and (smug) Login issues fixed for those having connection issues! Just click it. Go on, do it. It's 99.9% safe.
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