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    There is a new way to get informed about xat.com. Try out the xat Facebook page: https://www.fb.com/xatchats. Learn about powers, app updates, gifts, smilies, and other updates. Follow xat on Facebook and stay tuned for updates and contests!
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    Good idea <3 Not everyone know about xat.com so in my opinion i think is great idea @Mihay
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    Is it a page managed by admins like for twitter or some random people ? It would be cool also to add this link somewhere on chat page and the website itself. And nice one! I love the banner.
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    It is ran by a few Volunteers at the moment. Admins obviously will have access, but they will not be overseeing everything that is posted.
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    This is interesting. Hope it's gonna be beneficial for xat and bring a few more users. Keep the page up and it should work!
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    Nice idea, the cover looks pretty nice! Finally you guys realize that facebook is also a great way to promote a site and get new users.
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    so after viewing this thread i decided to look into how to detect new mobile users (programmatically) an i figured it out so i applied it to the chat and heres how it looks
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    Hello if you see something wrong that I'm using translator well will INNER: OUTER: RULES: CSS: Credits: Outer: Mixtega by its editor published Sxy - Chatbox published CSS: @Ethan Sorry, the simplest of Ethan is nothing so grip CSS theme apologies and please wait allows me to it
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    Color Button: #3a5b96 Inner Outer Css: background-image:url(http://i.imgur.com/3hpPimj.png); background-position:center top; background-color:3c5d98; background-repeat: no-repeat;} Preview:
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    How about a pawn that you can only use if your married, you both have a choice of 2 crowns to use, this way you can be king and queen and maybe something similar for BFF people but haven't thought what could be used yet. Or you have any other ideas? I just feel there should be a "unique" pawn that only Married and BFF people can use
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    What are your power suggestions for 2017 ? Please add only 1 suggestion per post Example : (zzzz) power with (zzz1) (zz2) (zz3) (zz4) (zz5) smilies. Not many info !! Note: all your suggestions will be added on my list and i'll decide the good ones.
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    Cool, I never used twitter so I never see updates from xats twitter. Now I can just get updates from a social media i use. Hopefully it'll be kept active.
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    on my 19th rotation around the sun.. time flies
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    Ah. Thanks for the informations.
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    Version 1.7.1 available on Android. It seems: - You can now change the language of the application so it's cool for users who don't know much about english. - Powers (store/user powers) are sorted alphabetically. - New powers pawns are finally working. And other things like the IOS version; if you type @username (@SlOom), it will redirect on user profile and %chat (%help) it will redirect on help chat. A possible bug (Not for everyone): - If you switch to French language and switch again to english, it will keep the french language on the menu with "help", "buy xats" etc... unless if you restart the app but the other part of the app is fine on chat/friendlist/profile. - All new smileys are still not working like HI, MEH... @Admin
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    Here my design ^^ Second entry
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    Yes, but I need you to trade, as a family, as we were all before. I want you back, I'm on vacation, and leave me a little chat, back later, maybe. Still waiting to be everything as before, even though we did not talk much together, but I know you're a special person. (L)
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    Can't you just look at the xat todo list? There are A LOT of great suggestions there...
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    First entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/iCeLWGP.png Render: http://orig15.deviantart.net/cc70/f/2012/238/9/6/another___mei_misaki___render_by_megamolpe-d5chehg.png Second entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/6uzOImg.png Credits: Render Wallpaper
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    Alot will still be sorely missed. I wish that I could bring everyone back for the day. My efforts are off to a good start though. Everyday someone "old" is contacting me. Our anniversaries always brought some back in general. Old trade was a family. That in itself is something no other chat could ever replicate of old trade magnitude. Its something I am proud of.
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    INNER: Link Suggested button color: #166b7d OUTER: Link RULES: http://i.imgur.com/hyyL0aK.png CSS: background:}*{font-family: Arial}*{color:#ffffff}*{text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000000}*{font-variant:none; background-color: #000000; background-position: center; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url('http://i.imgur.com/JLJ6YBi.png')}*.foot{color:#AAAAAA !important};
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    INNER http://i.imgur.com/ilvc8ds.png Suggested button color: #10194a OUTER http://i.imgur.com/YkYzqjK.png RULES http://i.imgur.com/yjyUTme.png CSS (I might edit it later) background:url('http://i.imgur.com/YkYzqjK.png') calc(50% + 4px) fixed no-repeat}#chat embed{background:url('http://i.imgur.com/ilvc8ds.png'); To see a preview, click here CREDITS: Lifebelt: http://www.istockphoto.com Fish vector: https://image.freepik.com Lighthouse: http://www.clipartbest.com Ocean wallpaper
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    Wow, sorry! I come back after a few days to see Arthur had hacked Chat. It's all under control now. Chat has been reset.
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