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    we not saying remove the time limit, we are saying if it gives you the login error, you shouldn't have to wait 4 mins to buy the power, since you didnt get to buy it on first try
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    I think we all can say that the smileys have definitely evolved over the years. I still remember the time when the smileys were all the classics and I truly enjoyed them. I remember a project I had to do back in elementary school where you couldn't use any sort of communication with words to communicate with someone and had to figure out a way to talk to that person. So, my partner and I decided to use xat and the xat smileys to communicate where each smiley represented a different letter so we basically communicated in smiley language. The project actually turned out pretty good and we did really well on it. I think that's just what the smileys are there for. They help us communicate with a sense of emotion and personality. I think it's kind of weird to say that the xat smileys have honestly inspired me in a certain way. I used to often ask how they got made, where they came from, where the inspirations came from and you name it. There was a time when I got so interested in them that I actually started to teach myself flash and actually started taking courses that touched on it. I started creating suggestions on the forum for them, tried designing my own smileys (which honestly were pretty bad but they still were okay I guess). This actually kind of lead me to start talking to these people who actually made these things. Being a smiley maker honestly seems like such a cool job to have on xat. Although it might be a lot of work, you basically get to find your own inspirations and design smileys and powers. I think my passion for all of this has not only created strong friendships with similar people, but also helped me figure out what field I wish to pursue in the future (which happens to be in the communications/design field). Either way, I still think today that the xat smileys are pretty much the coolest thing on xat and are basically what keeps xat running. Pretty much all the smileys I use on my phone (from iMessage to Kik etc) are not exactly animated and don't have as much detail as the ones on xat do (Sometimes I actually just screenshot the xat smiley and send it as an image... oops ) . I often think it's a privilege to be able to use these cool smileys (especially the free yellow ones) everyday to communicate with people all around the world.
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    No one should be punished for having to re-login. Salty suggestion #1.
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    I've been telling people to re-login before buying from the store to avoid page errors. If you re-login before you try to purchase from xat store, it should work just fine (as long you haven't tried in the last 4 minutes). Perhaps, xat could add something like this somewhere on the powers page: "Have you logged in today? Make sure you are logged in before completing your xat power(s) purchase". It needs to be more visible than the 'Buy powers' button. If you're suggesting xat to remove the time limit, I disagree completely. This time limit exists for a long time, and it works as a way to keep buying powers fair (e.g. if you could get all limited at once, that wouldn't be fair to other users). Therefore releases occur from time to time, so more users can get them. I think four (4) minutes are good enough but I wouldn't mind having it reduced to three (3) instead. In the past, I've thought of a power that would "reduce your time limit", so if you had the power you could buy powers every 2 minutes (instead of 4). But after some thinking, I reconsidered the idea because it wouldn't be fair (2 to 4 is a big difference). Then I thought of something else, instead of a power, it could work as a "feature". e.g. If you have AllPowers, your time limit changes to 3 minutes (instead of 4 minutes). On the other hand, I think we would need the "areyouhuman" verification added to the store page (to improve its security). If we add more security there, we will be preventing users from doing things they aren't supposed to (time limit + areyouhuman=fair for all). If areyouhuman was added, the problem would be that too many users get confused when completing it (and every second matters when buying limited powers). This isn't good and could make buying powers an annoying thing instead of being simple and quick as it should be.
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    I definitely spend more time on chatrooms but I do check forum oftens, I think the forum is very good for communication for the entire community, xat chatrooms aren't really designed to hold discussions, thats why I personally like the forum more, but spend more time on chatrooms.
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    I think this power is really nice and credit goes to whoever made it, there are a lot of smileys to choose from and they all have expressions (which I especially like instead of smileys dedicated to an object, e.g. mining). Props to whoever made this!
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    @Guppy i thought Id see you in on this one I like this inner! If he wins maybe he could edit it after the holidays
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    Even though there are more smilies on Facebook, I've never really liked some, they don't express anything. On the other hand, xat smilies are so expressive! I feel you can express any feeling with them (talking about the yellow ones). xat.wiki/Free_smilies for a full list!
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    You can't compare Facebook and xat !
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    This might work if the DJ was super famous instead of just being a normal regular DJ.
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    I would recommend investing in a drawing tablet, you'll get better results that way.
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    INNER Suggested button color: #c40f00 OUTER CSS background:#c40f00 url('http://imgur.com/q8Eqq0u.png') no-repeat top center fixed}table:nth-of-type(3) td:first-child{width:24px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:nth-of-type(3){width:1px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:last-child{width:25px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:nth-child(even):nth-child(-n+5){display:none}#chat embed{background:url(http://imgur.com/SPTJEWg.png)}#media embed,#control embed{margin:0 1em}a{color:#c41c00 !important}*{font-family:Helvetica}div[style*='height:90']{height:90px; CREDITS Inner Template (Modified): https://forum.xat.com/topic/72-free/#comment-433 Outer Template (Modified): https://forum.xat.com/topic/72-free/#comment-450 REMINDERS: Turn on Transparent Background for the outer to work. Click here for a preview
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