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    for powers like (gkpanda) and (gkkitty), you can only use the smilies when a chat has them assigned. i also noticed that some powers like (summerflix) and (sea), you can use the smilies when you also have the power. with this update, users who have that gkpower will be able to use the smilies from that gkpower.
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    xat.com/Game will be hosting our annual Christmas extravaganza from December 22-24! There will be 12 contests spread out between the 3 days, ending with the Family Feud contest we meant to do at Halloween for Nameflag power! The full schedule is below: As always, thank you to Immortal, Meow, Josie, Ethan, Chelly, and Bokunopicolo for their generous donations! Also a big thanks to Chelly and Immortal for buying the prizes and putting together the schedule! There will be limits on how much one person can win, but these will be announced at a later date. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and we hope to see everyone there!
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    TOS would actually be kinda bad because when players are new they're really bad, but when players get better it's entirely down to luck (basically no skill involved). Worst of both worlds. HOWEVER if there was practice time before so people know how to play the game it could work. Steam games definitely shouldn't be played since some will have loads of experience, and some will have never played before - it'd be too one sided. My suggestions are (just listing them all regardless of whether they've been listed or not): Pokemon Showdown (kinda skill based but meh, if you exclude games requiring a similar level of skill to this, basically no games would be suggestable) Agar.io Slither.io Town of Salem (if there's practice time before) Trivia/Trivia based games Gamebans Boardgame online (if there's practice time before) Guess the Doodle Make the Doodle (probably one-sided) Hide and Seek Any other Contests games Haxball Splix.io Gamebot games Might add more later.
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    thx so much muffins..flash is work now
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    HUGE CHRISTMAS CONTEST WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? As I am leaving xat soon, I decided to put all of my powers (everypower) into play for Christmas. The contest will probably take place at http://xat.com/Game . I was approved to be the prize holder by xat volunteers : https://gyazo.com/79bf3e67d65b9e5907eb0959421aee58 . IMPORTANT I don't know when most people are on vacation, please reply to this post with an appropriate date (it might take several days though). To make this contest even bigger, suggest online games that everyone can play and that referees will be able to spectate. GAMES I was thinking about playing non-xat games. These ones are the best ideas I've come up with so far : agar.io haxball Again, I am open to any suggestion for non-xat games that chosen referees will be able to spectate. RULES In order to identify each player, you will have to use your regname if you are playing. As the reward will be split into big parts (5 to 10K, but not decided yet), if you win one game you will have to skip two. If the referee can't determine exactly who won, the game will be restarted. Any form of cheating (using bots in agar.io to get mass for example) will result in a disqualification for all the rest of the contest. OTHER INFORMATION To make it easier for us to spectate on agar.io, I might ask you to install an extension (http://ogario.ovh/) so we can follow everyone and have a real-time ranking among xat users. Some of the rules might change as I am not fully sure (and as I have certainly forgotten a lot of things), and if you have any questions, just ask. Anyway, I just have to say good luck to anyone who is willing to participate.
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    CONTEST INFORMATION (Chelly is the Prize Holder and can be found at xat.com/Game) Social is hosting a Background Contest, the best backgrounds set will be chosen and used as our main set when there isn't a holiday. You can post as many backgrounds as you want. The deadline is December 26th 8 PM. (Edit: 27th winners will receive their prizes, as we will choose winners on the 26th) (Ending in Pacific Standard Time) If you have any question about this contest or your entry, do not hesitate to reply to the topic. You may also message me privately. REQUIREMENTS You must provide an inner background (728*486 pixels). You must provide a matching button color. You must provide an outer background (2560*1440 pixels or larger). You have to post your entry here, your entry will not be accounted if you send it through any other channel. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright, ideally don't make anything hurtful to eyes. OTHER INFORMATION You may use CSS to do minor modifications to adjust your backgrounds. The first place will receive a prize of 5,000 xats, the second place will receive a prize of 1,000 xats. Message me or @SirCharlie if you have any questions. Good luck for those entering. (Credits for this template for contest info @Arthur) -Special thanks to Dimple for donating to the 1st place prize!-
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    Thank you Chelly&Steven for what you're doing for xat Game, more to Steven because I broke up with Chelly and yeah. Good luck to all. Anyway, I love you Chelly. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    I agree! Some of those Gkkitty smilies are so cute! There's probably a reason we can't use them though (I don't know what it is, but it can't be accidental).
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    But not everyone has these games.. so a lot of people would be missing out on the contest, when it normally should be free for all to enter. Bad idea.
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    It'd be best not to suggest games that not everyone can pick up easily and have a fair chance. They should also be free and available to everyone. For example, Town of Salem has a moderate learning curve and people showing up "on the day" would have next to no chance of winning. Same could be said for DotA, CS:GO and so on. Steam games are really a definite no go.
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    @Admin You can basically make an option on the smilie to make it always moving and never stop so you can use both version (One stopping like the actual smilie, and one not stopping like Majora's) like you requested on your previous post. And probably change the speed of the smilie to make it better. Example : (swaves#s3#n) (s3 = speed between 1 - 4 ( < 2 = More slower | > 2 = more faster) | n = will always make it moving) After, it's only an idea of how we can have something good with options etc.. like we had for treefx.
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    CONTEST INFORMATION xat_Test and Trade's chatroom is hosting a backgrounds Contest. You will have till December 4th to design the backgrounds. There's no specific type of design I'm looking for, but you must follow the requirements that are provided down below. The winners will be announced on the 5th of December 2016 at 12:00 PM EST. REQUIREMENTS FOR XAT_TEST AND TRADE: You must provide an inner background (728*486 pixels). You must provide a matching button color. You must provide an outer background (2560*1440 pixels or larger). You have to post your entry here, your entry will not be accounted if you send it through any other channel. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright, ideally don't make anything hurtful to eyes. You can submit as much backgrounds as you like and edit as much as you like. Information that you may need to know: You may use some CSS, not hardcore CSS. You can enter either background contest as you want or both. First place winner for xat_Test will receive 2,500 xats, first place for Trade's background will receive 2,500 xats. Second place for xat_Test will received 1,800 xats, second place for Trade's background will receive 1,800 xats. Good luck everyone and have fun. Let the best designer win. ^_^ (If you would like to donate some xats to this contest, then send me a private message. If you have any questions regarding the contest, you can send me a private message too)
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    I am speaking as a group not individually. Like I said...I am not saying you guys don't deserve. What I am saying is that you guys should fight for what would make it easier and benefit the users. The current methods ARE NOT benefiting the users of xat with current wait times. You guys say you don't need more volunteers and don't need to change a system..but yet its obvious something is broke or not working proper. The users are suffering for it. And I am fairly certain that I can diagnose..based on what several volunteers tell me and also based on my experience. Where you come up with the spotlight stuff...IDK. It has nothing to do with ticket responses and time issues.
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    Lower expectations? I beg to differ. The volunteers you guys speak of could run circles around you guys in answering tickets. I know each of you have lives and I appreciate what each does. However..you lack the passion for the most part....thats my opinion. We all worked to impress admins. You guys now are chosen based on who you know. Or chosen based on past opinions of some but not ALL. I'm not saying that you guys lack experience or don't deserve either. I am not saying that making more volunteers that lack experience is the answer. I am saying the system and how it is now...needs rethought. We all know there is some department right now with major delays. There always is. If you helped each other and worked as team...there wouldn't be. The users needs are NOT being met. Thats a fact. I know people waiting a week to reset auth code. Something so easy......push of a button. I know others I have to advise to log in every 2 days until their shortname transfer needs are being met. Bottom line.....Why not push to fix what can make it easier on you guys instead of having many departments to better keep track of who does what for inner reasons. Organization is NOT always the best answer.
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    Would mess things up? Its called teaching and learning. We use to help one another. We could handle all and not just "certain" situations. Obviously my point is valid. We had 6 active volunteers handle all the tickets with triple the users and do fine. Its made to be more complicated then it needs. Sometimes overdoing things takes more time then having those available to handle any task. I have seen all sides. I also know what countless users complain to me about each day. I respect all you guys do and appreciate each of you. However...I really do feel someone needs to open eyes. How many users have to complain to get volunteers or admins to listen? How many volunteers recent have said to me "its not my job or nothing will ever change." How many threads like this need to be opened requesting more volunteers because users feel their needs are not being met?
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    MMM...In my time we could handle the system and rarely had issues. I think now alot of volunteers try, but are up against walls. I think that having OWN departments was the worst idea ever. When volunteers go part time due to other obligations, it leaves a hole the other volunteers can not share, from my understanding. I think Admins instead should focus on "undoing" the department ranks and resort to old times for the best interest of the users. I also know that the volunteer team lacks that vocal voice to fight for the users like I always did.
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    Sound familiar Tink? Nice questions. I like the idea TBH. Not sure I really like it with volunteers as they represent xat and have to keep it in good light. No offence Just not sure we would get honest answers there. But completely understand why they are interesting.
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