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    We already have a ton of similar powers. We might as well pile on! I don't mind the idea. However, what I would rather have is the ability to customize the color of everypower.
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    Thanks so much i agree with you (Y)
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    The Power (pawnwave) with the similar effects than (namewave) Could be an epic pawn with a price something between 30k - 40k xats or higher up to you @Admin Something similar namewave
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    Congratulations Arthur for being the new Chat Main Owner! Hope you have a great month and good luck!
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    I feel like there were so many better options.
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    I give my deepest sympathies to the community.
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    Could you show some visual examples or be more descriptive about the smilies to give a better idea of your suggestion? If you do I'm sure others will also find it easier to give feedback.
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    That seems like an issue that moderators should deal with. This functionality is common across the internet now!
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    I think it's pretty clear as it is. If they got confused by its current wording, they may as well get confused by your suggested revision too.
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    And who has mistaken that? I have not heard of anyone mistaking that for xat admins running that chat when it clearly says that they don't.
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    Nice name for new powers (y) And very nice @ider
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    I like this idea, because we really need a new pawn.
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    Please don't turn xat turn into Nyan cat
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    Hello everyone! Well I want to share with you some smileys for a new power I hope you can like them! =) Name of power: Turtle My Register: iLinda (276468417)
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