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    I believe that a button should be added to xat in the same window when you click yourself to see information about yourself. That a button be added called "Recent Transfers". (Obviously not the same as Trade) Even showing the most recent 10 transfers would be super useful as to recall how many xats you transferred to a person was, or who was the most recent person you transferred to. This would cut down on people having to create support tickets for when people accidentally transfer to the wrong person, or believe they transferred a different amount since they would have the proof available to them asap. (This wouldn't compromise account security for tickets as well, since it won't show a full history but only most recent)
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    1) VERY useful for when you suddenly get refreshed after a transfer 2) Got transferred xats "just as you hit the sign out" of chat button 3) Proof of sending xats when people claim "you never sent them" 4) Some others i've encountered drunk people send xats, and forgot what happened the next day and want to know who they sent it to 5) SOMETIMES clicking on someone, someone else's pawn/name powers overlap the person you click and accidently sent to wrong person 6) Someone hacked into account and you want ability to see if your account transfered/traded recently (Even if it shows it censored -- but atleast you know something phishy happened) 7) YOU ARE AFK and someone transfers to you, then eventually you get logged out of xat or get forced refreshed. 1) A checkbox can be implemented saying "Do not log future transactions" (So that way it ONLY starts showing new transfers after you uncheck it) 2) INCREASES safety of users as they will know ASAP when account is hacked since they will see that someone else started without without their permission (Maybe for "trade" it can be listed in the transfer history as a generic "5 powers, 5 days, 360 xats transfered" 3) "HELD" accounts should be forced to have all transfers no longer displayed until they are unheld (Then it'll start showing new transfers AFTER the unheld) 4) Transfers list should only be showed to you based on your IP address (EX: Anything NOT from your IP will be censored and show a generic: "Censored due to changed IP") Honestly there are many methods to increase user security such as those censorship based on a "current" logged in user or IP and still provide benefit to the xat users.
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    I would like to see your qualifications for such a prestigious position!
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    Loving the logo change on the forum, haha!
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    I don't think you read this at all. It is for personal use as Jake already explained. Volunteers can also already see transfer/trade logs.
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    Lights out. http://i.imgur.com/cVzQuwo.png
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    Powers like: Me or any other group power are different. For example, Me power, it checks in the database if you do or don't have that power. But the chatbox is different, if you ran out of days, according to the chatbox, you don't have powers.
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    And here's why you need days to use powers... because as soon as you run out you go buy more.
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    Can you explain the update? I don't understand what you're suggesting. You should spend your time thinking about things that actually need to be updated, like Gcontrol.
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    Cmon guys, give him a break... at least he made the oute--
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    As Brandon and many others have pointed out so far we have different volunteers working on specific type of tickets. That's how it works. However how it's compartmentalized, what tools are volunteers trusted with and who works on what specifically is not disclosed for security reasons. I would like to know why users need that information other than to annoy/abuse specific volunteers on chat. Neither are volunteers to blame. We're in fact volunteers and get very little compensation for our hard work. I'm not saying that I should be getting more, but I'm also not going to quit my day job and hobbies to 100% focus on what xat users expect of me. Could we benefit from recruiting more volunteers? Perhaps. We'll look into it if we decide that's true. That's how it has worked so far and that's how it's going to continue to work. Regarding the compartmentalization - it stays and again it has been pointed out why it makes sense for us to have it in place, regardless of the counter-arguments which I disagree with. For regular users and ex-volunteers it's easy to dictate and speculate what would be more efficient. From personal experience, security and more specifically for the sake of organization it's best to have it remain the way it is. The stress, pain and agony could be reduced to a minimum, if users would make themselves aware of the safe-trade system, specifically the confirm button to double check the trades. Avoiding "trust trades" and loans is also reasonable. If the deal is too good to be true, then it likely is. Another tip from us would be to secure their computer, email and xat accounts. Never enter your xat password on any other site and don't fall for xat currency generators, as there's no such thing. To sum it up.. I'm not blaming the users, however, it's a fact that the "stress, pain and agony" is often resulting from their own greed and/or carelessness. Users requesting for authentication or locking to be disabled rarely have to wait for too long, however, I agree that we could do better in that regard. If there are delays, then we pick up and clear them. Some weeks are busier than others. Currently some departments are delayed and we'll be focusing on those in the upcoming days.
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    Lower expectations? I beg to differ. The volunteers you guys speak of could run circles around you guys in answering tickets. I know each of you have lives and I appreciate what each does. However..you lack the passion for the most part....thats my opinion. We all worked to impress admins. You guys now are chosen based on who you know. Or chosen based on past opinions of some but not ALL. I'm not saying that you guys lack experience or don't deserve either. I am not saying that making more volunteers that lack experience is the answer. I am saying the system and how it is now...needs rethought. We all know there is some department right now with major delays. There always is. If you helped each other and worked as team...there wouldn't be. The users needs are NOT being met. Thats a fact. I know people waiting a week to reset auth code. Something so easy......push of a button. I know others I have to advise to log in every 2 days until their shortname transfer needs are being met. Bottom line.....Why not push to fix what can make it easier on you guys instead of having many departments to better keep track of who does what for inner reasons. Organization is NOT always the best answer.
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    Yeah, if the guys at the top just made me a vol I would make sure there would never be any more unanswered tickets. (Of course, there would probably not be any users either after I'm done)
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    Really JOINED October 4, 2012 im shock.
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    Lmao why is everyone obsessed with adding on and off buttons on the login page... what's stopping them from turning it on? OH! Let's make them put 50 codes in somewhere. No. If someone gets into your account they don't give a flying monkey about your transfer history. They're going to steal your powers and then bounce. Simple as. We want this because, well firstly, it's information that should really be available anyways. We personally made the transfers ourselves, so I don't see the big issue. Secondly, is the valuable information you could get out of these statistics. Things like: xats given xats recieved ∆ xats Possible profits you could have made (i.e. check the prices you traded at the time compared to fairtrade now) On average how much you make per trade How much profit you're making compared to a few months ago And of course, who received what (maybe you're looking to make another deal with a trader, but forgot their name?) Plus a lot more that I just haven't thought of yet. You might say "so it's only useful for traders" well, not really. We could all utilize this information and take some interest in it whether or not we are actively looking for profit or not. Oh Jesus Christ, how does this annoy anyone? Just because the volunteers (who obviously matter more than the community who wants something) are going to lose their question on one department? (This question can still be used on lost access, due to the fact they cant access the log at that time, unless it was saved)
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