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    Inner(728x486): (full) Outter(2560x1440): OR (full) - (full) Button color: #FFA500 CSS/Outer(Compatible with all screen sizes): background-color: #000000; background:url('http://imgur.com/ed4iVwy.jpg') center fixed no-repeat, #000}#chat embed{background:url('http://imgur.com/FOjp6dh.png'); Preview:
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION The Help chatroom is hosting a Halloween Backgrounds Contest, the best backgrounds set will be chosen and used for over a week. You can post as many backgrounds as you want. The deadline is October 17th. If you have any question about this contest or your entry, do not hesitate to reply to the topic. You may also message me privately. REQUIREMENTS Backgrounds must be halloween-themed. You must provide an inner background (728*486 pixels). You must provide a matching button colour. You must provide an outer background (2560*1440 pixels or larger). You have to post your entry here, your entry will not be accounted if you send it through any other channel. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright, ideally don't make anything hurtful to eyes. OTHER INFORMATION You may use CSS to do minor modifications to adjust your backgrounds. The first place will receive a prize of 3,500 xats, the second place will receive a prize of 1,500 xats. I am the prize holder for this contest. Please contact me if you would like to donate. Good luck for those entering, and bonus points to whoever includes a Pumpkin Spice Latte!
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    We're going to be hosting a game like Family Feud for Halloween at Game. Basically, there are a number of questions and 100 people are surveyed and the players then have to predict their answers. If you are interested in being surveyed, post here and we may contact you. If you are contacted you will just need to answer a few questions (1 or 2 word answers, the first that come to your mind). You will remain anonymous (nobody will know how you answered except the one who surveys you). We ask that you don't share any questions you are asked, or the answers you give, with anybody. If we don't contact you it isn't personal, it will be mostly random but we also want to select people from different "communities" if that makes sense (to get different answers). Also if you have a history of entering live contests you will probably not be asked many questions (to avoid giving you an advantage).
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    That issue had already been reported. The app sends by defaut the "friend packet" that they have you added. Take a look on admin's accounts, they have added you.
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    This is just for the Halloween celebration : ) I have time to do background. it's just warming up , thank u
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    On your background you need to have "Radio +18" and "the official international xat chat" and also you need an outter too. Look at Zuke and Sedat designs. They gave us an inner and outter. Anyway, you have a nice background, I really love this owls( I have a shirt with the owl boy too). I really hope you will make an outter too and on ur inner you will add what Anar request.
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    Would people pay 400 xats for something they can essentially copy/paste for free, though? I think you'd need more styles than bold, italic and underline to justify such a thing. But I do appreciate the idea of having official styles that everyone can see (not just appearing as boxes!)
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    Oh please, I bet you're stuck for a winner already.
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    Omg, music is very emotional! I like it, good job!
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    Now, downloadable it from the Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xat.app
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    Hahaha, I agree with that!
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