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    iPreview Just watch the video i made this montage to show a new feature Preview smileys without sending a message
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    I bet everyone of you (I hope) heard of Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos). It's a Mexican holiday that starts on October 31 and ends on November 2. So this Halloween, xat should released a power based on Day of the Dead (I still don't know what name will have this power, but I will think, promise; my first idea would be "Skeletons"). As smiles for this powers, I think about some dancing skeletons (with a sombrero) And some spooky skeletons, pumpkins. And as a hug, again, some dancing skeletons, skeletons that plays on their bones. And grats to Scooby Doo; a smile reveal. When Scooby Doo catch the bad ones, they take off the mask of the bad ones. We should have a smile like that, and reveal maybe some sorts of smiles that already exist. Source: Google for images and Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead)
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    I'm sure this wasn't intentional at all.
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    All clowns are scary clowns
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    "iThink iLike iZuke iJust iKidding" beautiful.
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    Well, not for the best of reasons.
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    They beat you to it .
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    Very unique way to suggest something, nice one! I wouldn't mind this and it will definitely be useful sometimes you need to send a few smilies before you get what you desire, this way you will be able to preview it instantly rather than having to copy the code, send a message to see it, paste the code again and change it and repeat.
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    I think the concept is okay. I mean, on the forum we are able to see the smiley we use before posting it. That being said, I don't think this feature needs to make it so that the smiley is huge in the text box. However, it would be neat if you typed (lemon) for example and the lemon smiley would show in the text box before you send it. It could be useful if you have a lot of powers and forget some smiley codes and just wanted to test and make sure you have the right one so you avoid less failures. Also, you can use a bot to test smileys. But, this feature would avoid having to use outside resources (like the wiki, bot etc) to make sure you have the right smiley code.
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    Omg, music is very emotional! I like it, good job!
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    As main of Chat for the month of October, I will be hosting a "Halloween Week" starting on the 24th and ending on the 1st of November. In preparation for the event, I am holding a competition for a Halloween themed background to compliment it. The requirements for the contest are as follows: An inner background must be provided (728*486 pixels); An outer background must be provided (at least 2560*1440 pixels); The inner background must contain the texts "The official international xat Chat" and "Radio 18+"; OPTIONAL : A symbol of the internationality of the chat (e.g.: flags, planet) A matching button color. The deadline for entries is the 22nd of October at 23:59 UTC+2, and the winner will be chosen. The winner of the contest will receive 6,000 xats. I will be holding the prize (a volunteer will post to confirm this). Every day of Halloween week, 2,000 xats will be added to the gamebot (total of 14,000 xats to win!). Doodlerace and Snakerace will be excluded (which leaves Matchrace, Spacewar, Zwhack and Darts). I can't wait to see the entries and hope you see you all there at some point!
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    You seem to make a power suggestion based off every "trending" topic. What's next... a Donald Trump power? A Brad and Angelina divorce power?
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    You didnt suggest (scaryclowns) you suggested (clowns) :s
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    What about trying to clean up and organize the "smiley list" on the side of the chat?
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    Are you bill gates? lol btw I really like your suggestion!
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    Nice suggestion @Cleon Nice Job Cleon, keep it up.
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    I really like this one, I watched a movie called "The Book of Life" and the animations were really awesome and I am sure xat could take some inspiration from it too.
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    New template (: download
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