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  1. My idea is that everyone can write colorful. by this command /color and your favorite color. I think it would be great if it would be a power group, who has just activated this power could write chat. EX: Assig power (writeColor) Next time: Edit power color. or not. All users qho enter on xat use comand /color and your favorite color. just need one power group assig on xat. I think my idea is good and I think all of you to think so. If power is turned on chat. the world can write colorful, just who buys and activates power could write. If power is not turned on chat, can not write coloring. That's my idea. /color 5FEBF5 typing= Hello i Test new power (writeColor) . Sorry i no have image Example, but in nice idea. thanks everyone. can you help us with more ideas. !?!
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  2. Hey! As Meow said, this power has been suggested before. The black text is totally fine, imo. It would be a mess and it would be sometimes too hard to read the chat if everything had different colours.
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