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    It's time, Bot is now released. Have fun guys!
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    People will eventually just know which images goes with what and you could easily cheat this.
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    Do people really use gamebans to punish people? I think not. In most cases, people use them for fun or when they're requested. And it's pointless in my opinion since the gamebanned user could just check events or ask someone with the power to do so (if they don't).
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    already working on adding stuff
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    The policy has been abandoned all together. For anyone who requests it, we will attempt to recover access to their account as long as other security-related policies allow for it.
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    This is incredibly disappointing. There has been a lot of talk among the community (official chats/forum) about how the xat community has been dying. I am starting to understand why that is... Volunteers are supposed to mend the gap between admins and normal users. As of late, they have done the complete opposite: driven a wedge between the normal users and the volunteers/admins, and every time a debate thread opens up, that becomes more and more apparent. I don't know who is to blame for this new policy, but ultimately the volunteers are representing the admins in the eyes of the normal users. Even if it was a decision made solely by the admins, the volunteers are the face of the site, and it's up to them to deal with issues like this... and no, by "deal with issues," I do not mean mass-delete posts and pretend nothing ever happened. But instead, no reasoning has been given for any of this, no sympathy or understanding has been shown, and clearly the community is unhappy but that does not appear to matter. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything the volunteers have done and are continuing to do for this site (and I know most people feel the same); none of us would be here without you. But that doesn't mean I will pretend there aren't problems!
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    All of these requirements to recover a lost account is absurd. I can understand other features being paid services because they are more exclusive, but it should never be this deep to recover a LOST account. Let's say there was a long time xat user that took a break and wanted to use xat again, and was told that they can't have access to the account because the account is considered worthless, I would only have to assume that they would be appalled by the treatment they are receiving as a long time user, and would most likely leave as a result. Yes, you can easily create a new account, but now they are leaving all the history behind, such as gifts, BFF/marriages, friends, etc. It is ludicrous that volunteers' are the judge to what is considered valuable. You may not consider it sentimental, but it may be to them. Just like how anything in the world would be important to someone and irrelevant to someone else. Now as a result, you lose a potential customer, not because they lost the account, but because of the way they are being viewed by the business, which is a worthless user, because they haven't purchased xats. This is a poor way to bring in more customers. I also heard a volunteer state that it shouldn't be that big of a deal because not as many users are affected. This is was such a surprising and distasteful reply coming from a volunteer, and made me question their passion for helping users and the website as a whole.. First of all, as a business you want to accommodate all your users because without them you are nothing. Even if they haven't purchased xats, they use other services such as chats which are free. There are a lot of youngsters that use this website and don't have the funds to purchase extra services such as powers/xats/days. Also, lack of payment options due to them being from other countries could be a factor as Isa stated. After they experience great satisfaction with the service, they may purchase more xats in the future. Something as little as not being able to regain access to an account due to it being undervalued can drive them away from using the service entirely. What this is telling the masses is that they (admins) don't care about us if we don't put our money in their pockets, which creates the narrative that the business full of money-hungry individuals. Why would users want to purchase xats this way? I stand for all the users. #LittleThingsMatter
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    This lists contain forum suggestions which received positive feedback by the community, including post reactions (likes) as well. Please note, this doesn't mean they will be used by xat. The simply serves as an overview for xat. Last updated: February 10, 2019 Implemented Suggestions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - General - Main Site / Concerns General - Chat Applications Powers - Functions Powers - Smilies Powers - Pawns Free - Smilies Powers - Groups Powers - Games Powers - Gamebans Powers - Bans Powers - FX Powers - Flix Powers - Jinx Powers - Blast Forum Suggestions
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    Hey guys, I started to code on xat from bot scripts found on google, it is now my turn to give my code away. If you want to learn how to code and/or learn new things, it is time. I published the new OceanProject's version on github. It is open source, you are now able to contribute (add features/commands, send issues). Website: https://github.com/llomgui/OceanProject-Website Bot: https://github.com/llomgui/OceanProject-Bot For now, only the new panel is available, I had to finish Bot tables to start the bot script. But the bot will be published in few days. It is a fresh start, every commands and features will be re-coded. Have fun!
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    The contest is over, Sergi is the winner, see the second page for details. ----------------- I thought it was a good occasion to have a contest for 1k xats – the amount that you (don't) need to get your lost account recovered! This contest is very simple. Guess the total number of coins that are in this cup: ...and the person who is closest wins the prize. (Some of the coins look a little wavy, but that's just because the cup has some ridges on the outside. I promise there's nothing funny about them. ) A few important pieces of information: - There are only nickels (5 cents) and quarters (25 cents) in the cup. - The total value of the money in the cup is 2125 cents. Also, only one guess per person pls. The contest will be closing Saturday, July 2nd, at around 8 PM GMT. In the event of a tie, the prize will go to whoever made a guess first. Muffins is holding the prize
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    What is the point of this thread? We can't vote on something we don't understand nor have context on. Storing messages were disabled for a reason, which as you say, is classified, so without knowing why something is done, we can't vote. No idea why 14* people voted yes without knowing why something was implemented in the first place, are we in the UK? Brandon isn't willing to reveal these 'classified' reasons, then what are you doing besides using the community to cause trouble for him? /throwaway account
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    Hello, After suggesting "Guess the word" I think we could have the same kind, except with pictures as we can find on the internet unless it is with images about Xat. This game still works with Gamebot because I do not know if it is really "good" for a simple gameban. The goal is simple: The game is started, you have a picture on the top and 3 choice. The picture will ONLY have a few "previews randomly" (Check the preview for more information), and you have to click the right choice. If you win, you move to the next image until time is up. Example : The time is 60 seconds, so you have to find the most pictures in 60 seconds. As I said in my previous suggestion, if you find the most pictures, you win the game and the price (if it is set). I did an preview of the application (Yes there is an application, of course ...) If you have questions or suggestions to improve this post, feel free to post in the comments. I don't know if it was suggested before, but i'm sorry if it was already suggested.
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    It seems just silly to create a power just to hide the ban message for gamebans.
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    You all have interesting views, and I think I'll be able to update my suggestion on what you said. Everyone has the same smiley. The first person who finds the image, win 1 point, and a new image's selected randomly for everyone. (The game is restarted with the new picture) It will be impossible to cheat since the image will be put aside and take a random picture that was not played.
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    Nick said you should send him a private message. You can do so by going > here < and clicking "Message".
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    Hi, Sorry for the delay. For now, anyone who has been recently auto-held please contact myself or another Volunteer via the forum rather than opening a ticket immediately. We will provide further instruction there. Thank you!
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    The England performance was terrible, and the manager Roy Hodgson has resigned following their 2-1 defeat to Iceland (though his contract was up anyway). The result could have been even worse, in all honesty. Not a good time to be English...
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    Totally not what we were looking for. I don't think every single point we brought up before has to be posted AGAIN, but I will however bring up just one. I still believe that you have no place to tell a user what their account is worth. That account could have been in their possession since 2010, it will have all of their friends, gifts, ranks, current bff/marriage status and more things that I can't think of right now. Modifying the policy was not the aim of this thread. You're still singling out a very small minority of users for absolutely no reason. You're saying we are over exaggerating because that it's such a small amount of people who are affected - but that means whole thing was set up to stop a tiny amount of people from getting their accounts back? Talk about irony.
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    So what if someone has a power/s they stored in an account and the power is less and 1000 xats and they do not fall under any of these categories, you will tell the user they cannot recover the power or??? I just don't see why this policy became a thing in the first place. Everything was fine before, why change it up now? Denying users help isn't help xat KEEP their current users, because that number is dropping. I was hoping we would here an explanation as to why this was implemented, give the community a reasoning because the way I personally see it, is it's a way to give vols less work and less tickets and I KNOW that's not the case.
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    where do you get theses ideas from? i need good ideas like this l0l
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    This will happen to xat^^. jk
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    A while ago, someone mentioned that bot hosters will end up leaving, and that it would be a good thing if bot hosters could make a tutorial to explain how to create a bot from scratch. Since the main tool used to understand how xat works is considered a virus by most antiviruses, the project could not be endorsed by xat, and we were asked to use a different tool. In the end, nobody did it. Such a guide would probably not be endorsed by xat, because it encourages those who follow it to break the terms: "You will not modify, adapt, translate, or reverse engineer any portion of the service" (oh, and you're supposed to be supervised by your parents if you're under 18) (Don't take the rest of this post for yourself.) On second thought I think it's a very good thing: Runing a bot hoster requires a patience and skill. We've seen enough ephemeral hosters. Hosters that were run by greedy users who ran a script from the internet because "those guys make money". I don't want to see more of them. What's the point of offering a low quality service? If you couldn't figure out how to adapt a bot from an outdated source code -you get a bonus point if you start from scracth-, how will you add features? How will you fix bugs? You won't. And it will die. I spent countless hours working on the first Ocean versions, looking at packets, replaying them, emulating the behaviour of a real client, trying to figure out why chat kicks me out randomly, what E25 stands for… It teaches you a lot about how networking xat, and its protocol works. It's not something you can learn by watching a video. By following a tutorial you're going straight to the point, never failing. Poking at stuff and watching what happens is definitely the best way to learn. You have no idea how stupid and stubborn people can be. No really. Even when Ocean was a free service people were impatient and constantly complaining. ( This is the main reason I stopped working on Ocean. Why would you spend most of your free time working for ungrateful people? However, if you still want to run your company, keep in mind that it's all fun and games until they demand features. The great lines are: - Learn a programming language - Learn how networking works - Reverse and understand xat's protocol - Emulate the client's behaviour - Add features one at a time Good luck.
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    lol why would they? when they have a perfect working script already
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