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  1. We know that status grad ad wave will soon follow, it's only natural. The reason why you made this post is just for the sake of getting a test power.
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  2. Suggesting this is just a way for to justify begging for a test power if they make it, I guarantee they already considered making Statuswave before you "suggested" this. I don't support this for the same reason I don't support statusgrad, it would be messy. Also, we've had a lot of new epic powers recently.
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  3. Happy Birthday Tink! I hope your day is as amazing as you are. <3
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  4. was 3 steps ahead of you
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  5. Lovely idea, but I strongly disagree with making a power out of something that is primarily made for health purposes. Needs to be a feature.
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  6. I have requested this and requested a fix to all the stupid bugs that allow you to cheat/gain advantages/ disadvantages in gameraces/card games about 30948039284092832 times, so far, the only thing that has been fixed was that weird glitch in matchrace where the rows were overlapping. I've reported it, volunteers have reported it, people have directly talked to admins about all the glitches and bugs. Nothing has ever happened. Much sadness
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